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Chapter 10

Suddenly, Wielding a Sword Once More



“Say, Chiharu. Wanna try a test we’re doing to select our child?”

I can’t believe what this auntie just offered me. Even though I clearly told her all of the things that everyone pointed out as weird from me…

This kind auntie looks at me full of anticipation.

I don’t want to be overly confident, but I think she might be interested in me… therefore, she offered me the chance.

I don’t think I will pass the test, so I think it’s better for me to accept her offer and then show her I’m not suitable to be her child.

For someone as kind as her, she’d better pick someone more adorable and charming rather than me.

Someone more… normal than me.


“Okay,” I smiled at her. This smile was a sincere one.

After she emptied her cup, she stood up and lost her balance for a bit.

I quickly grabbed her hand and put it on my shoulder, to support her and prevent her from falling.

“Thank you,” she said.

“No problem, please be more careful, Auntie,” I replied.

As she regained her balance, she guided me to the orphanage’s park.


There, I saw a man that looked like to be her husband, sparring in some kind of a swordsmanship practice with another boy.

“Huh? Wait, what kind of test…,” I was astonished.

I thought the test was something more…?

Uh, anything but this!


“Fufu, it’s a sport called iaido. Basically, we used swords to battle our opponents. Me and my husband are teaching iaido in our very own dojo. Therefore, we believe that our child should at least have the potential and interest in iaido. As you can see, most of the interested candidates are boys. What do you think of it, Chiharu? Wanna try?” she explained.

I gasped. The Fumitsuna family was trained in both swordsmanship and magic combat, as we held the responsibility to protect Riviera’s border to the neutral area—which is often a war zone and the place with the highest probability of monster attacks.

Although the stances and techniques are completely different, but I’m pretty used to wielding the sword.

Furthermore, after explaining, the passing condition is that I can land a single hit on her husband.

They don’t require me to use the correct stances and techniques. I feel relieved because I don’t think I can get used to new stances and techniques very easily.




The other children were teasing me as they cheered mockingly on me.

They thought I was just making up all my stories and that they’d see me fail miserably with my poor skill.

Too bad, now I can prove them wrong with this chance.

I am not hoping to be adopted, but this way, if I get serious in it and show that I am good, they will stop teasing me so much.

I smiled—this time, more confidently, as I took the sword that Kogane-san gave me.

He readied himself, positioning himself in a stance.




But, the moment I tried to wield the sword…

Huh? It’s light…?

The sword that I used was definitely sturdier than this one.

It will feel weird using this light sword.

I also noticed that the edge was dull, so I was relieved because it means that it won’t injure anyone. There is no healing magic here, so getting injured from a mere sparring would be bad. The dull edge was similar to the kind of sword I used in the beginning of my training.

“Sorry to interrupt, Uncle…,” I hesitantly opened my mouth.

That moment, my surroundings got noisy.

“What, chickening up already, Chi-chan?”

“You should surrender before it’s too late, haha!”

Tch, so irritating.




“What is it?” Fortunately, Kogane-san didn’t ridicule me, but asked me what was wrong.

“Do you have another sword?”

“What, is that one too heavy?”

Are you kidding me?

“No, I mean, is there another sturdier sword? This one feels too light for me,” I said.

“She’s just bluffing!” A boy my age accused me. I tried to ignore him. Getting too worked up and losing my composure means defeat in a battle.

“Are you sure, miss?” He asked me in disbelief, “I already picked up the sword suitable for a girl your age… there is another heavier one for a boy your age, but…”

“That’s fine, please give me that,” I said without any hesitation.

Kogane-san finally yielded to my request and gave me another sword.




Yup, this weight is fine. This sensation is better than the previous one.

“Thank you,” I said, “I’m ready.”

He readied himself and said, “Come at me whenever you’re ready!”

I took out the sword and smiled.

I miss this sensation.

It has been so long since I last wielded a sword.

Now, let’s get serious!




“Here I go!” I shouted to announce my attack before launching it, as I usually did with my brothers.

I quickly dashed towards Kogane-san with the sword in my hands and swung it with all my power.

Kogane-san looked quite surprised but he managed to dodge my attack.

Before I noticed it, the noisy surroundings have quieted down.




I eyed Kogane-san’s legs as he said it was fine wherever I could hit him, so I figured I’d have more chances to hit his legs.

Unexpectedly, Kogane-san who used to remain mostly in his defensive stance during his sparring with the other boy, suddenly prepared himself to attack me.

Noticing this change of a stance, I quickly adjusted my body to defense myself against the attack.

He dashed and swung his sword, at the same time as I braced myself and strengthened my arms and positioned my body so that my sword could defend the impact from his sword.

I managed to defense myself and then proceeded to attack him again.




This is fun!!

It’s just like when I sparred with my brothers or parents!!

Even if I don’t know how much he’s holding back, but I can see that he’s so skilled at swordsmanship! Perhaps he is almost as strong as my father, even if Fumitsuna’s styles are more powerful and filled with killing intent–yet, still elegant and fast, as we faced more danger there. The swordsmanship here is only used for sports, after all.

I started sweating but that didn’t stop me from moving as agile as I could.

I’m not feeling tired. Instead, I enjoy this so much, I think I’ve been grinning all the time!

Eventually, I managed to hit his left leg when he was going all offensive to me, thinking that I’d just quickly put up my defense. I took advantage of the chance and decided to go more offensive, which surprised him and that gave me the chance to hit his leg.




That ends our match.

Too bad, I wanted more. Perhaps I should ask him to let me play at his dojo often.

At that time, I can hear someone clapping their hands.

It was Ichika-san. Meanwhile, the other children remained speechless as I can’t read their expression.

How was that? Impressed and convinced yet that I’m not bluffing?

I tried to silently express that in my facial expression when I turned to look at them.




“Well done, Chiharu-chan!” Ichika-san looked so happy as she approached and hugged me.

“You’re good, miss,” Kogane-san put off his sword and smiled.

“Uhm, thanks for giving me the chance to wield a sword again… That, uhm, Uncle, will you let me come to your dojo sometimes? I want to do some sparring again, so…,” I tried to negotiate with him.

That made him surprised. He gestured to Ichika-san and noticing that, Ichika-san let go of me and approached him. The two were whispering for a while.




Ah… I wonder if they can’t let an unknown rude child like me to just drop by and play at their dojo? As I thought… should I desperately ask the orphanage director to let me train in their dojo?

After some time, it seems they have reached an agreement and turned around with a smile.




“Sorry, Chiharu-chan. But we can’t let you just play around sometimes at our dojo,” Kogane-san said.

“Aah… I see…,” I was dejected but I don’t want to give up!

“Can I at least ask for the director’s permission to train at your dojo?” I asked desperately.

“…that won’t do, as well,” Kogane-san shook his head. I saw Ichika-san’s bitter smile.

“…Aah… I see… thank you…,” I can’t hide my disappointment.




Now, I will be losing my sole joy in this world, as well.

I am so frustrated…

I casted my gaze downward, trying to hold back my emotion inside of my heart.




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