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Chapter 7

Chiharu’s Past Days


“Chiharu-chan is cute, but she behaves like a boy! She prefers to play with the boys rather than with us!”

“Aww, she’s my type if only she acts more feminine!”

“Chiharu-chan refused to go to the toilet together, and she said we’re weird for going to the toilet together… But she is the weird one!”


Before long after my enrollment, my classmates branded me as weird, as well. Uhh, I don’t get the custom here at all!


“I heard from Jun-kun who’s in the same orphanage as her, that she was saying that she fought a slime before!”

“Eeeh?! Surely, she was joking around?”

“Jun-kun said that she was insisting that it was the truth!”

“Well, there’s gotta be some limitations to her imagination!”


…then, rumors about my oddness in the orphanage also started to leak to the school.


I preferred to be alone, so it’s not totally bad for me. This way, I have more time to be alone. The school and the orphanage’s libraries were my favorite places.

In the orphanage, I shared room with the other girls, so I couldn’t be alone.


“Chi-chan, if you don’t change the way you behave, you’ll not get adopted, you know…,” Manami-san, one of the orphanage’s caretakers is being concerned about me, as she says that with her worried look.

“Thanks for the concern, but you see, Manami-san… try to imagine you’re transported to another world, and then you become a boy. Do you think it’s easy to adapt, with different customs, as well?” I tried to get my points conveyed to her. It’s not like I’m not trying, you know.

“Uhm… you shouldn’t say things like that as well, Chi-chan… the others would think you’re not in a right mind…, although it sounds… terrible,” she tries to sympathize with me.

I smiled at her.

“Thanks for the concern. I’ll try.”

“If you have any question, I’ll do my best to help you.”

I’m glad at least I have a reliable ally here.


Manami-san is the only person kind enough to not be grossed by my weirdness. I don’t care if she’s doing that because it’s her duty or because she’s sincere, since her support becomes my only reason to hang in there.

Honestly, I still haven’t given up on going home. However, no matter how many times I tried to use my magic or to find a way home, I always failed and stuck.


But being half-hearted in living my life here as a girl versus trying to retain my identity as a boy won’t get me anywhere, so after three months of futile trying, I decided to give up and tried to adapt wholeheartedly to my new life.

Despite all that, I didn’t dare to wish to get adopted.

There are far more good kids than me in this orphanage.

The charming, feminine girls, the cute ones both in their appearances and behaviors, and younger kids.

If any, I should just focus more on becoming a girl, getting used to my girl body, and more importantly, to feel comfortable dressing and talking like a girl.

And once I turn into an adult, I should try making a living on my own, as the orphanage won’t accommodate me anymore after I turn 18.


Only in my wildest dream someone would want me.

And suddenly, one day, that wild dream of mine came true.

I honestly thought it was a dream…

But no, it wasn’t.

My life took another turn over at that moment.



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