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Extra 4

Adlan’s Jealousy (Second Volume)



Part 1/2


The Carlkus residence was considered to be in an uproar upon the unexpected early return of the residence’s owner.

In addition, just right in the arms of the owner who suddenly appeared, there was his beautiful fiancée who was being hugged.

The servants who welcomed the important guest without preparing anything didn’t seem to be worried that much.


For you see, the owner of this residence was the skilled lieutenant general who could deftly handle the country’s state of emergency. The servants of the Carlkus residence who had always worked for him was more or less trained in terms of their coping abilities. Today too, they should just do their work well, while being centered on their revered butler who usually issued out accurate orders.


“Sir Adlan… Please let me down quickly. Hey, I’m begging you.”


Sierra whose face was bright red, said while shaking Adlan’s muscular and solid arms.


“Hey, Sir Adlaan…”


In response to Siera whose tone unconsciously turned slightly spoiled due to the fact that she’d be all alone with Adlan, Adlan’s heart was in agony, screaming, ‘Kuuuuh, how cutee, I want to eat her, I want to lick her face and body all over with all my heart! What kind of face is she making this early during the day, stirring up my heart, this little kitten?!’ However, he couldn’t let his thought out, so Adlan answered while trying to calm himself down.


“Yes, please wait a little bit more.”


[We’re in such a sweet situation, there’s no way I can put her down now, right?]


Adlan who was hugging Sierra while looking at her with a loving gaze, also showed a gentle smile, then kissing the adorable silver kitten with her wet blue eyes who was completely snuggled up in his arms, making a kissing sound.

He splendidly managed to cover his inner thought, and no matter how you looked at him, he was a calm noble young man.



With Adlan’s unilateral victory from the battle of putting down or not putting down Sierra from when they were still in the royal palace, Sierra’s buttocks hadn’t touched anything other than Adlan, and she entered the residence’s entrance hall while still being princess-carried, making her visit to the residence under the feelings of wanting to run away. Finally, she was able to sit down on top of the sofa at Carlkus residence’s reception room.


“Be a good girl and wait while you drink the tea, okay?”


Adlan said that as he dropped a kiss to Sierra’s forehead, then he went out of the room in order to issue orders to the butler.


In front of Sierra—and despite her sudden visit—there were a full set of freshly brewed tea, various snacks, and light meals such as sandwich.


“To think that I’ll have a break until the day after tomorrow’s night, I wonder what’s the matter so suddenly? I wonder what I can do for Sir Adlan? Shall we just enjoy our time leisurely while drinking tea, as he promised?”


No, no, it definitely won’t end with just drinking tea!


Nevertheless, Sierra who was happy to be pampered by her beloved fiancée, was carrying Marietta’s favorite romance novel (Sierra was half-forcefully asked to read it). While pressing down her faintly blushing cheeks, she thought, ‘Even if my attempt to act spoiled failed, I’m glad that Sir Adlan is so affectionate,’ as she drank her cup of tea.


[As expected, the thing that General Fargus said didn’t happen. Acting spoiled and pestering someone like that doesn’t suit anyone other than the adorable princess like Miss Marietta. …Sierra, mind your position! It won’t do good if you don’t have any mannerism just because you managed to get a splendid fiancé just like Sir Adlan.]


So Sierra rebuked herself.

The capable maid, perhaps since she was lacking in love experience, for some reason, her self-confidence was so low.





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When Sierra was elegantly drinking the tea, Adlan returned.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”


He sat closely next to Sierra, wrapping his arms around her waist.

As their bodies were unexpectedly glued together like that, Sierra looked at Adlan with a bewildered face.




“Sierra, since we have a break today and tomorrow, let’s spend some time together, leisurely. Since we are engaged to each other, don’t you think we need to get to know each other more?”


“Yes… that’s right.”


Thinking that they’d have today and tomorrow to be together, Sierra nodded, then she put her tea cup and cprrected her posture.


“Then, Sir Adlan, do you have something you want to ask me?”


“Hahaha, this is not an interview, so there’s no need for you to be this stiff.”


Adlan took Sierra’s hand as he laughed, kissing her fingertips.

However, he then put one of Sierra’s tender fingers into his mouth.




Adlan’s tongue licked her sensitive finger.

Sierra’s body trembled in surprise due to the slippery sensation. However, even if she wanted to run away, Adlan’s hand firmly pulled her waist, so she couldn’t escape.


“Nn… Haaa…”


Sierra unintentionally leaked out a small voice.

Adlan slightly smiled as he teased her finger with his tongue. His green eyes were staring at Sierra’s eyes.


“Yah… Nn…”


Sierra turned her flushing face away due to the excessive embarrassment.

Her finger was lightly nipped, so she heaved a sigh again.

With a lewd sound, Adlan’s mouth let go of her finger.


“Aah, sorry. My mouth slipped.”


Adlan licked his lips while sticking out his tongue.

Sierra glared at her fiancé with a bright red face.


“W-while it’s still bright like this, this kind of mischief… P-please don’t do it.”


“Hm? Mischief conduct, this kind of thing?”


When Adlan put his lips close to Sierra’s lips and whispered, this time, he began to nibble her auricle with his mouth.


“Ah, ah, yaah, Sir Adlan, stop, aaaahn!”


Sierra whose ear was being teased by Adlan, raised her shriek-like voice.

“Haa… haa…,” As her breathing turned rough, Adlan laughed while saying.


“Have you relaxed a bit with this?”


He pulled up his fiancée’s body as she seemed like she’d just about to collapse right now, and put it on his own lap. As he was doing all that, the eloquent Adlan laughed.



“Sir Adlan…”


Adlan then covered Sierra’s lips just when she was about to object.


“Nn… Nnnn…”


Sealing my mouth like this is unfair!


So Sierra wanted to say, but Adlan wasn’t perturbed the slightest bit despite her trying to hit his muscular chest.

He supported the back of Sierra’s head, so that she couldn’t escape, as he devoured her lips greedily. He shoved his tongue into the opening of her lips which were forcefully opened. Sierra whose mouth was being tormented like this then gasped, entrusting her body in Adlan’s embrace.


“Ah… Sorry. I went too far. It can’t be helped since Sierra is too cute, though?”


He rubbed his cheek to the silver-haired head, as he gently caressed her hair.


“Hey, Sierra. You were so adorable earlier. Do you know how happy I was? For some reason, I felt like only I was so infatuated with you, while Sierra seemed to be so engrossed with the princess… That’s why, I was so happy.”


Adlan whispered it to Siera who was in his embrace, using a sickly-sweet voice that was even sweeter than usual.


Then, Sierra was surprised.

So, Adlan was very delighted with her behavior earlier, that was so unlike her.


[So it is just as General Fargus said?]


“Does Sierra have anything you want to say to me? Anything you want me to do? If there is any, just tell me about it.”


“…Even if it’s something selfish, would that still be okay?”


“It’s okay. Since it’s such a good opportunity, would you tell me how you feel, Sierra?”


Upon being asked, she timidly answered.


“Uhm… I, that… I’m envious of the princess.”


“Of Princess Marietta?”


“Yes. Me, too… I also want to be fawned on by Sir Adlan, just like the princess.”


Sierra was envious of the naïve Marietta who spent her time lovingly with Belvant. As a person of firm character, especially after taking the command so often ever since coming to Oltaire, she thought that she wanted to depend on someone and be spoiled sometimes… And if it was possible, by Adlan, to whom her heart could feel at ease.


“Want to be fawned on by me… Whoa… This is bad…”


As he muttered those words while slightly blushing due to his bashfulness, Adlan’s face was even more flushed than Sierra.


[What is this Human-Ultimate-Weapon?! She is way too adorable! What should I do, I just want her to be here just like this, I don’t need a wedding anymore, I just want to confine her here, keeping her on my side forever and pamper her. I don’t want to show Sierra’s pampered figure to anyone else, let alone to other men, I want to tie her forever so that she won’t be able to live without me anymore!]


Stop it, Adlan, that’s a confinement!


“That’s why, I want to Sir Adlan to… tightly hug me or something like that… uhm, is that no good?”


Sierra was shyly looking up at Adlan, but Adlan seemed like he was about to have a nosebleed already.


“It’s totally not not good at all! Look, I will give you lots of hugs! See, look, huggg, huuu—”


Adlan, you’re way too excited!


“S… Sir Adlan…”


Even so, Sierra was happy being hugged by him, so she grabbed Adlan’s shirt and sighed happily, saying, “Teehehe,” in satisfaction.


[Uwaaaaaaa, so cute! Cute! Cute!]


Adlan who was in a fully infatuated mode that couldn’t be stopped by anything, rubbed his cheek to Sierra’s head while sniffing her scent, fondling her hair all the way ‘til her buttocks, completely turning into a very dangerous person.


Sierra being Sierra, after seeing Marietta being pampered every time like this—she thought that this was something normal, so she absentmindedly rubbed her face against Adlan’s chest, behaving like a spoiled child as she felt so sugary inside.


[Ufufu, I’m so happy… Sir Adlan, I love you…]


[Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!]


“Please excuse… me.”



The butler of the Carlkus residence entered the room, calling out to Adlan. He, who had always been calm, cool, and collected even while managing the residence, was somewhat faltering, since his master’s current condition was too strange, but well, it couldn’t be helped.


“We have finished preparing the room.”


Adlan breathed in Sierra’s scent with all his might, and finally he raised his head before saying.


“…Thanks for your hard work, we’ll be going there now. Now, Sierra, shall we go to our room?”


The servants worked on their tasks quickly in accordance to his orders, so Adlan nodded in satisfaction.

Then obviously, he doesn’t feel like being apart from Sierra even in the slightest bit.


“Uhm, Sir Adlan, I can walk by myself.”


“No. I don’t plan on letting you go today, so prepare yourself.”


Adlan held Sierra up in his arms lightly, saying that with a nice smile.




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