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Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also…?! 2

Chapter 2

What is with This World?!




“”Huh?”” The twins are looking at their hysterical mother—no, since I have become a male, then I am not suited to be called mother—so, at their hysterical father?


No, wait, that also sounds wrong.


Their father is still Aozora Ryo, my husband.

…but how should I address myself from now on?


“Ah, that shinken?!” Fuyuumi stops hiding behind Tsunade and walks closer to me.

“Wait, Fuu, do not go anywhere near him! Mom told us to be wary with strangers, right?!” Tsunade holds Fuyuumi’s hand, stopping her from advancing.


Muu, Tsucchan, you are so obedient! What a remarkable big brother!

tte, wait, Fuyuumi seems to notice that I am indeed her mother!

How nice of you, Fucchan!


“Tsuu, look! That mister is wearing the same-looking outfit as mom! What’s more, he is way similar to mom! Should I say, this will be mom if she becomes a male?” Fuyuumi explained everything.

It seems she has finally calmed down from freaking out at the situation.

Fuyuumi is really an intelligent girl, but she can be very distraught once she is not calm.


“Huh? Oh, you’re right,” Tsunade finally agrees.

“”Uhm…mom?”” the two of them hesitantly approaches me.

“Yes, this is me, your mom! I am Aozora Chiharu!” I clarify them.


“Ehhhhh?! But but, how come you’re a male now?!” Tsunade is really shocked.

Fuyuumi has “?” expression written all over her face.

“Uhm, that’s also what I’m confused about…,” I sighed, “but wondering and speculating won’t get us anywhere near the truth. Let’s start by observing!”


I proceed to glance at my surroundings. It’s no longer the city we know. The road has become just a ground. We are surrounded by trees. Looks like we are in a forest.

What’s more, the air seems different.



My concentration in analyzing my surroundings is broken by Tsunade’s yell.


“Tsucchan, what’s the matter?!”

“Ah, no… Mom, I thought I was dreaming… so I tried pinching my cheek, but it hurts!” Tsunade holds his red cheek, with his tears ready to flow down from his cheek anytime.

“…There, there. Pain, be gone!” I hold his reddening cheek gently, while patting his head. Tsunade’s facial expression slowly turns into a pleasant one.

“Ehehe… it’s weird. You are a male now, but you are really my mother!” he smiles happily.


Fucchan who is glancing at us, suddenly comes and hugs me.

“Fuu, too!” she hugs me tightly.

“Yes yes, there there!” I pat Fucchan’s head, too.

Both of the twins smile.


Muu, you two are really my treasure!

No need to worry, no matter what happens, I will always protect the two of you! No matter where we are transported to!


Before I know where I should be heading at, I hear some creature’s growling behind us.



…when we turn behind, we see…


Wait what is that?


An ogre?!



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  1. This has not rape right?

  2. somehow…she becoming a he is kinda….how should I say this…unappealing? Or kinda making me have that “uhhh…really?” moment.
    I feel sorry for her and her family.

    • LynneSuzuran

      August 29, 2018 at 6:04 pm

      Oh well, I just wanted to try on the whole premise XD like… an added “spice” rather than having the same gender.

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