Taking Over the Villainess’ Body 7

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Chapter 7


Ann felt like her facial muscles were already stiff from this forced awkward smile…

Joy-san picked up that there was something wrong with me, so she asked, “What seems to be the matter?” without any judging tone, and Ann was glad for it.

“Uhmmmmm… I don’t have any…”

Joy-san and the young cashier clerk seemed to be surprised at her words.

“My… If you don’t have any money, I can ask you to work here to make up for it, but…,” Joy-san said as she had a troubled expression.

Joy-san began to doubt Ann’s sanity for daring to go to Glam-Glam Salon before. But—Ann really had money, she just didn’t think it would be greenies… She had thought there were only reddies and blueies.

“Uhm, actually, no… I think I have some money… But the color—I mean the unit seems to be different…,” Ann said as she found her voice gradually lowered.

“What?” Joy-san and the cashier said in surprise at the same time.


At this time, perhaps they weren’t questioning my sanity. Perhaps they were questioning my IQ instead. …My bad, I should have really done my homework about the common knowledge of this world before going to the wilderness—I meant, before going outside at all!

Inside her mind, Ann lit a candle for her IQ. Lessons learned.

“This… Uhh, I came from somewhere far and I am not accustomed with this country—kingdom yet, so I don’t know…,” Ann said as she tried to pull two paper money out. One was 10 reddies and another was 1000 blueies.

“Can I pay with them—“

“MISS, IT’S AN OVERKILL, PLEASE!” The young cashier suddenly raised her voice as she used both of her hands to push away the paper money Ann offered her. Ann felt that some of the customers and the other beauticians were looking at her back.

…Good, now I am going to be the trending topic in this salon.

When Ann turned to look at Joy-san with a pleading-for-help look, Joy-san seemed to be bewildered as well.


“This… Aiyah, no wonder you dared to go to Glam-Glam Salon…,” Joy-san shook her head lightly.

…I think I have figured things out.

Ann had a hunch about how the economy of this world—of this kingdom at least—worked.

“Would you mind teaching me about the currency or money unit here?” Ann didn’t beat around the bush and asked right away.

After Joy-san and Belle, the young cashier clerk, snapped of their bewilderment, they explained the money unit used in the Siegcrest kingdom.

There are three money units used. Greenies, blueies, reddies—in order of supremacy, from lowest to highest. 100,000 greenies equals to 100 blueies and equals to 1 reddies.

…No wonder the cashier immediately shouted ‘overkill’ when Ann pulled out the money from her wallet.

Why the heck would this kingdom complicate things with such money units?

Ann wanted to curse whoever found this kingdom’s money units.

Ah, different world, different rules.


“Really, you almost caused me a heart attack, Miss,” the young cashier—Belle said.

“Appearance can be deceiving. Really, Miss, if you were to dress up a bit more, you’d be accepted inside the Glam-Glam Salon right away,” Joy-san said.

“Eeh, I didn’t know… I don’t like dressing up that much. And I like your salon, Joy-san.”

“My, that would be my pleasure.”

“Then, I should pay with 30 blueies, right? Ah…”

Ann froze on the spot again.

The smallest money she got was… 100 blueies…

Having no choice, Ann took out that 100 blueies and said, “I… only have this as the lowest… Is there any money changer…”

Ann lowered her voice again as she certainly didn’t think that this situation would turn to be so awkward like this. She felt so bad for having to put Joy-san and Belle in such an awkward situation…


“This… Let me check,” Belle immediately calculated the money they had.

“Wait, what about this?” Ann suddenly had an idea so she immediately stopped Belle.

“Can I have the remaining 70 blueies stored here? I will definitely come here again in the future, so…,” Ann said with a smile, thinking that it was such a good idea.

Belle was just a normal clerk, so she didn’t have a say in this. She turned to look at Joy-san who was silent for a while before saying, “That’s a nice idea. Of course I wouldn’t refuse this. But are you sure, Miss? You could go to a more high-class salon…”

“No, no, I’m sold with your salon already, Joy-san. Please,” Ann said as she offered the money to her.

“…Alright, then. Can I have your name, Miss?” Joy-san asked.

“Sure, it’s…”


I couldn’t say Arlea, right?

I am not sure how common is the name here… but I want to go incognito, to be honest.

What about giving my old name, Ann?

But if they ask me for an ID—no, if Allen’s people were to find out…

Wait… My name, and Arlea……


Ann suddenly recalled a very important information from the otome game. She actually knew it from the beginning, but it was at this time she could somehow know why her soul specifically occupied this person’s body, of all the possible people here.

It slipped her mind because of various reasons.




Ann decided to just go with ‘Lea’. It was more or less a common name… right? Wait, Ann was also common, but…


“Miss Lea, is it? Thank you very much for your trust in my salon. I really am happy to welcome you anytime,” Joy-san said as she grabbed both of Ann’s hands with a wide smile.

“Likewise, Joy-san,” Ann smiled back at her.


And just like that… Phew, Ann accomplished her first objective of going to salon to have her hairdo fixed. Joy-san told Ann before that the way she cut her own hair was okay, but of course it was much better after Joy-san fixed the cut.

Ann went out and walked around the downtown as she twirled her hair in a good mood. Ann was so satisfied with the haircut. Besides, the shampoo Joy-san used smelled so good. That alone gave her happiness.

But the heavens wanted to destroy her happy mood as I accidentally passed in front of the Glam-Glam Salon and saw the earlier salon clerk. Trixie was looking at Ann with a smug expression and condescending gaze.

…I very much want to slap her. With my money, hehe.

I wonder how her face will look like when I slap her with some blueies and reddies?

An evil thought flashed Ann’s mind right away.

Given her vow of doing whatever she wants in this world, it is so tempting to give in to the impulse and do it right away, but…

Ann thought she still has many days ahead and she will often come to this downtown.

It wouldn’t be good to cause an uproar and be on high profile right away.

If that’s the case…

Alright, several days before my death day—the D-day—I will definitely come here again, find that irritating clerk, and slap her with money!

Her to-do list here seemed to be increasing.


Anyway, to comfort her heart after seeing such a displeasing person, Ann tried to imagine the day she could slap that bitch with her money.

“Ohohoho, look at this! Look at my money! Now, you dare chase me away? Look who’s the true plebeian?!”

“Aaah~ Sorry, Sister! Sorry, Milady! It’s my fault, it’s my fault! Please accept my kneel! I was wrong!!”

…Yeah, like I could do that?

Ann was frightened with her own imagination. If she were to do that, she would truly live up to the ‘villainous’ title Arlea was.

…Eh, but wouldn’t that mean I was only taking advantage of the labeling I already had?

Then, there wouldn’t be any problem… right?

Nah, of course there’s a problem! Namely, my conscience!

Ah, I really am too kind for this.


As Ann was admiring her own kindness, she noticed that she saw who seemed to be Allen’s subordinates hiding in the alleyway.

Ann was going to go to the other stores or restaurant to eat, but she changed her mind the moment she managed to spot them.

I want to have fun!

With a michievous smirk on her face, Ann dashed to the alleyway where she saw them precisely.

Here I come!


Allen’s subordinates already noticed Ann’s intention as they immediately fled, causing Ann not to see anyone in the narrow alleyway when she arrived there. Ann was slightly disappointed, but that was to be expected of Allen’s subordinates that he sent to monitor her in secret. Their abilities wouldn’t be so half-baked.

But they couldn’t have run away too far, right?

Thinking so, Ann ran again to where her instinct brought her.

Aah, this young body was so full of vigour. It had been so long since I ran around like this, having fun like a child…

Truly, I was blessed with one last chance to do everything I couldn’t do before my death.


Ann made a turn at the intersection with a full speed—nice, this body could even take a turn with full speed without tumbling!

–But alas, Ann felt herself bumping into someone at full strength as the both of them fell down due to the impact.

When she noticed a small shadow running to her direction, she immediately changed her hand’s posture so that she didn’t hit that person, but her hand still touched them…

Ann hoped whoever they were, they wouldn’t be hurt due to her…


“Ouch…,” Ann said as she fell with a thump to the ground.

My butt hurts…

But she bumped into someone with full speed, so she ought to apologize. Therefore, Ann stood up as she patted her poor bottom.


“Are you okay?” Ann asked as she extended a hand to help the small figure who fell down with a thud.

But what she saw caused her whole body to freeze.


Well, there seemed to be nothing wrong with the child that she bumped into. She looked like a normal girl although her clothes were so shabby and tattered. She was a bit dirty, too, and it didn’t seem she caught all the dirt due to Ann bumping into her.

Her face was small and cute despite it being dirty, but Ann couldn’t bother examining her tiny person as there was something else bugging her mind.



Her brain couldn’t process what she saw.

Right in front of the girl’s chest area—perhaps that was what Ann’s hand bumped into, judging from their height difference… anyway, from that area, a pop-up window appeared.

Yes, a pop-up window just like a game’s!!

Like that in the popular movie series about several characters sucked into a survival game or some sort…


A portrait of the girl’s face was on the right side of the pop-up box.

Then, the text written in the box were…




Name: Faye

Race: Halfling

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Birthday: 26/02

Magic: No

Occupation: Orphan]


…………………THE HELL?!

First I was clueless with money, now I am clueless with this… outrageous game-like pop-out box???

Good, my future here is looking so…! HAHAHAHA!!

I’m going crazy.



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