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Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also…?! 11

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Chapter 11

Settling the Adoption



I can’t believe the girl’s ability.

She wielded the sword that was supposed to be too much for an inexperienced girl her age could handle with ease.

Not to mention, even if her stances and techniques were unknown, her skills were good.

Her reflexes, her strength, and her speed… The way she could observe my movements and dodged my attacks…

I heard she had an experience with the sword but since the circumstance the others described was weird, I almost believed that she was imagining things. But after witnessing her swordsmanship, I can believe that she’s been trained with swords.



The girl exceeds my expectation that I had to use more of my skills than when I did the match with the other children.

She was talented.

My wife had a good intuition.

After the match was over, I considered to just conclude today’s sparring and settled on a decision.



However, I can’t believe that Chiharu was requesting for my permission to play at my dojo.

No need to request, girl, as soon you’ll have no choice but to train there almost every day.

Even if I know my wife has been interested with her, I still need to discuss it with her before deciding it. So, I gestured to her and she approached me.



“She exceeded my expectation. Even if it wasn’t like what we talked before, I mean, with us should adopt a son… I think I want to settle on her right now. There’s no need for her to have a match with the other children, since the result will be obvious,” I told my wife.

She smiled brightly in response.

“I’m so glad! I wasn’t sure about how she’ll do in the match as I didn’t know that she was good at it. I just think that she’s an interesting and a kind girl. I completely agree!”



Since it’s settled, it’s time to give her an answer.

“Sorry, Chiharu-chan. But we can’t let you just play around sometimes at our dojo,” I said.

Since you’ll be training seriously in a daily basis.


“Aah… I see…,” she looked so dejected. Perhaps she didn’t catch what I meant?


“Can I at least ask for the director’s permission to train at your dojo?” she asked desperately.

“…that won’t do, as well,” I shook my head. My wife showed her bitter smile, perhaps noticing how Chiharu didn’t even think that she’d get picked as our adopted child.

“…Aah… I see… thank you…,” she couldn’t hide her disappointment as she cast her gaze downwards and remained silent.

I heaved a long sigh.



“Because from now on, you’ll be training under our supervision, in addition to living with us,” I announced, calmly.


She quickly looked up at me and Ichika, as she has an expression full of disbelief.




The other children got noisy after being speechless at Chiharu’s performance just now.



“We decided we’d adopt you, Chiharu!” Ichika said, as she hugged Chiharu tightly.

“Huh… are you… sure?” she asked, full of doubt of herself.

“Yes, very,” I said without any hesitation.

“But… I’m… a weird child,” she said.

“I don’t know about that, but your skills were good. In addition, my wife has taken a liking on you in such a short moment. So, I can’t think of you as a bad child. Your weirdness might be one of your uniqueness, I think,” I said calmly.

If she was that weird, I’m sure my wife won’t be so fond of her in such a short notice.



“But… are you sure?” She asked once more.

“What, do you not want to be our daughter?” I asked.

The moment she heard me, she strongly shook her head.

And then, she teared up a bit and said, “If you’re good with someone like me, then…”

“Thank you,” I can faintly hear her whispers. Ichika patted her head and said.

“Silly, instead, we won’t be delighted if it weren’t for you!”



And just like that, we failed to adopt a son.

Instead, we gained an adorable daughter.



We quickly processed her adoption and thus, Kogane Chiharu becomes our daughter.

Thankfully, the adoption didn’t take that long to be processed.

Before long, Chiharu is already living together with us.




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