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Chapter 62

Public Display of Affection


On the third day of the vacation, Allen woke up earlier as usual and felt some warmth in his heart when he saw that Ann was in his arms, indicating that he wasn’t just dreaming of the event that happened last night.

He looked at Ann silently as he appreciated the woman who looked very calm only when she was asleep—before he remembered that they had to prepare to go out soon, for they didn’t have all the time in the world.

Though he was slightly disappointed that he couldn’t stay like this longer, Allen finally called out to Ann.


“Hey, wake up. It’s already morning. We need to get ready soon,” he said in a soft voice, trying to wake Ann up as he slightly moved Ann’s body with his arms.

“Nnnn…,” Ann yawned.

“Good morning,” Allen didn’t let her sleep again and said that in hopes that the fact it was already morning entered her brain, so she would wake up.

“Hmm? Yeah, good morning,” Ann said as she was still in her half-awake state.

But this kind of natural reaction that didn’t show any surprise and was completely defenseless made Allen feel happy.

So, even a little thing like this can make someone happy.

It was the first time Allen came to know this.


Allen let go of Ann from his arms and sat up on the bed, waiting for Ann to do the same.

However, Ann was only stretching her body around on the bed, without any intention of getting up.

“Hey, we need to get ready,” Allen said again, unsure if Ann was already awake and aware of the situation or not.

“Mmm yeah, you get ready first. After you’re done, wake me up to get ready,” Ann said as she pulled the blanket closer to her.

Allen shook his head feeling helpless, but her words had some truth in it.

There was only one bathroom in their room, so they took turns in using it.

Luckily, both Allen and her were quite independent that they didn’t really require to be attended all the time by a maid or a butler.

Heck, Ann was even more comfortable doing it herself. But she often relented to let Faye help her at times in the residence so Faye would have a sense of being useful. For some reason, that little bird minded if she couldn’t help Ann do anything!


As Ann was trying to process being awake today, she was actually amazed at how high her adaptability was. Just yesterday, she was very surprised, then finally accepted the condition. Then today, she was acting all comfy and natural!

Well, if she didn’t have this kind of adaptability, she wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that she transmigrated to this other world as fast as she had.


After getting ready, the two met with the maids and butlers who followed them and started to head out towards their destination on this last day.

The workers were amazed upon seeing how Ann and Allen’s interaction had gotten more natural and they seemed to be closer than before.

Maybe after spending time being very close to each other—or practically glued to each other—for the past two days, they had become closer without even noticing.


In the afternoon, they had a lunch in a restaurant.

The food that was served was, again, local to the area and the ones that Ann never had before, so she was looking at the food with wide eyes and started eating them with much focus.

She only had one thing in her mind: I have to savor the taste of these food!!

Then suddenly, she heard a high-pitched laugh from the table next to her.

As a naturally curious person, Ann turned to look at the table next to her and was greeted with a public display of affection.

The ones occupying the table were a young couple who seemed to be quite well-off. The two seemed to be lovey dovey.


“Darling, try this out! It’s so delicious!” The woman said as she proceeded to cut a portion of her food and feed the man.

The man happily bit the food that the woman offered and said in an infatuated tone, “Hmm yes, this is delicious! My dear’s taste is so exquisite!”

And then, the man also sliced some meat from his plate and offered it to the woman while saying, “Dear, try this one too!”

“Aaahm~,” the woman said as she bit the meat that the man offered.

Seeing that, Ann thought to herself.

Is there any need to give that loud enough sound effect ‘aaahm~’? You can silently eat it, right?


As Ann started to lose her interest in them, she was about to continue devoting her attention to the delicious food that was served in front of her when suddenly, the woman’s irritating voice could be heard again.

“Darling, darling! See the couple next to us. They’re still young but they aren’t as lovey dovey as us! They aren’t even talking to each other, just eating their own food. They seem to be in a bad relationship, don’t you think? Ohohoho! I’m so glad I’m with my amazing and loving darling!”

“Hahaha, but of course, dear! I’m also happy that I can get such a loving woman as you!”

The two’s laughter was irritating to Ann’s ears. So much that she was being provoked.


She then scooped a bit of her meal and brought her spoon towards Allen and said, “Hey, try this out! It’s very delicious! Come on, ahhh~”

Allen was surprised seeing Ann’s sudden movement… though he also heard the words of the couple next table, so he knew where she was coming, but even so… he was still happy at Ann’s unexpected reaction and happily obliged.

He chomped on Ann’s spoon, and Ann could see the tips of his ears reddening a bit.

At first, Ann was acting on provocation. But upon seeing Allen’s docile reaction while being shy, her mischievous side showed up again. Teasing Allen felt good, indeed!

Then, Ann turned on her acting mode 100% and asked with a flirtatious tone, “Hubby, how was it?”

“Hub—,” Allen was about to choke on his food as he didn’t expect Ann to turn like this very suddenly, but he understood why she did that. She was thinking about showing the couple next table that they were wrong, wasn’t she?

Then, he better try and follow her along!


“Yes, my wife. It’s delicious,” Allen said.

Ann was surprised at his ‘my wife’ reply, but she only giggled.

Hehe, this man is trying to tease me back! Too bad, this cheesy stuff doesn’t work on me!

“Then, try mine as well.”

Ann was a little bit surprised to see Allen’s spoon that was heading towards her direction. Seeing a portion of Allen’s food in the spoon, Ann’s eyes sparkled.

Yeah, why didn’t I think of this way? I wanted to try his food as well but my stomach can only eat this much… Giving each other a taste of our own food seems to be the best solution to my wish of trying the other food, too! I’m so glad we ordered different food!

Ann happily chomped the food Allen was offering.

“Mm, yeah, this is delicious!” She happily said.

The two of them then continued to give each other a taste of each food they ordered.

Meanwhile, the couple next table also tried to show their affection more and more.


The others who were present in the restaurant were looking at double public display of affection, and the single ones felt like they were miserable. The ones with lovers were inspired to do the same, which made the situation worse for the single ones.

Meanwhile, the workers from the Schwartzen residence as well as Faye and Birdie who were asked by the older maid to not disturb Ann and Allen were looking at the lovey dovey master and mistress with a dumbfounded look on their faces.

Before long, their faces turned into that of all smiles, except for Faye who wanted to actually be there to help Ann taste more of the food, and to feed Ann too…

And with the exception of Faye, the other workers were thinking of roughly the same thing.

They are getting along this naturally and are even being lovey dovey like this! As expected, will there be a little young master or miss running around the residence?

If only they knew what their master and mistress were thinking about—especially the mistress—they’d definitely cry a river.


The restaurant was indeed famous for a date, so thankfully, none of the staff were surprised to see this much public display of affection. Rather, they were glad that things turned out like this, as their notorious reputation of a good place for date would only be solidified!!


Back again to our leading couple…

Ann was too absorbed in delight as she managed to get a taste on each food that they ordered. She was also amused by Allen’s reaction as he tried to hide is bashfulness.

Meanwhile, Allen was happy he could actually do this kind of lovey dovey act with Ann, though it was only an acting that was provoked by the couple next table.

No matter how irritating that couple was, Allen was grateful for this opportunity!

He was very grateful he thought of this vacation, and also planned on visiting this restaurant.

It was all worth it!



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