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Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also…?! 1

Chapter 1

The End of My Everyday Life




Today is yet another, usual, peaceful day in Machida, Japan.

It’s just your average Monday, with my children going to school and my husband working. After I finished tidying up the room and cooking some food, I decided it’s time to go out to fetch my children from their school.

 Although it seems to be a miscalculation on my side, as I forgot that the clock in the dining room was set to show an earlier time, so that we won’t be late in the morning.

Hmm, well, I think I will stop in the middle of my way to buy a shinken. Shinken is a sharp-edged sword used in iaido practice for more experienced iaidoka, or iaido practitioner. I am Aozora Chiharu, a shihan (instructor) in the Kogane dojo, an iaido dojo that my family runs. Oh, it should be obvious but before marrying my husband, I was Kogane Chiharu.

I didn’t think things thoroughly and ended up thinking that I could just quickly choose a shinken and go to my children’s school.

I forgot that there were various swords in the shop my family often goes to.

I ended up taking more time than I initially planned.

Oh no, I am running late.

My children will sulk! I gotta hurry!




“Moooooom, you are soooo slowwww! You are usually on time!”

A girl with long brown hair and gray eyes pouted at me.

“Aaah! Did you lost track of time when going to the swords shop again?!”

A boy with his black ruffled hair and brown eyes pointed his finger at me.

“Ahaha, sorry sorry, Fucchan and Tsucchan! Mom will treat you an ice cream to make up for it!”


Both of them stopped pouting and now their eyes are sparkling with excitement.



“”YAY!!”” both of them raised their hands in happiness, they really love MacDonny’s ice cream.



Yeah, they are my twin children. The girl is Fuyuumi—Fucchan, and the boy is Tsunade—Tsucchan. Both of them are seven years old. They are really the cutest!

And so, with Fucchan’s hand in my right hand and Tsucchan’s hand in my left hand, the three of us walk home together. Both of them keep humming in happiness.

But suddenly, a turn of unexpected event happened to us.

No one could have predicted it.

Just very suddenly, a blinding ray of light appeared in front of us, and I felt like it engulfed us.





When I regain my consciousness back, I notice that I’m lying on the ground.

What just happened? Are Fucchan and Tsucchan alright?!

I quickly regain the strength back in my body and stand up.

Simultaneously, Fucchan and Tsucchan are slowly standing up and both of them are rubbing their eyes.

“Fucchan, Tsucchan, are you alright?!”


Somehow, my voice is deeper than it should be.

Did the light do something to me?

Did I catch a cold and the symptoms just showed up?




“”Huh?”” Both Tsucchan and Fucchan look very confused at me.

“Are you two hurt somewhere?” I asked.

I want to check at them so I approach them with my hand stretched. Fucchan quickly hides herself behind Tsucchan.


“…uhm……… Mister, who are you? We were with our mother just now but…” Tsucchan asked reluctantly.





“Oy oy, if this is one of your new pranks, then cut it off! I am your mom! Seriously, you two…”

I decided to just walk straight to them.

But Tsucchan moved back, as if avoiding me.

“Mister, please! Our mom is a female! Or are you out of your mind already?!” said Tsucchan.

…wait what?!




And at that moment, I just take a notice at my own self.

My medium straight black hair is no longer there, instead I feel like my hair is more ruffled and shorter. My steps feel sturdier. My chest feels so light… wait, I lost my boobs! It’s flat!!

…and down there…

A sensation that I never felt before.





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