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Chapter 28

The Real Crisis

As the two of them managed to nurture their love steadily, though it gave an adverse effect to Belvant’s soul that couldn’t persevere any more than this, and we all knew that if he was careless, he could even wreck the Oltaire country with his overflowing libido. With the said condition, at last, it is now three days before their marriage ceremony.


The wedding dress is simple but refined, especially tailored in Oltaire’s competent atelier.

When they ran another fitting to check the dress, somehow her breasts got bigger again, causing the two white swellings to be wedged into the breasts’ cut line, and since they need to display the image of a pure bride more than a sexy bride, the dress was taken back into the hands of reparation in a hurry.


“Well, as expected of Sir Belvant, he really made my breasts bigger. To think that the effect of the massages will be this significant.”


Marietta put her hands on her rose-colored cheeks and smiled happily.


“And recently, when I try to jump, they are jiggling more, ufufu. From now on, I’m looking forward to their further growth.”


“My lady, I understand, so please stop jumping repeatedly there. Also, regarding the matter of the massages, you must never talk about it outside. Please stop recommending the massage to your friends, as well.”


(No matter how you look at it, the sudden growth spur of the princess’ breasts, it’s no doubt that the pervert general has done some completely nasty things towards the princess who knew nothing! …The princess herself seems to be content, which is considered to be a good thing, but…)


Sierra, who has also been taught various nasty things by Adlan, couldn’t bring herself to get angry any more than that.


(Really, those knights of Oltaire! …Certainly, their muscles are dreamy, but their strength for needless things is also troublesome.)


Before one knows, Marietta’s muscle fetish influenced Sierra who didn’t even notice it herself.


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“Princess Marietta, there are a few things that we need to discuss regarding the ceremony, so please come over here.”


As the busy marriage arrangements advanced, just when she was finally able to take a breather, the lone woman was being called out by a virile man that seemed to be a knight escort that Marietta never saw before.


“We need to check the chapel. Princess, let’s go.”


“I’m sorry, but Miss Sierra, the arrangements over here are still not yet…”


Sierra, who tried to accompany Marietta, was called out by another maid.


“Ah, is that so? I thought that it’s done, but seems like there are still other unexpected things to do, huh. …Uhm, well then, Miss Lisa, can you please take care of Princess Marietta?”


“Understood, please leave it to me. Well then, Princess, over here.”


Amidst the chaotic preparation, without chattering as much, Marietta was being led by the maid, Lisa towards the royal palace grounds.

Then, as they headed to a path without anyone there.


“Princess, please excuse me.”


Just as the woman who was leading the way turned around, the man quickly approached Marietta and suddenly pressed a wet cloth against Marietta’s mouth.




When the surprised Marietta inhaled a breath, for some reason, the strong smell of medicinal herbs filled her lungs, and just like that, she lost her consciousness.





(…What was that just now?! This is bad!)


Oltaire’s Head of Magician, River Link, whose specialty is at defense magic and barrier development, analyzed the magic that he felt for a moment inside the royal palace grounds, and ran towards the general’s place.


“Belvant! Someone used a glamour magic nearby, please quickly confirm the safety of the key people!”





When she came to, Marietta was shaking inside a shabby carriage.

She was thrown on the carriage’s floor with her hands tied behind, and then she groaned from the pain she felt in her body.


“Have you come to?”


The man who was supposed to escort Marietta was sitting on the seat.

However, he has already taken off his knight uniform, and is now wearing some plain and inconspicuous clothes.


“Oh, you are… the one that I just became acquainted with, not too long ago.”


Yes, when she was being called out, she thought that he was certainly a member of Oltaire’s knights, so she was not being cautious, but now when she tries to inspect him once more, it’s truly a face that she has no recollection of.


“Who are you?”


“You do understand that there’s no way I’d answer that, right?”


“…As I expected, did I… really get abducted?”


“That’s right.”


It was an answer devoid of intonation.


“We have no grudge against you, but there are people who wish to hinder this marriage ceremony.”

The man coldly said that, with an expression devoid of emotion.


“It can’t be helped. Getting into things like this is the risk that someone with a social position must bear. Just give it up.”


What the man said is the truth, so Marietta could only bite her lips.


Being used as a pawn in politics.

Going into a political marriage of convenience.

Having their life targeted.


They are the indispensable parts of being born into the royal family.


However, although she is prepared for it, it’s still something she can’t really comprehend.

With a trembling voice, Marietta said.


“What are you going to do to me?”


“Who knows. My job is only to take you to the arranged place. I don’t have any clue on what will happen afterwards.”


Marietta despaired.

Wanting to hinder the marriage means that there is no way they would let Marietta return to Belvant’s side.

In other words, the ringleader intended to kill Marietta.


I will be killed, right?

Aah, just when I thought I was going to become Belvant’s wife, now I won’t be able to see him again.


Marietta is an adorable princess who was raised preciously.

She doesn’t have the ability to fight during time like this.

If there is no one by her side to protect her, there is no way she can escape from a danger.


Tears began to overflow from Marietta’s eyes, who was lying down on the floor.


“…Kh, is it okay, for me, to cry, just for a bit?”


“I don’t mind.”


“…Uuu, Sir Belvant, I wanted, to become your bride, Sir Belvant…”


As Marietta continued to call out the name of the person she wanted to meet the most, her tears fell down on the carriage’s floor, and she heaved with sobs.


“I’m sorry, for not being able to see you again, I’m sorry.”




Whether he pitied Marietta who was crying like a child, or if he didn’t want a pool of water to form on the floor, the man put a piece of cloth under Marietta’s cheeks.


“T, thank you, so much.”


Even while crying, Marietta sincerely thanked the man who abducted her.


“…Lisa, what about my maid…?”


“I didn’t take her life. I only hid her away.”


“…thank goodness…”


After confirming the safety of the maid that got involved in the situation, Marietta thought of Belvant once more and cried.





After traveling for a while, the carriage stopped in front of a small cabin in the middle of a forest.

The man carried up Marietta with one hand as if he was carrying a luggage, opened the door and carried her inside.

Inside the cabin, there are two men looking really like ruffians, lying in wait.


“I have fulfilled the promise. Where is the reward?”


“It’s over there. Put down that woman over here.”


On top of the wooden floor, Marietta was dropped down.


“The real princess, huh! She is really pretty.”


“Before we kill her, let’s shower her with our full affection.”


Towards the men who grinned and showed their vulgar smiles, Marietta sensed the horror and her body began to tremble.


“There’s no need to be that scared, we will make you feel good.”


“That’s right, we’re going to take you to the heaven, little cutie.”


“Hand out the rewards to me, quickly.”


In response to the cold and low voice, the ruffians looked daunted.


“What’s with you, you also want to do it, don’t you?”


“I have no other interest than my work.”


“Khe! Then, after you received it, go and disappear quickly!”


“I will do so.”


As the ruffians went outside, the man also followed them… but before that.


“I could use a little bit of magic. When I abducted you, I also used the glamour magic to make you think I was your acquaintance. That’s why, I can discover the magical residue, too.”


The man quickly muttered what was similar to a monologue.


“Just recently, you have been put under magic spell, right? Since it’s still faintly connected to the one who put the spell, perhaps if you strongly call him out, you might be able to speak with him. So at least you could leave your last will.”


As the man went out, the door was closed.

There was the clattering sound of a key locking the door.


“Magic? …Ah, Mister River Link?”


A few days ago, he put a magic to make me turn into a cat.



“I just need to call him out strongly, right? Mister Link! Mister Link! It’s Marietta!”


Marietta tightly closed her eyes, and with her face wet from tears, she desperately continued to call out River Link’s name.



“Mister Link, please, answer me!”
This chapter is translated by Convallaria’s Library (www.convallariaslibrary.com), so please continue to read there. Drop some comments to show your support over there. If you are seeing this, then that means you’re reading from another site that simply stole our translation, and you will keep seeing this message a few times.

(…Princess? Is this Princess Marietta?)


“That’s right, I’m Marietta!”


Although it’s  quite faint and distant, she certainly heard River Link’s voice, and Marietta replied by relying on her recollections.


(Where are you right now?)


“In a cabin, in the middle of a forest. I don’t have much time, since I will soon be killed. That’s why…”


At the very least, my last will, as Marietta was about to say it, River Link interrupted her.


(How is your condition right now?)


“I am lying down with my hands tied up.”


Outside, there were the voices of the men laughing and speaking.


(Listen well. The only thing I can do right now, is to invoke the magic that I put on you last time. I’m going to turn you into a cat. Please somehow find a way to escape. Once we understand the direction, we will quickly go and save you, so please continue to run away, understand?! If you want to meet Belvant again, do your best!)


There was a sound of the key being used to open the door.


“I understand, so please, quick.”


From far away, she could hear the voice of River Link, chanting the incantation.


The door was being opened.


It gave off the sound of a click.



Author’s Note:

The only thing that River Link could do, was to turn Marietta into a helpless little kitten!

How will it turn out, Marietta?!

Please wait for it, in the next chapter!



My After Comment:

What a ride and what a cliffhanger this is!!!

Seems like the author doesn’t want us to get a diabetes, so we get our adrenaline stimulated, instead.

Also, lesson learned. Everything happens for a good reason, including River Link’s teasing spell the other day.



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