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Extra 3

Adlan’s Jealousy (First Volume)



Author’s Pre-Chapter Note:

It’s time for Sierra and Adlan’s lovey dovey story now. The same as each and every time, it will give you a sweet flavor.




“What is it?”


“N-no, it’s something trivial, but…”


The man who hesitated to say what was on his mind was the man who was called as Oltaire’s guardian deity, General Belvant Fargus.

The opposite party was the lieutenant general, Adlan Carlkus.1 He is Belvant’s right-hand man, the man who compensates for Belvant’s chipped communication skills and other things.

He always has a smiling face and is sociable, not to mention that he’s quite friendly and gives off the vibe of the big brother next to you. His popularity among women is also high (in contrast to Belvant).

If such a him were to comb down his gentle and bright brown-colored hair neatly, attend an evening party while wearing ceremonial dress, and then laughed with his glistening green pupils, the women who yearned after him wouldn’t mind even if it was only a dream, they’d flock together and request him to at least have a one-song dance with them.


That handsome and popular noble youth, Adlan is currently engaged to Sierra who is a cool beauty maid who came along with the Stellaus’ Princess Marietta due to her wedding, and they were supposed to spend everyday full of happiness, but…




“Like I told you, what is it?”


“Your attitude is bad.”


“…Whoa-, I’m doomed. I have never thought that there would come a day where I’d be warned about attitude by you…”


It’s understandable for him to distort his face in a complete detest.


For you see, as far as General Belvant Fargus is concerned, with his constant grim face that looked like a frowned demon, when it comes to his attitude, he’s so unsociable that it’s a synonym for something awfully terrible.


“I do not mean to criticize you. I just felt like you are different than usual, so I was wondering if something was bothering you or not. If you don’t want to talk about it, then I don’t mind even if you don’t talk about it.”


After saying just that, Belvant left Adlan just as he was, and began to continue his work to review the current status of each fortress and the arrangements planned from hereafter, then make judgments based on the information.

The man who has spent most of his life revolving on his job, no, Belvant who was a man among men, has a thin interest in regards to other matters, and asking him to show a polite and attentive consideration is without doubt akin to asking a dragon to become a hot-water bottle.

Apart from the matter concerning his beloved wife, Marietta, though.


“Thanks, Belvant. It’s just a mere weakness of mine.”


Adlan muttered a few words.


“I just feel slightly depressed due to the accumulated trivial matters… Really, it’s just something dull.”

“The more you say that it’s something insignificant, the more it will become small pointed thorns cutting into your heart.”

“…That phrase, just where did you learn it?”



He can’t say that he picked it up from Marietta’s favorite book.


With a face and a body full of vigor, he read Marietta’s recommended romance novel while holding a delicately produced cup (Marietta selected it) that had tea poured into it—and he held it with his rustic hand. From that book, he nonchalantly memorized the sweet words that a married couple usually recited to each other. It’s definitely something that he can’t bring himself to say.


Aah, Belvant! Just to what extend do you like Marietta?!


“If I were to say it in a brief sentence, it’s that I feel unhappy because Sierra adores your bride too much that she doesn’t care about me! That’s it!”


Towards the words that were said without any hesitation, Belvant knitted his brows and his face turned even scarier.


“…That is…”


Belvant can’t say anything about it. After all, it’s the truth.


He has a self-consciousness on how much they—the married couple—relied on the diligent and capable Sierra who accompanied Princess Marietta who came from the country of Stellaus for her marriage.


Certainly, most of Sierra’s time is spent for Marietta… If one were to look at it objectively, it’s deemed to have reached the extent where she even ignores Adlan who is her fiancé.


“It’s fine, it’s just my idle complaint! There’s no way I can deny that girl’s raison d’etre, so this conversation ends with just this, Now, shall we do our job?”


Adlan said that with an easy attitude just as usual, as if it was nothing for him.



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“Sir Belvant-!!”


Several days later, Marietta who came to observe her husband’s gallant figure under the pretense of observing the Oltaire’s chivalric order, called Belvant’s name with a delightful voice, as she dashed towards him just like that and jumped to his embrace. The one who turned up afterwards was the maid with a tense dorsal muscles, Sierra. She gently watched over the petite Marietta who was lifted by Belvant with just one hand, with a delighted smile that looked as if someone tickled the area below her chin.


“I’m looking forward to seeing my husband’s gallant figure today, too.”


Let’s not mention that she becomes like a maniac to see how those wonderful muscles are going to be put to use.


“Hahaha, I still have to work even harder. When you come here, it feels like the knights are inspired for some reason, and they seem to improve a lot.”


Before the adorable princess who blushes as she observes them, the members of the chivalric order become excessively resolute than usual.


“Oh dear. As for me… uhm, as General Fargus’ wife, I’ll be happy if I can be helpful no matter how small it is.”


Marietta said that with a puffed up chest as she was slightly bashful.


“However, just keep your gaze at me only. You’re only my wife, after all.”


Being kissed by Belvant who let his desire to monopolize her remain undisguised, Marietta sweetly and bashfully sayd, “The wife of Sir Belvant alone… ufufu…”







Because it has become a routine to see this married couple’s lovey dovey lovestruck couple, Sierra and Adlan weren’t astonished and only looked at them with halfhearted eyes and lightly ignored them.


Sierra who was standing quietly close to the wall saw Adlan who was collecting the documents while saying, “Your work efficiency improves when the princess comes, huh-? Oh you.”


[Why don’t you fawn on Adlan more?]


She recalled Belvant’s self-satisfied look a few days ago.


I wonder if what this uncouth and unromantic atrocious-faced General who couldn’t understand a woman’s heart said was true? I wonder if Sir Adlan would be delighted if I were to coax and fawn on him just like Miss Marietta?


She was doing a thorough evaluation.


However, she knew that the hotheaded general, Belvant’s muscle-brain wasn’t fully composed of muscles to the extent that he was a simpleton man.


Sierra who was watching over Marietta’s condition suddenly turned her face towards her fiancé.


“W-what is it, dear Sierra?”2


You’re so cute today, too, the gentle fiancé’s clear green eyes narrowed and smiled.


Sierra abruptly bit her lips, looked at his direction, and said.


“Sir Adlan, h-here I go!”

“Eh? Eeeeeh?!”


Sierra didn’t give him any chance and rushed over to Adlan agilely, then she jumped at him.




Even as he was surprised by his fiancée’s sudden behavior, Adlan who has always tempered his body safely caught Sierra’s slender body.


Adlan who was embracing the warm and soft body of a young woman—furthermore, his own fiancée—inadvertently buried his face in her shoulders and ended up inhaling the sweet and fragrant scent in his chest and thought, “Whoa, this is dangerous!”


“…Sierra, what’s wrong, for you to suddenly do this?”


While suppressing the impulse to (sexually) eat Sierra completely at that place, Adlan desperately pulled his face, faced her beautiful blue pupils and asked.



Now, now, Sierra has worked so hard.


As a cool beauty maid who has a firm character, she doesn’t have any experience in behaving like a spoiled child to others. However, in accordance to Belvant’s words, it seems that it’s quite necessary for her to fawn on Adlan.


Since it’s necessary… No, Sierra wanted to please Adlan.


Being devoted to the princess, she even thought that she wouldn’t mind to remain unmarried for her whole life, but she actually loved her fiancé, Adlan, so much.

Although she wasn’t so aware of it, she fell in love with the gentle and slightly reliable knight with green eyes, as he always watched over her in her vicinity.

Though it was an engagement that was decided rashly by Adlan, she was very happy. Even as she was bewildered at Adlan’s manly figure as he was extremely more passionate than what she thought that she experienced during when they slept together for the first time, she was still very happy. When she was thinking about him, a warm and sweet feelings were born deep inside her heart that it ended up loosening her mouth softly.


Unlike Marietta, she was hard to understand because she didn’t show much emotion on her expressions. However, Sierra loves Adlan so, so, soooo much. That’s why, she genuinely wanted to please Adlan.






[Oh my, I wonder if I did it wrong? Sir Adlan didn’t have that much of a reaction.]


Sierra was slightly dispirited by her fiancé’s condition that didn’t seem to be very delighted.

She tried so hard to recall Marietta’s usual appearance as she was good at behaving like a spoiled child, and was her role model.


[Uhm… how does the princess usually do it, I wonder?]


After Sierra stood on a tiptoe, much to his surprise, she put her own cheek on Adlan’s cheek.

*rub, rub, rub*

Sierra’s soft cheek gently glided on top of the man’s skin.


[Ah… it turns out that putting your cheeks like this could produce this kind of a superfluous happiness.]

(T/N: R-really? Do I need to do this as an experiment?! O_O)


While savoring Adlan’s texture with her cheek, Sierra softly laughed.


[Sir Adlan… Sir Adlan… I love you…]


She whispered inside her own heart, as she fawned on him.


After feeling sufficient from snuggling up her cheek as she circled her hands on his neck, she released her face from him.

Looking at Adlan with her smiling face, she was taken aback.


[Ah… How could this be? Sir Adlan isn’t pleased at all… This is surely a behavior that doesn’t suit me at all. To think that I could attract sir Adlan by imitating the adorable princess, how presumptuous of me…]


Unable to endure it, tears gradually formed in her eyes, and with a flushed face, she hung her head down.


“S-Sir Adlan… P-please excuse me… for being so sudden…”


Despite thinking that she ought to apologize for displeasing Adlan, her voice couldn’t really come out.

At that time when she slowly released her hands which were circling on his neck, and when she tried to swallow her miserable feelings to the extent that she felt like crying…


“Belvant, we will be taking a day off! Perhaps we will take it until tomorrow morning!”


Adlan shouted with a voice that seemed like he was at his wits’ end, then he held up Sierra’s body in his arms.




Unable to cope with this sudden movement, Sierra was taken away just like that.


“I won’t mind even if you’re taking a break until the day after tomorrow’s night.”


Belvant said that while grinning.


“Our work has reached a point where we can safely pause it, so it’s fine if you want to be at ease and take a day off. Use the carriage.”


“Ooh, I’m saved, thanks! Then, excuse us.”


“Eh? Eh? General Fargus, I, eeh?”


“Let’s go, Sierra!”


While being unable to comprehend the situation, Sierra was taken into the carriage owned by the chivalric order, and was placed on top of Adlan’s lap with his strong arms tightly holding her. Just like that, she was brought to the house of the lieutenant general, Adlan Carlkus.


“It’s fine, Sierra, we’re only going to drink the tea together.”


It is definitely a lie!




Author’s Post-Chapter Note:

Since the extra about Adlan and Sierra has gotten too long, it’s been split into parts.

In the next chapter, Adlan and Sierra will be drinking the tea together. They’re drinking the tea together, but… it might be an absurdly sweet tea.


Translator’s Post-Chapter Note:

How could Adlan be this shameless for saying that they’d only be drinking tea together, when it doesn’t seem to be the case at all? XD



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