Marietta-hime no Konrei Extra 2.2

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Extra 2

Marietta’s Request




Part 2/2


[What is going on here, I thought that the tea party was a place full of terrifying and bewitching intrigues, but… I didn’t know, I didn’t know…]


Good job, Countess!

Belvant screamed in his own mind.


“…Understood. Then, I will help you, Marietta, so that you will be able to become an expert at horse-riding.”


“Really? I’m so happy, thank you very much!”


“What is it? I don’t mind, I don’t mind it at all, so go ahead and ride on top of me to your heart’s content!”






“Ahn, ahn, ahn, Sir, Belvant, why is it, like this, aahn.”


Marietta who was blushing with her moist eyes asked Belvant as she was being pinned down by him.

Her husband had just taken a position between her widely opened legs and was caressing Marietta’s secret place with his diligent tongue as his fingers were inserted in the secret hole while fumbling with it.


“If we don’t loosen your body enough, it will be hard to ride on, so… Hey, what about here? Don’t you like it?”


“Aah-, don’t, not there, noo!”


“How adorable, it’s this stiff… It’s such a lovely obscene bud.”


Belvant’s eyes were glittering with passion as he teased Marietta’s sensitive tapering point with his tongue, deliciously gnawing on it and squashing it around.


“Aaaaaah, aaaaaaaahhhhn!”


Marietta bent her body while shedding tears, reaching her climax.





“You have to brace yourself, Marietta. Don’t you want to be tempered in preparation to horse riding?”




Belvant relentlessly raised her limp young wife. Just like that, he embraced her close to his chest and kissed her.


“I’ll help you, so be an expert in horse-riding, and surprise the other noble ladies.”


[Oh dear, Mrs. Fargus, what a magnificent way of handling the reins!]

(…I almost typed “t” after reins just because one of my original novel’s characters is named Reinst…)


[As expected of the General’s wife!]


[The general’s teaching method is surely exceptional, right?]


Yeah, that’s right! My husband is the most dreamy in the whole world that he was able to teach me anything in such a wonderful way!


“Sir Belvant, I will try my best and ride on top!”


Towards his wife who declared such an obscene resolution (though she was completely unaware of it) with her bewitched face and smile, Belvant had the eyes of a beast and said with his rough breathing, “I see, I will be giving you a hand.”





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“Now, think of this place as a saddle and sit down on it without any reservation.”


From the center of Belvant’s body which was facing up, one enormous wedge was looking up at the sky.


“Spread your legs and straddle it, now.”




Marietta slightly hesitated as she wondered if a wife would be considered acting impolite if she were to ride her bottom on top of her husband’s body.


“What’s wrong? Are you scared? I will be supporting your hips, so you can rest assured and drop your hips.”


“Then, please excuse me… Aah, but, as I thought…”


Marietta showed a troubled expression.


“It’s going to be quite difficult because there’s my dear husband’s superb item there.”


Marietta thought that the thing which was towering up towards the sky was getting in her way.


“I’m going to bump into it.”


Belvant was pondering on the meaning behind her words before he finally grinned.

This adorable wife of his, it seems that she doesn’t get the meaning of [being the top] in regards to bedroom matters.


“Marietta, it’s all right. You are supposed to drop your hips while pushing my thing inside of you.”


“Inside of… eeeeh?!”


Marietta widened her eyes and turned bright red while saying, “Nooo!”


“That’s got to be a lie, right? For me to be straddling my husband, and then that enormous rod would be completely implanted deep inside my own secret place, right?”


In response to the princess who lost her mind uttered such an excessively indecent thing, Belvant’s excited thing was getting even more energetic.


“Aaah, my dear husband, please don’t get any bigger than this! Really, such a meanie!”


The moist blue pupils that uttered such a thing were truly irresistible for him.


“Even after you said such a thing? You shouldn’t be excessively adorable too, you know? This thing really wanted to get inside you that it turned like this, so Marietta, you should take a responsibility.”


“Oh dear, is it my fault?”


Belvant seriously nodded and reached out for his wife.


“Now, push it inside of you.”




While Marietta’s petite figure was caught by her husband’s hands, she straddled above the towering atrocious thing.

Belvant was watching intently at the unfolding scene before his eyes—at his wife’s figure as she dropped her hips steadily with her moist eyes. Yes, this Belvant, the one who was addressed as his country’s guardian deity, was actually just a perverted middle-aged man.

What a disappointment, it was truly disappointing.


Marietta who hadn’t noticed that she was being observed with such obscene gaze, was earnestly performing her task. Her slender white fingers held the hot rod and established her aim, inviting it to her own drenched secret hole.


[Khuu, Marietta, your adorable figure looked so arousing as you held my thing, trying to insert it in, this is unbearable, your existence alone is like a lethal weapon!]


The guardian deity of Oltaire breathed roughly as he was being stimulated by his wife.

What an utter disappointment.


“Ei, ahn, yaaahn.”


Marietta was struggling because the thing that had already become way too enormous was not at a suitable size for a beginner to deal with. Using her determination to sit down vigorously, she rubbed it against the wet entrance.


“Ah, I can’t take it anymore!”


Belvant grasped Marietta’s body and pulled her.




The wedge was pierced in one go, and Marietta was taken aback. Her secret place’s meat was constricting Belvant’s thing tightly, and it wriggled around indecently to the point that it was about to be finished.


[No, if I’m finished here, right now, then I won’t be able to help Marietta accomplish her objective!]


To not forget his wife’s wish even in the middle of an extreme pleasure like this, as expected of the hotheaded general, what a worthy willpower he possesses!


[Even when I managed to play as a male horse through such a great trouble!]


He was just a perverted middle-aged man.





Marietta’s mind turned blank for an instant, but her consciousness returned from the tension that was transmitted to her palms from her husband’s abdominal muscles. As expected of the general, even his abdominal muscles did such a good job.


“My dear husband, don’t fill me up this deep. I can’t move.”


“Dear Marietta, you shouldn’t easily whine like this. The path of improvement is to be able to bear up and continue to be zealous even during painful moments. All of the knights have exceeded their own limit as they gained experiences and made improvements. Now, put your strength into your legs and loins and try to move your body steadily.”


“Oh my, I feel ashamed for making such a complaint earlier. Understood, I will try my best so it won’t be a disgrace for me as the general’s wife!”


The brave young wife, Marietta.

Then, Belvant is the lowest perverted general.

Marietta held onto Belvant’s arms which were supporting her slender hips with both hands, as she began to raise her hips.




And then, she dropped it.


“Hwaa, uuh!”


Raising it and dropping it.


“Auh, fwaah, fuu, hyann, ahn, this is, not good!”


“Kuu, good, Marietta, it’s not ‘not good’ at all!”


“But, aahn, deep inside, at the place I don’t know where, it’s rubbed, and became, weird, uuu!”


Marietta raised her voice while moving her hips up and down. She gradually got the hang of it and increased her speed, but the deep piercings that accompanied it rubbed obscenely into the places that had never been drilled before as the towering rod got even higher due to the stimulus that it received.


“Aaah, noo, more, enough, it feels good, save me, haan, aahn, more, more, please, deep inside, more…”


Her mind became vague due to the pleasure she felt as she blurted out unthinkable things and begged her husband.


In front of Marietta’s figure as she indecently gasped while jolting her two bulging white plumps and unskillfully shaking her hips, Belvant couldn’t endure it any longer.


“Marietta, deeper, huh? I understand, I will grant your request! Uoooooooooooo—–!”




Belvant pushed her hips down as he intensely pushed his way up. Marietta whose insides were pressured, felt an intense stimulus and in no time reached her climax, her exhausted body was trembling with her disheveled golden hair. Belvant injected his passion into her hot and tender insides. Marietta who used up all her strength collapsed on top of her beloved husband’s pectoral muscle and lost her consciousness.







“Look at this, Sir Belvant!”


“Ooh, what a splendid job. You handled the reins well. Marietta is someone who keeps on her efforts in difficult circumstances, so you’ve made this improvement in horse-riding. I need to give you a reward.”


“Ufufu, it’s all thanks to my dear husband’s guidance.”


Marietta proudly rode on top of the running horse. Her lower half of the body was firmly maintained, and with her stable and lovely posture, she handled the horse to her heart’s content.


“I should also give a reward to you, my dear husband.”


Marietta who dismounted the horse said that as she embraced her beloved husband who watched attentively and affectionately at her.


“What should I do, I wonder what should I give you?”


“Hahaha, don’t worry about it. I’m your husband, so for me to grant your requests, isn’t it a matter of course? Other than that, it’d be nice for you to keep on training your legs and loins. You have to strive more from now on if you’re aiming to be an expert in horse-riding.”


“Yes, Sir Belvant!”


Marietta looked up at Belvant with an admiring feeling while thinking, ‘What a truly magnificent husband! He’s always thinking about me and taught me many things. I’m truly happy to have married this person!’


“Umu, what a good answer.”


Belvant showed his sweet smile while caressing Marietta’s head gently.


[Aah, my cute and adorable Marietta. I want to abandon everything and bring her to the bed at once, I want to love her, and then, I want her to ride on me, not on a horse and moan!]


Although his face was that of a young noble’s, the insides of his head was full of indecent delusion.

What a disappointment Belvant is.


“My dear husband…”


Without having any idea of that, Marietta sweetly clung on to her beloved and reliable husband.

Belvant held up his beloved wife in his arms and whispered close to her ear.


“As a reward, let’s kiss a lot.”


“I’m so happy…”


Her small palms held Belvant’s cheek as Marietta smiled. Before long, the two exchanged passionate kisses.


Yes, since the two of them are happy, then all is good.



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“Sir Adlan! L-let’s go!”

“Yaah, Sierra, eh, eeh, uwaah!”

The cool maid jumped at the handsome knight brother, Adlan.

Adlan was tightly hugged.


[Aah, as expected, it isn’t a behavior that suits me…]

“Sir Adlan, I’m sorry for suddenly…”

“Belvant, we’ll be taking a break! Perhaps we will come back tomorrow morning!”


Then, Adlan turned into a beast.




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Incidentally, next chapter is about Adlan and Sierra! This is what we’ve been waiting for, right? XD




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