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Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also…?! 4

Chapter 4




Originally, I am not a person from the Earth I was living with my family.

Of course, I am not the Kogane couple’s real child.

I was merely adopted by them.


Up until the age of 9, I was living in this weird fantasy world that’s addressed by the people here as “Sphaela.”

This is the world of swords and magic.

The fantasy world that almost all of the young people in the earth wish for.

I was the third and the last son of a noble here, Fumitsuna Chiharu. My family is just the branch family, though.


Yes, you read that right.

I. Was. The. Third. And. Last. SON.



My gender got switched when I got transported to the earth.

At first, I got really uncomfortable, but as I was only a child, after a long, long, longgggggggg time, I finally can embrace the fact that I am a woman.


But now, what is this?

Just when I have fully embraced the fact that I have become a female!!

Just when I had the happiest and calmest moments in my life!!!

Was everything for naught?


Now I am returned to my original world, and also to my original gender?

God, what is it that you want of me?



“Mom, that’s cool!”

Tsucchan’s words woke me up from my self-reflection.



Ah, yeah.

How can I forget?


I don’t know what fate has in store for me, but…

Certainly, I became a female to meet those two children, my angels, and people who I want to protect no matter what.


So it wasn’t all for naught.

Even if I returned to be a male, I have managed to meet Fucchan and Tsucchan.

And that’s enough for now.

Rather than complicating stuffs, I should focus on one thing at a hand.

For now, to protect my children while going to a safer location. A town should be okay. And then, to gather information.


Who will have knowledge regarding this phenomenon?

…is there even someone who’s good at this kind of thing?

I don’t even know where is it and where is the nearest town, but somehow, I think we’ll manage.

No, I have to be able to do it.



“Are you two okay?”

“Yes, thanks to you!” said Tsucchan.

“Now, let’s try finding our way to the nearest town… shall we head… north?” I’m pointing at a direction where the path looks more neat.

“Uh, where are we, Mom?” Fucchan asked.

“Hmm, nice question. For all I know, it seems that we’ve been transported to another world, a world of swords and magic… I know little about this world, too, so let’s explore and try finding one answer after another!” I tried to sound as convincing and as enthusiastically as I can.



Well, that’s not a lie.

I have no knowledge regarding the current situation, even if I was originally from this world.

Like, what year is it now?

What have changed?

And since it has been so long, and I was 9 at the time I got transported to the earth, so… my memories of my life here have become hazy.


Wait, was my deduction about this world true? What if we are in another world similar to mine?

But wondering alone won’t bring us anywhere.

So yeah… for now…

“Alright, let’s begin our adventure, Tsucchan, Fucchan!”




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  1. Hmmm… Will the MC still be okay with loving his husband now that he’s a guy?

    • LynneSuzuran

      May 31, 2018 at 12:14 am

      MC’s struggle with her(or his?) gender and figuring out this world/the way back would be this story’s theme XD

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