Different World Gender Change 40

Chapter 40

The Appetizing, Farm Workshop


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After taking one trip around the farm, we are now going to visit the farm’s workshop that produced the cheese and butter.

Different from the other world, we are not being told about trivial details such as wash your hands properly or wear a white coat on top of your clothes, but I’m still doing them just in case. In any case, it’s because we are handling things that can be eaten.


The middle-aged man and woman who seemed to come from the neighborhood are stirring the goat’s milk in a huge pot, and they seem to be stirring the solidified part to sever it despite not really knowing about lactic-acid bacilli, and I watched from afar.1 As expected, when I got too close that I could smell it, I lightly coughed.


“Seiren-samaa, here, a handkerchief.”

“Ah, sorry, and thank you, Oriza-san.”


I used the handkerchief that she gave me to cover my mouth. It would be bad if my cough contaminated the food. It would cause the cheese to go to waste.

The butter’s ingredient was put into a container with a big lid, and it was greatly jolted. Since it’s hard to shake it with bare arms, from what I can discern, the container seems to be jolted with magic power.


“Is it magic, Gadou-san?”

“That’s correct. This way, we can preserve the same quality for all of our products.”


I see. I thought that it was a method used anywhere else, but well, so long as it’s a convenient and safe method, then it’s good. After all, it’s quite a terrible thing to have the ground jolted like this.


Anyway, at the cafetaria next to the workshop, they let us to taste a sample of the cheese and butter. There are also some baked breads that the neighboring family sold and some goat’s milk too. This feels nice, it’s kinda heartwarming.


Once I gulped down the cheese, ah, I thought of something. Godou-san’s cheese got a heavy flavor, but when it was added to this morning’s salad, the flavor perfectly went well with the fresh vegetables, but Gadou-san’s cheese can be eaten as it is just fine.


“It’s true. It really is different than Godou-san’s cheese.”

“Isn’t it? That’s good, Ane-sama also understands it.”


You look so happy, Saryuu. Yes, well, with this, you will be able to understand how different they taste once you’ve eaten it. Since they are brothers, I thought that they’d be able to make it taste similar, but the cheese tasted totally different.


“I think that Gadou-san’s cheese tastes light. Saryuu seems to like the one with heavy flavor.”

“Yes. Light flavor is also fine, but I guess I just like the one with heavy flavor more.”

“Both Saryuu-sama and Seiren-sama possess good tongue. Thank you for being able to clearly state the difference.”


Gadou-san also nodded happily. Not only Godou-san’s cheese, but perhaps the taste of the cheese will turn out different, depending on who’s making them. Well, that’s the thing with handmade products.


“I also like this one. It would be nice to have Gadou-san’s products stocked up, too, and both of the products can be used properly, depending on what type of cuisine is being made.”

“Understood. First, let’s buy it in small stock, and then let’s try to discuss it with the lord and chefs.”

“Yeah. If Seiren-ojousama said so, then it was worth making all o this.”


It’s good that Minoa-san simply nodded, but I was somehow surprised by the fact that Gadou-san looked extremely happy.

No, I mean, it isn’t something that can be exaggeratedly celebrated… I think. I’m just the feudal lord’s daughter, that’s all.

…Although I was quite embarrassed, I properly ate everything. The butter that was smeared on top of the bread tasted refreshing, and I thought that it was possible to eat the food with a lot of this butter with the way it tasted.

The breads over here have solid flavor, but it felt like the butter enhanced and supported the flavor. Unexpectedly, it can also be toasted, but… I wonder if it won’t burn the breads that were once baked? I’ve never seen it ever since I came here, though.


So, we bought the cheese and butter that I liked as souvenirs, and left behind the farm.

Looking at Gadou-san and Gonzou-san who came to send us off without knowing, I let out a small laugh. This little one, I wonder if he’s in his cool down period after he came running here? Somehow, he has a refined face.


“Well then, thank you very much for coming.”

“Thank you. I had so much fun here.”

“No, don’t mention it. Seiren-sama and Saryuu-sama, please come and play here again. Kuon-sama is also welcomed.”

“Yes. I hope that my grandfather will be able to come here too, next time.”


Saryuu and I, then Kuon-sensei and Gaou-san exchanged words. Wouldn’t it be nice for Jigen-san to come here even for once?


“Mee, mee.”

“Gonzou. Please train hard until next time.”


(T/N: Damn, Gonzou is cute. I want to keep him.)

What’s with that, Gonzou? Do you seriously want to have another go with Minoa-san? Well, I don’t know if it’s categorized as a cold water for an old man2, but don’t overdo it.


“Seiren-sama, Saryuu-sama. We’re leaving soon-“

“Thank you. Well then, shall we go?”


At the cue from Oriza-san who’s finished with the preparation of the carriage, we started to move. Just like how it was when we went here, us siblings and Kuon-sensei got on different carriages than the maids, and we departed.


“Please come back soon, take care!”


Towards Gadou-san’s voice that seemed to be quite reluctant to part ways with us, I slightly bent myself towards the carriage window and waved my hand.
Inside the rattling and moving carriage, I tasted the smoked cheese that’s among the souvenirs we bought. Oh, it smelled like chips, it felt nice. Tou-san, how about drinking sake with this?


“Seiren-sama, is it delicious?”

“Ah, yes. Since the original cheese tastes refreshing, when it’s made into a smoked food, it smelled of wood and felt nice.”

(T/N: Seriously, Seiren? O.O I can’t really imagine that kind of smell for food…?)

“Hee. May I taste it?”

“Sure. Kuon-sensei should try this too, eat it.”

“Oh my, is that alright? Then, I’ll do so without any hesitation.”


It’s not like they are for me to monopolize, though. When I give them to Saryuu and Kuon-sensei, the two of them put one piece each to their mouth and then opened their eyes as if they were astonished by the taste.


“Oh my. This might be a delicious accompanion to sake.”

“I guess I can also eat it during study break…”


Yosh, seems like they also like it. It also feels nice to know that it’s bit-sized that can be easily picked up to eat, the smoked cheese.

So, I was taking another piece into my mouth. When I was chewing it, Saryuu’s line of sight matched mine.


“Ane-sama, did you have fun at the farm?”

“Yes, it was a lot of fun. The horses and the goats are both very adorable.”



The moment the word “horse” left my mouth, Saryuu pulled his body back, but it’s understandable why.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand his feelings, but there is no need to react like that… or well, I guess I can say that because I’ve never been nudged by a horse.


“Nah, I mean, aren’t they cute enough when you see them?”

“I, is that so. I just don’t want to get that close to them, though.”


…Ah-, he’s turning blue. With this, I think I won’t ever see Saryuu riding on top of a horse, I guess.

Taiga-san looked perfectly cool so I thought that Saryuu would also look cool when he’s mounting a horse.


“Saryuu-sama. If you can overcome your fear of horses, you might be able to give Seiren-sama a ride, you know?”



When Kuon-sensei whispered those words, Saryuu’s movement instantly stopped. No, please wait a moment, why me?


“Yo, yosh, then I will do my best!”

“Wait, Saryuu. Are you okay with me being your riding companion? Perhaps some other girl would be better…”


Towards my younger brother who easily got motivated, I thrusted my comment in a panic.

After all, the one who will be riding the horse together with you when you’ve gone through all the efforts to conquer the trauma is your big sister, how would that play out?


“Because I have never really associated myself with other women except for Kaa-sama, Nee-sama, and the maids.”

“…So it’s like that?”

“That’s right. Although I think that so long as you go out to the city, there will be ladies whose age are close to Saryuu-sama.”


Both Saryuu and Kuon-sensei said that with an expression that seemed to say, ‘isn’t that obvious?’. Ah-, well, there are no things such as schools and part-time jobs like the other world, huh. With that, there are no chances of associating with people from the opposite gender.

…But hey, I went to school and worked part time, but I only had a few friends. Isn’t that no good?


“Well, I guess there are various reasons…”


I sighed a bit and continued to chew the remaining cheese inside of my mouth.


While we are all noisily chattering with one another, the carriage finally arrived back at the villa.

When I got down with Saryuu’s help, I saw another carriage that I’ve never seen before, stopping by in front of the villa. It is similar to the one we’re riding on today, but that carriage is colored in black with golden plant pattern painted on it. Ah-, for some kind of reason, it reminded me of a bowl or stacked food boxes. I think that my way of thinking is quite poor.


Anyway, the villa’s front door was opened, and there was a person coming out of it. The person was a middle-aged man with quite a sturdy body, and.

Upon taking a look at that person’s face, I froze on the spot.




The orphanage director?

Why is this person here, at this kind of place?



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  1. That’s what I can decipher from this Japanese sentence: ご近所さんらしいおっちゃんやおばちゃんが大きい鍋で山羊の乳をかき回してるところとか、乳酸菌だか何だか知らないけど混ぜて固まったやつを切ってるところとかを、ちょっと遠くから見させてもらう。If anyone has a better translation, please tell me.
  2. It’s a Japanese proverb that means “something imprudent for old people”.

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