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Extra 2

Marietta’s Request



Author’s Note:

It’s another chapter of Marietta after a while. Feel free to enjoy this sweet, sweet lovey dovey life of the blue fairy and Oltaire’s fierce god (v1). I won’t take any responsibility in case you’re going to vomit sugar from your mouth (v).



Part 1/2


“Welcome home, my dear husband.”


When Belvant returned home from his work, his beloved wife, Marietta rushed out of the entranceway when she heard the sound of his carriage arriving.

As General Belvant Fargus came down from the carriage and looked at his beloved wife’s smile which resembled the blooming pink rosebud, the scary face of a person known as Oltaire’s fierce god broke out into a wide smile.


[Aah, how adorable, Marietta, who’s mine, and mine alone! I missed you…]


Though you just saw her this morning.


His wife whose age was quite apart from him was a cherished princess, but due to her straight and docile dispositions, her behavior still reeked off some childishness.

Even today, she had been waiting for her beloved husband to return home happily at the entrance hall, rolled up the skirt of her dress to lightly sprint just like a fairy all the way to the carriage to greet him.


“Sir Belvant-!”


Marietta who walked her last several steps before jumping and throwing herself into his embrace, an embrace that could turn Belvant’s normally intense expression that could be said scarier than a fiendish and eerie demon into the face of a handsome knight. He rubbed his cheeks together with that small blond head of hers. While he was at it, he sniffed her fragrant to make sure that she really only belonged to him.


[Yosh, there is no smell of another man.]


The hotheaded General Belvant was a soldier who was constantly on guard without leaving any gap in it.


“Hahahaha, what’s wrong, Marietta? You’re becoming more adorable and spoiled today… did you feel lonely?”


Although the figure of her jumping at a man was improper for a lady, but he considered her as excessively adorable, his beloved wife who showed her love towards him with her whole body.


“Of course, I missed my husband! But well, today…”


The petite and slender Marietta looked up at the face of her husband, who’s a strong soldier.


“I have a favor to ask of you, Sir Belvant.”


Being drawn in by her widened blue pupils, Belvant’s face approached, and just like that, he stole a kiss from her lips. Marietta received his lips and responded to his kiss.

Then, Belvant lightly lifted up the body of his wife who was blushing happily with just one of his hands and began walking. As usual, Marietta naturally supported her body by wrapping her hands around her husband’s neck.


“You have a favor to ask of me? How rare. If it’s your wish, Marietta, then I will grant whatever you want. Whatever country you want, I will defeat them for you, okay?”


As expected of a fierce god, the level of his generosity is different.

However, please do not implement it.


“Well, as expected of Sir Belvant. Uhm, my wish is…”


Marietta saddled her husband’s neck and put her lips closer to his ears.


“I’m embarrassed to say it, so I will tell you later on.”


After she whispered with her small voice, Marietta laughed, “Ufufu.”

At the same time, she stuck her reddened cheek close to her husband’s cheek.


[Sir Belvant, I lo-ve you!]


“…T-that is, is it an embarrassing request?”


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Belvant asked as he took a rough breath while restraining the feeling of wanting to attack his adorable wife who was similar to a cute kitten—the feeling that ran throughout his whole body.


“Yeah. It’s a bit improper.”


“Uumu, is that so?”


At Marietta’s words, Belvant, who ran various tangible imaginations about his new wife’s embarrassing request, was full of his prime energy at the age of 30 years old.


“Then, tell me when it’s just the two of us alone. Just leave it to me, I will grant whatever your wish is, I’ll devote myself wholeheartedly to grant it!”


“Oh my, what a reliable husband…”


Speaking of devoting himself wholeheartedly, Marietta, who had been looking towards Belvant’s pectoral muscle at a glance, stealthily thought, ‘His muscles are so lovely even today, too! Aah, I wonder if I will really be reprimanded if I were to gently caress those muscles now?’


“Well then, I will tell you about it later.”


“Yeah, later…”


Marietta gazed at her husband with a slightly red face, and Belvant gazed at her with amorous and passionate gaze.


The two of them brought about a pink atmosphere around their circumference, and the servants who were watching over them, moreover Sierra who was loyal to Princess Marietta sighed and thought deep inside her mind, ‘Please just save that kind of thing for when you are in your bedroom… They’re like this every time, though…’



Now, the General thought that it was rare for Marietta to be making a request.


Being the youngest princess of the Stellaus kingdom, Marietta was raised while being pampered by everyone else, and so, the things that she seemed to desire were all quickly given in advance by the people around her. Due to it, she seemed to be lacking of greed.


Despite living such a blessed life, she didn’t seem to wish for anything on her own accord and was quite satisfied with whatever she had. She didn’t even wish for new dresses or jewels just like the other princesses would typically wish for, and she felt happy to use what she possessed. ‘This was what my father bought me as a present, and this one was a birthday present from my big sister,’ such was how she would remember the origin of her possessions and use them many times over with pleasure.

Although it is economical, but in actuality, it’s necessary for the nobles to buy jewelries and invest their money around.


“Therefore, please pay attention to it, General Fargus.”


One day, Sierra said that.


“The princess has necessities such as buying new pastries, accessories, and dresses in order to attend evening parties. Those things had been provided by all of her family members in Stellaus, but from now on, it will be your duty as her husband.”


“But why pastries?”


“It is important to buy pastries for Princess Marietta. Not only pastries, but you would also need to buy the things sold in Oltaire’s shops that the nobles and the royal family members bought. As the sales increase, fads will rise, and that will also liven up the economy.”


“Is that so? Well then, I’ll leave whatever necessary to Sierra…”


“It’s important for the husband to provide them for the wife! General Fargus, please try to understand a female’s heart more. Why did you think I wrote up [Marietta Report] and reported all of the princess’ preferences to you? The princess really loves romantic things, and she will surely consider the dresses that you buy for her as her valuable treasures, not the dresses that the maids prepare for her!”


“I see. Will Marietta be happy if I were to be the one to choose them?”


“She will be so delighted that she would dance on the spot.”


Imagining that figure of Marietta, the two of them calmed down. Those two people were equal in terms of their love towards Marietta.


“Understood. Then, I will keep that in mind, and I would like your cooperation to notify me about whatever Marietta needs. Is that fine, Sierra?”


“I gladly receive your order.”


“And then, can I say one more thing?”




“I think it would be good for you to understand more about a male’s heart. Go and pamper Adlan more. I don’t have any other choice than to bother you with that, as he would be able to strive more at his work if he feels satisfied.”


“Wha-, wai-.”


“Sierra turned bright red.


“Men will feel happy if they’re being relied on. Hahaha, if it suits you, then you can try to jump at Adlan just like what Marietta did, he would surely be so delighted.”


Sierra only responded by laughing as she watched Belvant’s back as he went away, and then she sat on her knees while dejectedly muttered, “Kh, to be defeated by General Fargus like that… So despicable!”






After that, when they were done eating dinner and taking a bath, it was time for the pair of husband and wife.


Marietta was wearing a thin nightgown as she let her blonde hair down from the arranged style she had during the day as a typical young wife and she managed to incite the male instincts of her husband, Belvant, who had been spending his time together with her every day after their marriage.



“Marietta, come.”


“Yes, Sir Belvant.”


And now, Marietta—who had always been obedient to her beloved husband—settled into her husband’s arms as Belvant sat on top of the bed, and then she smiled happily. Or more precisely, she grinned. She snuggled up her cheeks to his chest’s muscles, circled her hands around his back, and she was grinning while caressing his arms’ muscles around.



[Aaah, my husband’s muscles are so lovely even tonight, as well! From this level of tightness, he surely had been training hard today, too.]



Being able to comprehend how the muscles were used just by touching them alone—she seems to be ready to change her job into a muscle trainer.



“Come now, what’s your request?”


Belvant asked his adorable wife who was in his arms while being excited. He really was expecting it to be something indecent.



“Uhm, I… I want to learn how to ride a horse.”


“Riding a horse?”


…What a pity, it was not something indecent at all.


However, as a renowned general, Belvant didn’t let his thoughts leak out and seriously answered.


“Weren’t you able to ride a horse?”


“No, it’s not about how I sat sideways on the saddle, but I want to ride it like how men ride horses. During this afternoon’s tea party, I heard that it’s popular for women to be able to ride and handle horses in Oltaire. Hey, Sir Belvant, can I?”


Since the figure of Marietta who was tilting her head while gently pressing his arms with her palms was so adorable, naturally Belvant would give his permission.


“I do not mind as long as you’ll be careful so that you won’t get hurt.”


“Thank goodness! Thank you very much. It’s said that horse riding is good for your health and beauty because of the way you get to exercise your body well.”


“I see, so that’s why it became popular among women. Since you’re already beautiful enough, I think that it’s still good if you would be able to keep your health well by doing so.”



With this, Belvant thought that the conversation was over and pushed her down on the bed while kissing her. But then, Marietta said, “Please wait,” and so, he helped her sit up.


“Also, there is another favor I would like to ask of you. In order to ride a horse, it seems that it’s important to train your legs and loins. I heard from everyone that it would be better for me to ask my husband to help me with that…”


“Me? Yeah, I will help you with anything. Shall I take you on a long ride?”


“There seems to be a better way. Uhm, I…”


Marietta smiled and said.


“Please let me be on top tonight.”


“O-… on top, you said?”


Belvant asked again, as he was unable to comprehend the words that flew by his young wife’s mouth, who was still very much innocent.


“Countess Hyamir told me about it. ‘There is a wonderful way that can train your legs and loins while making men delighted, so you’d better ask your husband to help you do it every day,’ so she said. Hey, Sir Belvant, will that be fine? That, can we do it in a way that I can be on top? Hey, I’m begging you.”




Oltaire’s fierce god was knocked down with just one blow.

He groaned and quickly covered his reddening face with one of his hands.




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