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Extra Chapter 1

The Next Morning’s Talk



When the morning sun rose, around the time when it became completely bright, Belvant opened his eyes.

He saw something shining and glittering right in front of his eyes, and he smiled as he noticed that it was a small blonde-haired head.




He gently caressed his beloved wife’s head.

On top of the table on the bedside, there was a bottle that tumbled over. The bottle contained the medicine that the Head of Magicians, River Link made to reduce the pain of the “first time”.

The content of the big bottle that wouldn’t fit in Marietta’s small hand was empty.

It was very empty.




Belvant tried to count the number of times he used the medicine inside his head.

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“…I can’t remember.”


What a brute.

This man is not Oltaire’s fierce god, he is a brute.


The innocent bride who received Belvant’s boiling carnal desire all night long with her body was sleeping soundly with a fatigued expression.

If she hadn’t received the blessing of God Madigard—the stamina enhancement—Marietta might have used up all of her strength in the worst case.

At the very least, she might not be able to smile, “Ufu” as she rubbed her cheeks together on Belvant’s muscular arm which was used as her pillow.

It was such an intense night.


“Thank you, I’m so happy.”


After Belvant muttered the words of gratitude towards the War God, Madigard, he softly lifted up his arm and took it out from under Marietta’s head, who was still dozing off. He then put in a pillow in exchange.







Marietta woke up.

She was lying down on the vast bed by herself.


“Oh my… Sir Belvant?”


As she got up to look around at her surroundings, she felt a dull weight on her lower abdomen and turned over to look at the sheets covering her body.

Last night, she called out for Belvant so miserably while being pierced through many times over, but she couldn’t remember anything after the middle part of it.

Of course she was stark naked during when she did it, but as of now, her night gown was put on her body so neatly.

Her body was smooth and the bed sheet was also changed into the new one.


“…I wonder if last night was only a dream?”


Obviously, that was not the case.

During the time when Marietta was tranced by the excessive intense activity in the bedroom, Belvant who came to his senses used his hands to wipe clean her body and replaced the sheet that had been dirtied by various fluid into its disastrous state that couldn’t be put into words—to a new sheet.

As a general, Belvant was able to live without any kind of inconvenience these days. However, he started off as just a low knight, so he was roughly able to look after the wounded and do the cleaning, laundry, and even replacing the bed sheet for them.

As Belvant admired Marietta who had lost her consciousness while thinking, ‘Aah, her exhausted figure is also adorable,’ he joyfully took care of everything as if he was enjoying it.

He looked a bit like a pervert, but he was a very loving husband.


“Sir Belvant, I wonder where did he go to?”


Marietta pouted her lips as she felt a little bit lonely for being alone in welcoming the morning in a room she wasn’t accustomed to for the first time.

Then, the sound of footsteps approaching from the corridor could be heard, and the sound of the next room’s door opening could also be heard.

Subsequently, the bedroom’s door was slowly opened.

The one who peered his face quietly was Belvant.


“My dear husband!”


“Ah, you’ve woken up?”


He smiled gently at his wife who got up from the bed and looked at him, but Marietta stared in wonder upon seeing his figure as he stepped inside the room and said.


“…Sir Belvant, just what on earth did you do?”


The upper half of his body was naked and steam appeared from that sturdy body of his.

Then, the tense muscle was drenched with sweat as it glittered shinily as it was struck by the morning sun.


Aah, what a fantastic spectacle to behold from early in the morning!

What on earth have I done to receive this kind of reward?


Marietta who restrained herself as the lovely spectacle hit her bull’s eye also tried to hold her throbbing heart and stared fixedly at her husband’s body.


“Ah, aah, I just did a morning training. If I don’t practice swinging every day, my arms will become less capable to hold the sword. Sorry for leaving you alone. Did I make you feel lonely?”


Belvant—who was stared by Marietta’s passionate pupils so much that it could create a hole on his body—faltered a bit before saying those words.


“No. A morning training…”


Marietta was entranced as she imagined the lively movements of his muscles.


As expected from Sir Belvant!

The muscles that he used, aah, I wanted to look at that wonderful figure as much as possible!


“I’m sorry that it stinks of sweats.”


No, no, my dear husband always smells good!


Marietta shook her head firmly and turned towards Belvant with her smile.


“I’ll be taking a hot bath soon, what about you, Marietta? Your body’s been wiped clean more or less, but…”


“Thank you for your consideration. If you don’t mind, I would like to join you.”


Since his new wife said so with a slightly flushed cheeks, Belvant’s passion which he thought to be reduced after the intense exercises carried out all night long was burning brightly once more.


Aah, how miserable, Marietta.

If only you know more about a man’s circumstances… Your body will be destroyed like that.


“I want to wash your back. …Ah.”


Marietta’s body staggered as she stood up to go down from the bed.

He quickly rushed over and support her.


“Are you all right? I pushed you excessively last night.”


Since she didn’t have any power on her legs, she clung on Belvant’s arms.


“I’m sorry.”


“I don’t mind, I will help you with anything today. That’s my duty as a husband.”


As Belvant said that, he held Marietta and carried her in his arms.

Since she was glued to the muscles that shone due to the sweats, she felt very excited and dizzy.





Belvant who brought Marietta into the bathroom gently removed her night-clothes.

The white skin that appeared from beneath it was full of countless red marks. When Marietta saw it, she gasped.


“Oh my, this is… Have I fallen ill?”


Marietta who was clueless about the thing called as kiss mark was filled up with anxiety as she looked at that miserable condition and her voice trembled.


“No, that’s wrong. This is not an illness, so rest assured. Well, this… is the proof that you’re mine. I was the one who placed it there.”


“Proof, is it?”


“That’s right. …Even if I say so myself, I still think that I’ve gone too far with it. Sorry.”


He put Marietta whose feet were still wobbling on his lap and washed her whole body with a cloth foaming with soap.


“Ah, I can wash that part myself.”


When he extended his hand to her important part, Marietta hurriedly said that.


“There’s no need to be shy, does it hurt?”


“…it felt a bit weird. However, it doesn’t hurt.”


“You must thank River Link later on.”


“Ah, that, Sir Belvant, it’s embarrassing.”


“It’s fine. Since I am your husband, I have a duty to take care of every nook and cranny of your body, so just stay calm and let me wash it for you.”


Marietta—whose body was washed by Belvant’s hands including her secret place—flushed red when she felt the throbbing sensation as if her body was recalling the embarrassing stimulus.


“It’s already clean.”


Towards his wife whose cheeks were flushed red and became teary eyed as she panted, “haa… haa…,” Belvant’s lust was aroused and he began to wriggle his fingers lewdly.


“Is that so? I’m going to rub this part a little bit more.”


As her sensitive breast was rubbed circularly by his fingertip, Marietta’s body also wriggled.


“Aah, not there…”


“Since it’s an important spot, so we have to properly wash the skin. Aah, it has become swollen and plump. It feels good after it’s been washed thoroughly, right?”


“Aah, ah, ah, aaaaaah-!”


As she was being teased lewdly with his gentle-looking face, Marietta ultimately stopped wriggling.

She became limp just like that on Belvant’s lap, and he washed away the soap from her whole body using the hot water.


“You are truly adorable. I want to wash you every day.”

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Marietta who finally regained her senses back protested with her red face, “Even though I have told you no… you’re so cruel!”. Belvant replied, “Sorry,” and kissed her.





“Sir Belvant, it’s so delicious.”


Marietta smiled and said that as she enjoyed her breakfast on the table set in the garden, with the wind blowing in a pleasant manner.


“That’s right.”


The one who answered was Belvant who was a bit discouraged.


What awaited Belvant who planned to have another round if possible as he carried Marietta out from the bath was the lady attendant who devoted her life to the princess, Sierra.

Sierra, along with the other maids in the Fargus residence who treasured the princess equally, snatched the lovely Marietta from his arms.


“Oi, wait.”


“General Fargus, if you cherish the princess, then please refrain from doing it in daytime.”




“The princess is different from a knight whose pride is their excessive stamina. As a princess who was born to the royal family, she is a really delicate person. Right now, the princess needs to eat and rest.”




“In order to live in happiness for many years to come, please try to take the princess’ condition into consideration calmly, without being deluded with your immediate desire. If it’s General Fargus who is the pride of Oltaire, surely you will be able to do that, right?”


“No, even I-“






General Fargus has been defeated.





After taking a good breakfast in the garden during the refreshing morning, Marietta who was slowly drinking the tea after her meal was immediately placed on Belvant’s lap as he gazed at Marietta affectionately while thinking that he wanted to do it.


“Sir Belvant.”


“What is it?”


“I’m feeling so happy right now. From now on and until forever, I will be able to spend my time together with Sir Belvant like this, right?”


“That’s right.”


“Sir Belvant, I love you.”


Looking at the dazzling Marietta who innocently smiled at him, Belvant’s chest was enveloped in a profound affection.


“I also love you. I’m truly delighted that I can make you my wife.”


“Oh dear…”


Marietta turned bright red as she was showered by his words of love with a sweetly bewitching face that he would only show to her.


“Marietta, are you full?”




“Then, shall we go?”


After Belvant stood up from his chair, he lifted Marietta with one hand.


“Sierra, don’t disturb us until dinner. I will look after Marietta.”


“General Fargus.”


“I won’t do anything that can hurt my wife. Believe me for even a little bit.”




Sierra backed down and sighed.

It was because she saw Marietta’s arms twined around Belvant’s neck and it seemed like she didn’t want to let go.


“Please take care of the princess.”


“I understand.”


He nodded and returned to the residence just like that, with his wife in his arms.


Aah, the princess has already gotten married, huh?


The maid, who has been by Marietta’s side for so long, now felt a little bit lonely.


However, she thought that General Fargus who loves the princess so much would be able to make the princess happy.

Although there were still occasions where she had to keep a watchful eye on him, Sierra thought to leave the decision to the princess.


[Please let them be happy forever.]


Sierra muttered in her mind as she faced the two’s retreating figures.




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