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Chapter 33

First Night Together with You…




Author’s Pre-Chapter Note (which will be my translator’s note, too lol):

It’s a R-18 chapter, please proceed with caution.




Part 1/2



After exchanging kisses with Belvant, Marietta leaped to his chest.

His strong and sturdy pectoral muscle easily caught her body.



“Sir Belvant, I love you.”



When they embraced each other tightly, their body heat was transmitted through the thin clothes.

When Marietta inhaled a big breath, the refreshing aroma of a soap was brushed aside, and she was able to smell Belvant’s scent that she’s already used to sniff.

As she became happy, she rubbed her cheeks together and suddenly laughed.



“Marietta, you’re such a pampered girl.”



When she looked up with her head which was caressed, a handsome face with a very gentle smile looked back at her with a very affectionate gaze.

It’s a face that he only shows to Marietta.



“That’s right. Which is why, please be with me as much as possible.”



“I will grant your wishes as much as I can.”



After Marietta’s beloved husband declared that, he kissed her eyelids, cheeks, forehead, and her whole face as if it was a rain falling down.

Chu, chu, so the lips made that sweet voice, and Marietta giggled as it felt ticklish.






After a time, his lips caught hers, and Belvant caressed Marietta’s hair gently. As he supported her back of the head, their lips met once again.

Belvant’s lips devoured Marietta softly, sucking her and tickling her using the tip of his tongue.

When Marietta opened her mouth as she couldn’t endure it, a man’s thick tongue slipped into her mouth.

Since Belvant knows Marietta’s weak points very well, he moved his tongue in small movements as he skillfully gave her the stimulus.



“Nnn, nnnn-.”



Marietta whose mouth was full of his tongue and a melting pleasure, leaked out a sweet nasal voice just like a puppy’s.

Pichari, the retracted tongue made that sound, then it licked her lips.



“Mary, put out your tongue.”





Marietta who’s become absentminded due to Belvant’s obscene kisses, obediently held out her small tongue from her pink lips.


Her tongue entwined with Belvant’s tongue which was drawn inside his own mouth, they rubbed together and made the sound of chukuchuku.

Marietta who was being led around by the kisses began to tremble her body.



“Nn, fuun…”


“Mary, did the kisses feel good?”



As she inhaled a deep breath, Marietta nodded like a child.



“Good girl. This time, I will entwine my tongue to your mouth.”



Marietta put her hands around Belvant’s neck as their lips met, and his tongue caught hers, as it explored the insides of her mouth.

Just as she thought that she caught it, his tongue twisted around and reversed the position, and just like that, the man’s tongue fervently stirred up the insides of her mouth.

When their lips separated, a silver string formed to connect those separated lips together.

Marietta whose cheeks flushed red with her moist eyes looked up vacantly at Belvant with her feminine face, and that charm induced his carnal desire.

However, Belvant swore that he would sweetly pamper Marietta on their first night together, so he laid her down on top of the bed as if he was handling a treasure.





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“You already belong to me.”


As he held Marietta’s ear with his mouth, he whispered those words as he teased her ear with his tongue.


“My cute Mary, how do you feel about this?”


“Ahn, aah…”


“You’re so sensitive, I just licked your ear but your body’s already twitching.”


“Yaan, aahn…”



Marietta writhed around as she felt that somehow, pleasure ran through her body like an electric shock when her ear was teased.

Just by hearing Belvant’s low voice alone as it resonated within her ear, her abdomen got hot. As Marietta was bewildered by the strange change of her own body, she leaked out an intense pant.



“The night is long, so I will spend plenty of time to shower you with my love.”



So Belvant said as he showed a thin smile. In the depth of his ice blue eyes, an uncontainable flame of desire started to be set ablaze.


As both of her ears were viciously tormented, Marietta gasped hard. Next, Belvant’s lips crawled to her neck.






Marietta reflexively whined as Belvant strongly sucked her neck. He then crawled his tongue and slowly licked all over.



“Sorry. I wanted to mark it as mine.”



He untied the ribbon on Marietta’s nightclothes, and while her clothes loosened, his lips crawled along her collarbone and nibbled on it.






“Here is mine, as well.”



Although it hurt, at the same time she raised a small voice as she learned the pleasure running through her body.

Belvant’s lips continued to crawl through Marietta’s body, leaving tracks all over it.






Marietta thought that Belvant was similar to a wild animal who was devouring its prey slowly.

Belvant who’s gentle despite having a dreadful face laughed sweetly when he gazed at her.

As the beast snatched the prey’s everything by licking it with its lips and tongue, the beast has established its aim.



Although it was quite scary, she thought that she wasn’t able to run away from these hands any more. As the heat was transmitted somehow throughout her body, Marietta rubbed her knees together.



After Belvant removed Marietta’s nightclothes and underwear, he also removed his own clothes and became naked.



“Very beautiful.”



“Sir Belvant is dreamy, too…”



A sturdy body with wide shoulders and firm muscles.

It was a lovely man’s body who had fought in countless number of battles.



Marietta gazed absentmindedly at Belvant as she stretched her hands to his chest. In response, Belvant raised his voice, “Uu,” and buried his face at her white pair of hills.



“Really… you’re way too cute, it’s unbearable. Although I don’t want to be rough, I don’t have any confidence that I can restrain this urge.”



His large and bulky palms crawled around Marietta’s body as if it was stuck there, as his lips sucked her swelling plumps roughly.

As the red marks increased, Marietta’s breath became rougher.



“Aahn, Sir Belvant.”



“Marietta, my lovely Mary, you’re mine.”



Marietta’s breasts were rubbed thoroughly to the extent that their shapes changed to Belvant’s form, and his fingers played around with the completely stiff points, turning it over inside his mouth.



“They have become this stiff. Are you feeling good?”



The peach-colored tip that decorated her breasts were now glittering as they were completely wet with saliva.

As his fingers plucked them to the extent that it induced pain, Marietta whined and bent her body backward.



“Sir Belvant, spare me, I’m starting to feel strange.”



Since Marietta was whispered sweet words by her beloved person and had her body completely touched, the embarrassing honey was already overflowing from inside her body.



“It’s only the beginning. This place is already soaked wet, it’s been anticipating me. Good girl, I have to reward you nicely.”



As Belvant said that, he gently caressed her head. And no sooner than that, he laid his hands on Marietta’s knees and spread them out.



“Aah, yaahn, it’s embarrassing, don’t look at it that much.”



Marietta whose drenched secret place was laid bare frantically closed her legs, but it was no match for a man’s power.



“Marietta is cute here too. It has such a pretty color…”


“Nooo, don’t put your face theree!”



Looking at Belvant’s face approaching the embarrassing place, the teary-eyed Marietta struggled in resistance.



“What are you doing?!”


“I’m licking it.”





At his manly words, Marietta turned red.

(T/N: What, what manly words?! (」゜ロ゜)」Author, what?!)



“Don’t, that kind of place is, i-it’s dirty.”



“What are you saying? It’s not dirty at all. Look, it smells so good.”



“Nooo, don’t sniff it!”



Marietta writhed around on the sheet easily due to the excessive embarrassment, and Belvant laughed with a face that was overflowing with desire.



“Besides, haven’t you put my thing inside that adorable mouth of yours already? I have to repay my debt.”



Belvant who was smiling widely, extended his tongue and inserted it in Marietta’s honey pot.



“Aaaaaaahn, yaaah, not, theree!”



Marietta whose secret place was ravished by the man’s slippery tongue, quivered her hips as a strange sensation boiled up from that place.



“Don’t, you can’t lick it deeply!”



Belvant bent his large body and profoundly inserted his tongue to pry into the embarrassing hole just like a lion drinking water.


“Ahn, afuun.”




Marietta’s face turned bright red as her body was overwhelmed by the pleasure and embarrassment. She raised her voice as her eyes amassed a lot of tears.



“How is it? Doesn’t it feel good? Your sweet honey is brimming over one after another.”




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