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Chapter 60

Playing with Fire


Ann was very sure that Allen was only teasing her and so, she was planning on playing along with him and be the winner, but…

Ann’s brain.exe stopped functioning when Allen’s hand brought her hand to something that was bulging below his stomach. And then, her brain exploded.

W-where’s my cute and shy husband-in-name?

Is he possessed?!

Why does ‘that’ have a reaction?? This didn’t happen before, right?

Why does it look like that he wants it? He seems… eager?


She didn’t have the time to react when Allen whispered very close to her ear, “You managed to make me like this. Aren’t you going to do it now that the opportunity is here? Or was it all an empty talk?”

His slightly rough breath felt hot on her ear and it felt ticklish.

Is he really going this far just for an act… to test how far I will go?

Ann wondered.

Then, she noticed that her hand was still on the bulge and jerked her hand in response—only to have her movement stopped by Allen’s firm hand.


“I’m giving you what you want. Hmm?” Allen’s breath grew rougher as he looked at Ann whose face was turning red as she closed her eyes after feeling his hot breath on her ear again.

For some reason, he felt a new sensation upon seeing the shy Ann. It felt… good? He wanted to tease her more.

Slowly trying to move her hand away from the growing bulge, Ann was suddenly hit by an enlightenment.

HOLY. MOLLY. He. Was. Horny!!


Horny people could act out of character because of their wild hormones!

She finally understood.

Her confused eyes turned firm as her flustered expression turned calm.

Although the distance between their faces were so close, she looked at Allen—straight into his eyes—with a look of understanding.

This sudden transformation surprised Allen.

Meanwhile, deep inside Ann’s heart, a mini devil Ann and angel Ann were currently bickering.


The mini angel in her heart whispered, “Noooo, you can’t! You shouldn’t damage his ‘purity’!! His character is warm and loyal, remember! If you let him indulge in his irrational thoughts, it will destroy him in the future! You don’t want that, right?”

The mini devil headbutted the mini angel and said, “Who cares? He dares invite, you can just accept his invite. If things advance as the plot dictates, he’s contributing to your death too, so just losing his ‘purity’ is a pretty insignificant issue.”

“He has no choice but to do that! With this body’s identity… It isn’t his fault! Would you be happy on top of his suffering?” The mini angel punched the devil back.

“Like I said, who cares? Your bucket list is more important! You’re not going to be able to do it once you die! You don’t want to regret it, right?” The devil answered back with a punch.


Back in the real world, Ann was freezing. Except for her steady breathing, there was no other movement. Her internal struggle was in contrast with her calm exterior.

Her internal struggle came to an end when Allen suddenly said, “Forget it, let’s just sleep.”

And before Ann managed to react, Allen had already plopped down on the bed, next to her side. He grabbed the blanket and covered himself with it.

Looking at the man whose back was facing her, Ann was really puzzled.

Did he lose his appetite or did he simply… not lasting quite long?

…How pitiful.

Allen didn’t know that Ann was making a pitying face as she looked at his back, before she also prepared herself to go to sleep.


In contrast to Ann who came to a (totally wrong) conclusion and closed her eyes in fatigue, Allen was wide awake in his thoughts.

He had pretty much confirmed that his deduction was true. The woman next to him was only teasing him and didn’t think too seriously about their relationship. But why?

Also, he saw through her doubt when he was trying to see if she was willing to take it to the next step. This was really contradictive to what seemed to be her eagerness in doing him. But why?

He wanted to ask her… about many things. He wanted to know more about her and have a serious talk with her.

More importantly, he wanted to confess to her before proceeding with the next step.

That’s right, why was he in a hurry?

Perhaps his brain was clouded by the situation. It was very rare of him to not be able to think straight.

Now, he should take a step back and thread slowly, but surely.

Patience is the key.



The next morning, Ann slowly opened her eyes from her deep slumber and almost jumped when she noticed that something, no, someone was sleeping next to her—very close to her!

But when she assessed the situation, she noticed that it was her! She was the one who hugged that someone in her sleep. And who that someone could be if not other than Allen?

She didn’t know how she managed to end up in this position, but she knew she wasn’t a good sleeper to begin with…

She was so used to hugging something to sleep, so perhaps she was looking for something to hug in the middle of her sleep, found Allen that seemed to be a perfect pillow, and then proceeded to hug him to sleep?


But, wait!

That wasn’t the issue!

The issue at hand is… why does she feel that there were arms hugging her back???


Due to their height difference, Ann was currently facing Allen’s chest. Meanwhile, Allen was a light sleeper and he was awake before Ann. Currently, he was observing Ann’s reaction with amusement. When he slightly put more strength in his arms, Ann’s body twitched in surprise before it relaxed.

Hm… This reaction is amusing.

Allen seemed to have found a new toy!


Ann’s slow thinking finally reached the point where she thought of looking up to check whether or not Allen was awake.

When her eyes met with Allen’s, she was surprised for a moment before saying, “T-this, uhm…”

She wanted to apologize, but then she noticed.

Hey, Allen is also using my body as a comfortable pillow, isn’t he?

In this case, we’re even!

There’s no need for me to apologize!

But hey, this sure is awkward…


“We should get ready,” Allen said as he let go of Ann and got up from the bed.

Ann sat down on the bed, with a dumbfounded look on her face.

So nonchalant?

Isn’t he going to say something?

…Oh well, if that’s how he’s going to play, then sure!

Anyway, she was a modern woman with a more modern mindset. This much wasn’t a problem at all, right?

When was the last time she slept with someone, just cuddling?

When she was very young, she used to sleep with her parents and cuddled.

When she grew older, she cuddled her little sister to sleep.

When she had a sleepover with a friend, they slept in the same bed while holding hands after watching a scary horror movie…

Yeah, normalize sleeping with someone just to get a comfortable sleeping position and cuddling!


Thus, Ann got up and started to prepare herself for the day as usual.

Meanwhile, Allen couldn’t really sleep well after his wife-in-name suddenly moved about in her sleep and settled by hugging him. Even now, he was trying to cool himself through bathing.

Lucky that he was used to sleeping a little, so he didn’t particularly feel very tired.

In any case, it was worth it.

He never thought that sleeping while hugging her felt somewhat comforting.

It brought a nice, warm feeling to his heart. One that he knew he wanted to savor for as long as he could.


After getting ready, they finally gathered together with the houseworkers that followed them along.

The older houseworkers were looking at Ann and Allen with funny expressions on their faces.

Have they already warmed up to each other? Have they already done it?

It was no secret that the master and the mistress had nothing to do with each other before this. Therefore, they were quite happy and excited to see the progress between them, and wanted it to progress more!

Nevertheless, this current mistress was so different from the old one. They wholeheartedly supported it, especially since the two have officially been married.


Each with their different thought, the second day of their vacation has begun!



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