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Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also…?! 5

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Chapter 5

Past Transmigration



When I was 9 years old, a major life-changing event happened to me.

It was the same, your usual day. So of course nobody suspected that something unusual was going to happen.

In the morning, I woke up and there were the maids attending me.

Afterwards, I had a breakfast together with my family. The food that the chef made was delicious as usual.

Having the usual chit-chat with my siblings.

My two elder brothers mocked me for being similar to a girl, my mother saying that I was cute, and my little sister that sought attention, for she was the youngest child in the family and the only daughter to the family. My father, watching our fun conversation with a loving expression, and occasionally would join in the fun.

I always thought at that time, that times like those would be everlasting.

That someday I might grow up to be a cool man that would make my brothers regretful for mocking me.



Being the branch family, we had less responsibility than the main family.

But since the territory that Fumitsuna family managed was the closest to the “clash zone” between Cielle, the elven kingdom and Naraku, the demons’ den, we had extra duties to patrol and to protect the area.

The main family’s power was not enough. Every branch family member must also protect the territory.

As such, it was not unusual for my parents to bring me and my siblings on their patrols.

But then…



In the middle of subjugating stray familiars and monsters, a blinding light suddenly popped out of nowhere, forcing me to close my eyes.

When I woke up, I was surrounded by unfamiliar sceneries.

And my body felt different.

I felt like my hair got way longer. As long as my waist, at that time.

At that time, I thought it was merely a prank by my siblings.

But hey, it wasn’t even my birthday or any special day.

Or maybe it was an illusion posed by the monsters to make me panic.



But then two adults wearing strange uniforms came to me, and asked where were my parents.

I was totally confused. When I told them what I knew about the reality, they’d always tell me to stop imagining things and just tell the truth.

In the end, they considered me to be mentally sick, or that I had some kind of brain defect? Especially when I insisted that I was a boy. They brought me to the hospital and I had to undergo several examinations.



At that time, I was in an awe. The Earth has much more advanced technology than Sphaela. But it has no convenient magic.

Later on, the doctors concluded that there was nothing wrong with me. But I had to consult with the psychologist.

Unable to hold it anymore, I’d give up and accept the fact that I was too immersed in the fantasy world I read in the books.

After I calmed down, they took me to an orphanage.



Even after I was in the orphanage, I couldn’t get used to my being a girl and as the result, the other children viewed me as weird. We couldn’t get along that well, and some of them would taunt and tease me of what I knew about my life before transmigrating.

I would then decide to just be alone and read some books in my room, most of the time. I managed to learn the customs in Earth and excel in my studies. Although it’d attract more taunting from those envious of my grades.



Half a year had passed, and I’d grow more or less accustomed to my life in the orphanage.

I could hold back better, and I’d bury the memories of my past life deep inside of me, as it would just be a hassle in living a peaceful life here.

What I love about my life in Earth : every day is peaceful.

No issues about monster attack, wars, and other similar things.

Although some crimes might happen, but still, it’s more peaceful here.

At least I managed to be grateful of it.

That was how “Fumitsuna Chiharu”, a boy, became just “Chiharu”, a girl.



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