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Chapter 97

The Villainess Definitely Can’t Get Along with the Heroine!!


When today’s session with the heroine finally ended, Ann felt like it lasted for a very long time that it was better for her to just die. Heck, her first death was so peaceful that she thought of wanting another peaceful death like that.

Perhaps if I were to try and play gacha with my next reincarnation, it’d give me a better result…?

A very random and desperate thought crossed over her mind…


But when she saw Allen again, that thought was immediately cut off.

At any rate, what the heroine said—something about trying to get her used to the heroine’s holy magic so that the heroine could figure out what to do in order to exorcise Anne’s spirit—actually made sense.

It would be bad if the one getting exorcised was her instead!!

She just hoped the heroine was really putting a little magic in today’s session, and not directly giving her an overdose of divine magic just to let her suffer…

Ann shivered a bit when she recalled the details of her session earlier…


And when she saw the heroine’s face again after a short while, she trembled.

Yes. After the first session that ended horribly, the four of them—Ann, Allen, Kiehl, and Laura—had a meal together.

During the meal, since Ann and Laura were facing each other, they were able to see what they were doing clearly.

“…Huh, your table manner isn’t as good as the other nobles,” Laura unconsciously commented as she thoughtlessly looked at the person in front of her, which was Ann, as she munched her meal.

Ann was surprised by Laura’s insensitive comment that seemed to be picking a fight with her, so she decided to frankly say her thoughts too, “Likewise. Your table manner isn’t even slightly better than mine.”


Sparks of verbal battle flew across the two girls.

In Ann’s mind, she heard an imaginary command.

Heroine Laura challenged you to a battle.

Heroine Laura used verbal attack!

It was very effective!

Villainess Ann used a counter verbal attack!


“Excuse me, I am a former commoner, adopted by a noble. It’s natural,” Laura quickly refuted as she smirked smugly a bit.

Heroine Laura used an excuse!

“Excuse me, I have only inhabited this body for a short time, and I am not a natural born noble either. You are the one who’s been a noble longer than me and yet that’s all you can do in terms of table manner,” Ann also said very honestly. After all, Laura knew her background!

Villainess Ann cancelled Laura’s excuse using her own excuse!

It was super effective!

Laura was rendered speechless and irritated. She was smiling, but her smile twitched. Likewise with Ann who was also smiling with the same fake smile…


“…,” Prince Kiehl and Allen were surprised to see the two girls arguing over a simple thing, but since it seemed harmless and amusing, they only watched the bickering girls.

It was after all fun to see the two girls having a verbal battle while their faces and tones were masked in such a way that if you didn’t understand their language, you’d think they were friends who were casually conversing with each other.

Yet, deep inside, Allen was stunned. Although Ann was weird and could be annoying, she was typically a good girl who didn’t try to cause trouble. How come she was picking a fight with Laura now?

Prince Kiehl was also stunned. Although Laura was odd and careless at times, it really wasn’t like her to be picking fights with others like this, much less someone she had only met. Why was it that she was taunting Ann in the first place?

But no one spoke their mind…


What the two men didn’t know was that Ann and Laura had bad impressions of each other.

Laura had a bad impression towards Ann after Ann aggressively attacked her during their first meeting, despite her attempt to be friendly with her. Even if she knew that it was Anne’s soul acting out, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect! She’d be dumb and naïve if she couldn’t think that there was something… She also didn’t really know Ann, so of course towards her aggressor, she’d have a hint of alertness and even hostility.

Meanwhile, Ann had a bad impression towards Laura after Laura subjected her to pain and sufferings during the session. In her mind, she wasn’t sure that Laura truly did this to help her, since she only gained sufferings!

The two girls felt the same thing—that they couldn’t be friends!!

Laura’s mind right now: I am doing this because it’s a request to help the kingdom, the prince, and his friend. I wish it can be done quickly so I can just not see her, but dang, how dare her make things harder?!

Ann’s mind right at this moment: If only there’s another way, I wouldn’t want to do this! The heroine is indeed the bane of villainess! I wish I can just say: ‘Hello, Heroine. Goodbye, Heroine’ to her!!! ARGHHH! Why is life so difficult?!


Thus, the two couldn’t help but nitpick each other in every occasion they could.

The irony was that usually, the point that one nitpicked could also be used to nitpick them back… It became their double-edged swords, yet they kept doing that as if they were oblivious of their own shortcomings…

Thus, the prince and Allen found it very amusing.

They clearly have some similarities, yet they are using that to fight each other instead of trying to be friends?!

Prince Kiehl and Allen just couldn’t understand how the two women’s minds worked.


During the break time between the first and second sessions, Ann only managed to sort things out at home and to send letters back to Noah and Norrad to let them know that she was doing better and had already returned, but unfortunately, she still had things to attend to and couldn’t meet with them immediately.

She also let Faye meet with Grace and Silas to let them know that she was taking care of a family matter that she couldn’t be absent from, so she might not be able to come soon. Faye even sent a letter hand-written by Ann as a proof, calming Silas although he was still suspicious and let Faye tell Ann to come if she was able to.

Although it was common for a volunteer to stop coming one day, they usually had a notice prior to quitting altogether and the orphanage might even have a small farewell for the leaving volunteer. So, Ann thought it was only polite for her to update them. She hadn’t come to a decision whether to quit or continue, so she didn’t straight up say that she was quitting.

Besides, she couldn’t be mean in response to the people who cared for her!

As for Allen, he had lots of works to be done, especially the work concerning his future with Ann. It wasn’t a trifling matter to try to let the only biological child of the rebel head and the previous king to be the wife of a high-ranked noble.

Thus, Ann and Allen didn’t even have time to be lovey-dovey.


Just as Ann was done with all the urgent matters she had to take care of, she barely recovered from what she had gone through and didn’t even get to mentally prepare herself for the next session when she was taken to the castle for the second session.

The unwilling villainess met with the grumpy heroine, accompanied by their ‘bodyguards’ who only dared to look, but not say anything.

When Ann’s gaze fell towards the grumpy heroine, her mind began asking questions about the heroine again.

Is this person before me really a person of this world or is she also a transmigrated person like me? Or is she also a modern person who’s reincarnated in the body of the heroine, just like what’s usually depicted in fiction?

How can I know more about this heroine character?




In that moment, Ann felt as if she had an enlightenment.

That’s right!!

The character box!!

I should try opening it!!


Ann recalled the time she managed to open the character information window…

All the accidental groping she had done caused her to feel ashamed of herself.

But then there was one occasion where she could trigger the character window open without groping or bumping into the other person’s chest!

If I remember correctly, I need to just grab the person’s hand and murmur inside my heart for the character window to open…

Right, I can do that!


That was what Ann thought.

So, when the heroine extended her hand, Ann didn’t dilly-dally in grabbing Laura’s hand.

No pain, no gain, right!!

Ann braced herself courageously.

“You aren’t hesitating, that’s good. It can speed up the process,” Laura nodded, satisfied with Ann’s attitude. She then concentrated herself on putting some of her light magic to Ann.

Ann was also prepared.

She quickly muttered in her heart, ‘Character Information Box, Opeeeennn!”

Right at that moment, she felt a surge of familiar painful wave coming inside her body.


At the same time Ann tried to trigger the character information box open, the heroine’s magic infused her whole body, causing her to writhe about in pain.

Bracing herself through the pain, Ann tried so hard to open her eyes to read the character box.

However, Ann was very disappointed that she didn’t see the semi-transparent pop-up window around the heroine’s chest…

It didn’t work?!

Is it because she’s the heroine or because of the pain I felt that I didn’t have the power to open the character box?

This is bad!!

I definitely can’t go around and grope her—


“Aaaaahhh!!” Before Ann could finish her train of thoughts, she surrendered herself to the pain she felt.

“Don’t yell!” Laura said in annoyance.

“It’s a reflex!!”

“I know, but you can tone it down!”

“You know it’s a reflex, but you don’t understand that I can’t really tone it down?!” Ann was basically yelling at this point.

“You’re going to destroy my ears with your voice!” Laura also raised her voice, perhaps since she was affected by Ann’s raised voice.

“And you’re going to destroy my body with your magic!”

“That’s not really your body, though…,” Laura quickly rebuked, rendering Ann speechless.

“But still…!!” Ann opened her mouth, but she really found no excuse…


‘Dialogue option window, open!’

Ann was determined to win against the heroine this time in their verbal spar, so she resorted to using the feature that she found useless before.

Heck, this feature will definitely be useful here!!

Ann was very confident, remembering that the first and last time she used that function, only harsh words perfect for bickering were displayed. She needed assistance exactly in this area!

Never had she thought that this feature would finally be useful…



Select an option:

> “This is indeed my body! Know your place, lowly peasant!”

> “Do you know who I am? I am the rightful heir to the throne, the previous king’s only living daughter! Offend me and off with your head!”

> “Die, die die!!”


Ann’s face went [‘o’]

This feature is indeed useless!! Just when I thought I finally found a use to it, it perfectly destroys the last hope I have towards this function right away!!

What’s with all these crappy options?!


In the end, it was yet another session full of bickering, pain, and suffering for Ann… Yes, the ‘bullied’ Ann even shed a tear.

I am no longer the villainess here. I am now the Cinderella suffering under the evil stepmother (Kiehl) and the evil step sister (Laura), with my father (Allen) not helping at all…

Such was her thought when she let her tear fell.


Frustrated and wanting to know more about this arch-enemy she was facing off against, Ann had yet another random and desperate… and lunatic thought popping up in her mind.

Should I grope the heroine or should I touch the saintess’ bosom?!



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