Different World Gender Change 46

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Chapter 46

Farewell, Villa in the Mountain


Translated by: Convallaria’s Library

Well then, the last day finally arrived.

Today, we would be returning by the carriages from the morning, so the employees were working hard to load the luggage. Most of the luggage had been collected by last night, but since there were small things left behind, in the end the preparations were still ongoing noisily until the very last minute.

Apart from that, my family had a leisure breakfast. No, it wasn’t that leisure. I still had to pack my luggage too, so I should spare some time. If you wanted to say that it was just an excuse, then say it, since it was the truth.

And, as I ate this morning’s salad, I thought of something. There was cheese in its content, but it somehow felt refreshing. This isn’t Godou-san’s cheese, right?


“This cheese, could it be Gadou-san’s, perhaps?”


When I spontaneously tried to ask Godou-san, he nodded deeply and said, “Yes.”


“I heard that Seiren-sama prefers my brother’s cheese. If that’s the case, I decided to use it today as it is the last day.”

“I’m sorry, and thank you very much.”


Whoaa. I think he knows that Saryuu loves Godou-san’s cheese, but despite that, he decided to match it up for me? I’m so happy.

Ah, but the cream soup’s taste is…


“Of course, I also used my own cheese.”

“Yeah, in this soup, right?”

“As one would expect.”


See. When I drank the soup, I clearly felt the slight difference between the cheeses. I also know that this is Godou-san’s cheese.

Saryuu seemed to understand it as well, and he had been taking another cup of the soup ever since some time ago.


“As I expected, Godou’s cheese is delicious. Actually, I want this to be made even in our house, but the taste will turn out different than the one made here, right?”

“Yes, that is right. Because the [henchman] who’s making the cheese will also be different.”


‘Hahaha,’ Godou-san laughed as if he was having fun and his expression was so boastful, and he looked somehow reliable this way.

The henchman that he spoke of in this case is the bacteria that worked to make the cheese. It seemed that fermented foods’ taste was affected by the bacteria who worked hard inside of that food. I think that perhaps the people in this world never saw the bacteria, but I wonder how they understood about that kind of thing? I wonder if they have ever seen bacteria by using magic?


Shortly after breakfast ended, it was time for our departure, so by the time we went out to the entranceway, we encountered a familiar face that it felt as if this was arranged in advance. Can I really say this as an encounter?


“Good morning, Seiren-sama, everyone.”


He appeared. The charming prince on a white horse, no, I mean the next feudal lord. Today, he’s wearing an indigo blue outfit, and there’s a bright-colored stole hanging by his shoulders. Could this person be camouflaged in the sky like this?


“G, good morning, Taiga-san.”

“Good morning, Nii-sama.”

“Oh my, oh my. Taiga-dono, what’s the matter for visiting this early in the morning?”

“I heard that the Shiiya will be going back today, so I came here to send you all off.”


Next to me and Saryuu whose face cramped, Kaa-san showed a bright smile. Taiga-san also showed his refreshing smile just as usual. Tou-san who appeared from behind us whispered with a low voice, “Why is he here?” that his voice couldn’t be heard clearly. No, even I was wondering about it, too.

Oh- well-, would someone please stand in my shoes? I wonder if his parents have talked about the matter of marriage talks between us to him? For the time being, Tou-san has refused the marriage talks, but the person himself was obviously in high spirits.


“When I think about it, if I’m not wrong, Seiren-sama’s a bit weak on riding carriages, right?”

“Y, you remember it well…”

“Yeah. Since it’s the details that came out during our first time meeting.”


Putting on the pressure, huh, Taiga-san? Well, by this world’s standard, remaining a bachelor at 28 years old is considered late, but I wonder if it’s okay for you to choose a woman who’s a man inside even without you knowing about it?


“I will be escorting you on Genjirou until we reach the village where we first met. Please go on ahead.”


“Yeah. It’s the name of my horse.”


When he decisively said that, instinctively fell over on the inside.

Isn’t the naming sense for animals of people in this world amazing? Like Gonzou or Genjirou.

Putting that aside, I’ll be saved by riding on a horse until halfway of our route. Perhaps if I were to return by riding a carriage all the way, by the time I arrived at the mansion, it seemed like I would have no hope of recovery.



Oh well, with me riding on the horse in front of Taiga-san, we departed from the villa. I waved my hands from the top of the horse towards Godou-san who sent us off while saying, “Please do come here again-!”

Ah, today, I didn’t sit with one of my legs out to one side, I properly straddled the front half of my body to the saddle. As one would expect from sitting with one leg out to the side, the stability would be bad. And if I were to cling to Taiga-san the whole time, it would definitely hinder him.

I have never tried riding a horse either in this world or in the other world, but for the time being, I firmly put my legs on each side of the horse’s side and assumed a straight body posture. Yeah, it seemed to be fine this way.


“Seiren-sama. If your body feels too tense, please don’t hesitate and lean on me.”

“Haha. If I feel like that, then I will do it.”


I didn’t bother to think whether Taiga-san’s words when we were riding the horse were just a frivolous talk or a serious talk.

On top of Genjirou who was steadily advancing, suddenly Taiga-san started a conversation with me.


“Thank you for your letter. Also, thank you very much for your concern.”

“Eh, ah, haa. I’m glad that it was delivered safely.”

“Yeah. For now, please be rest assured as I am completely alright.”




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I pondered for a moment about the meaning behind his words [I’m completely alright]. However, since this conversation started off from how he has read the letter, I understood the meaning of it.


“That’s what was written in the letter, right? When my father learned that I received a letter from you, he lightly teased me that it was a love letter.”



That is, well.

No matter how the circumstances were perceived, we couldn’t afford Touya-san finding out how his son and another feudal lord’s daughter were digging up on his household’s past matters.

However, let me make a comment: could it be true that my letter was mistakenly read as a love letter? Uhm, I should be more careful about my wording next time.

Besides that.


“That, wouldn’t it really be a big problem for the Shikino family if things didn’t go well? That’s why, I thought that it was totally dangerous, after all.”

“Please be at ease. If it’s really the Shikino’s problem, then it’s all the more reason that I need to correct that as the next period’s successor.”


Even if I couldn’t see Taiga-san’s face as he decisively declared it, but that person’s chest which was right on my back felt warm and it seemed to be facing forward.

This person is someone who’s going to pursue the path he’s aiming for straight ahead. He’s quite clumsy, and for some reason, it seemed like he couldn’t be left alone because of it.



Wait, for me to be thinking of something like this, isn’t it awful?


“That’s right, Seiren-sama.”


The one who pulled my consciousness back from immersing in my thought about what was awful was Taiga-san who called my name as if it was natural. Genjirou continued to walk alongside the carriage as if it felt uninvolved by us.

…If one were to look at us, would it be possible that they thought of us as a lovey dovey couple riding on a horse?


“I have heard about our marriage talks from my father, but I respect Seiren-sama’s feelings. If possible, I will be happy if you are willing to come and talk about it.”


I felt shocked for a moment when that matter was brought up at this time.

No, well. Regardless of gender and the various circumstances, when you were told that the other party would be happy if you were to come, then wouldn’t you feel happy too, nonetheless?

…Yup. What I thought was quite awful from before, could it be this? I wonder if my way of thinking or any other aspects have become a female’s?

I’m not aware of it myself. No, if I were aware of it in the first place, then I would be even more troubled, perhaps.


However, I still don’t want to be separated. From my father, my mother, and my younger brother.

After all, it has barely been 3 months ever since we met again.


“Ah-… That, since I’ve finally returned to living along in my parents’ home, I think that it would be nice if we can spend time as parents and daughter for about one year… I’m sorry.”


That’s why, I replied with those words. This, I wonder if this could be counted as something that can raise someone’s hopes?


“No. Now that you mention it, that’s right. I apologize for not considering your feelings and your parents’ feelings.”


With a rustling voice, I could tell that Taiga-san seemed to be shaking his head. I felt somehow guilty when I listened to his voice who sounded like he truly thought of himself at fault.



After I pulled myself together, I decided to try and tell him about the circumstances around here. Although I might say that it’s like I nearly didn’t have any clue about everything until I’m home.


“Uhm, it’s about our earlier talk. For our side, our magician, Jigen-san will be investigating things at the mansion. If we find something out, I’ll make sure to collect and report the information.”

“Yeah, I’ll be waiting for it. If possible, I’d like it to be legible, like your writing.”



Ah-, Taiga-san hasn’t given up at all. In short, he wants another letter from me, right?

Well, if it’s only that, then… After all, I’m also receiving the information from him.


“I, I understand. Uhm, is my writing that easy to read?”

“Yes, very.”

“…I’m glad, then.”


Ah-, somehow I felt relieved.

After trying so hard to remember this world’s alphabets for around 3 months, I will definitely feel down if I were told that my writing is illegible. To put simply, that would mean that my writing is messy.

The other world’s alphabets are… Aah yup, as expected I can say that they are quite legible, too. I mean, I don’t have any kind of tendency, but there have been occasions where I was told that my writing resembled a textbook or printed text’s. The alphabets are naturally different, but the impressions on how they’re written and read are quite the same.



So, when we went for a break, in other words, at the village where Taiga-san descended from the sky, as expected, we took a break and grab our lunches. Since Taiga-san would only escort me up to this point, I’m going to return by the carriage together with everyone else after this.


“Well then, I will excuse myself here. If I have the opportunity to visit the Shiiya residence, I’ll be looking forward to meeting everyone there again at that time.”

“Umu, we will be ready and waiting for you then, Taiga-dono.”


Towards the good young man who nonchalantly greeted him, my father looked as if he was preparing for a war no matter from which angle you looked at him. No, his face was smiling, but somehow, such was the aura emitted from his whole body.

Stop it, my doting father! If only I was a male, I’d surely thrust in that comment right here. In that case, then the other party wouldn’t be my father, but the orphanage director, though.


We sent off Taiga-san who got on Genjirou and gallantly soared up to the sky until the moment we could no longer see his figure. Saryuu, who stood next to me as he looked up at the sky just like me, lightly poked his elbow at me.


“Uhm, Ane-sama.”

“Hm, what’s it, Saryuu?”

“That, could it be, about Nii-sama…”



Well, it’s a matter concerning his stepsister and his biological elder brother, after all. I think that it won’t be weird for him to get curious, so I decided to speak my honest thoughts. Since he’s the younger brother, so I can say it, right?


“I don’t really understand, but I didn’t get any bad feeling from riding the horse together with him. That’s why, perhaps, about such a thing… He doesn’t seem like a bad guy.”

“…Is that so?”


Wait, Saryuu. Why are you looking so down? I’m more or less still your elder sister, you know?

Do you have that severe of a sister complex?




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