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Extra 4

Adlan’s Jealousy (Second Volume)



Part 2/2


“This is our room. What do you think of it?”

“Well… what a lovely room it is.”


Sierra who was being carried in Adlan’s arms was taken into the newly prepared spouse room. Adlan and Sierra’s private rooms were equipped with refined furniture, and their shared bedroom was equipped with a huge canopied bed. Sierra looked at the bed as her face turned red.


“Sierra’s clothes are in it.”


Adlan continued to hold Sierra in his arms as he opened the closet. Inside it, there were the latest dresses and clothes prepared.


“What wonderful dresses. Are these mine?”


“Right. Do you like them? It’s fine for you to live like this from now on.”


“Oh dear…”


Seeing how there were also cosmetics prepared for her, Sierra sweetly smiled.

As expected of Oltaire’s liutenant general who possessed the ability to stand out above the rest as he removed obstacles in order to obtain his objectives.


“Thank you very much.”


“No problem. Also, this is the bathroom.”


Adlan who was still holding Sierra then smiled as he guided her.


“Oh myyyy!”


Sierra, who entered the bathroom, raised her voice in surprise.

A huge bathtub was installed in the spacious bathroom and it was filled with hot water. Red rose petals were floating in it.


“It’s a rose bath, isn’t it? What a nice smell… Does it also contain rose oil, I wonder?”


“Since it seems to be popular among women, I tried to order it.”


By the way, the floating flower petals were the ones that the maids plucked off from the red roses decorating the entrance hall while boisteriously laughing in a suggestive way, “Ufufu”, “Ufufu”.


“Then, shall we enter the bath?”


“Yes…… Eh?”


“I will wash your body.”


“Eh? I apologize, but I can’t let Sir Adlan wash me…”


“There is no need to be so reserved. Look, there are clothes you can change into, so it will be fine. Now, shall we undress?”


“Wait, please wait, kya!”


“We will become husband and wife, and I will wash Sierra every day once we are married. Aren’t Belvant and Marietta also like that?”


“Since the Princess always ended up feeling dizzy when General Fargus entered the bath, they stopped. The General wasn’t good at washing her hair and body, so it ended up taking too much time.”


[No, that, that’s not it. It’s because they’re doing something else in the bath.]


However, Adlan couldn’t voice it out.


“I’m good at washing! So, be rest assured. Hey, this is also an important thing to ensure intimacy between husband and wife.”


“If that’s the case… Then, I will also wash Sir Adlan. It’s okay, I’m also good at washing.”


The maid, who was so skillful at anything, smiled at Adlan as she was already stripped in her underwears.


[Sierra, how cute… I will love you a lot tonight. I will properly eat you up so you won’t be able to escape from me anymore…]


The switch that should never be turned on in Adlan’s head was already switched on.


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“Ah… fwah…”


“The bath feels good, doesn’t it?”


“Yes, Sir Adlan… Nn…”


“How is it? Since you’ve accumulated your fatigue, it might hurt if it is too powerful.”


“The power is about right, it perfectly feels good… really.”


Adlan was massaging Sierra’s body as he groped about.


Yes, while he was washing Sierra whose skin was obviously blushing red, she was also washing him, as he did a mischievous deed such as teasing the lower half of her body. As they were soaked in the bathtub, Adlan also massaged Sierra’s muscles.


“Sir Adlan can do anything, huh? You’re also skilled at massages.”


Sierra was looking at the big male’s hands that were sliding on top of her own body with a wondrous feeling. She was sitting down in the bathtub as she was embraced from behind. When even her ankles and thighs were combed, her body was shivering as she ended up letting out strange voices.


Yes, it was supposed to be a massage, but before one even noticed, the hands’ movement turned dubious for some reason.


“If you stroke it like this, your blood circulation will improve and it will be more effective.”


“I-is that so? Fuu…”


Adlan was looking complacently at Sierra whose breathing gradually turned rougher as he laughed.


“Do you feel a bit stiff here, too? It must have given a lot of burden to your shoulders because it’s heavy.”


‘Tayun,’ as her breasts were touched, Sierra involuntarily let out her voice, “Aah…”

With both of his hands, Adlan grabbed Sierra’s plump and white rotundity as he moved his large hands to give them a massage.


“How is it? Don’t you feel at ease when I do this?”


“Y-yes, thank you very much…”


[What should I do? Sir Adlan is only giving me a massage, yet I end up feeling weird, so embarrassing…]


Because his palms moved a lot, the tips of her breasts were rolled about, and the stimulus ended up causing them to get stiff.


“Ah, it’s still stiff over here.”


As Adlan said that, he pinched Sierra’s stiffening tips, massaging them with his thumb and index finger.


“Ah, ah, ah…”


Each time, she felt the sensation as if her lower part was tightening, and Sierra leaked out her voice with her rough breathing.

When she looked below, she caught the sight of how the man’s fingers teased her embarrassing part, and she writhed in her bashfulness.


[There’s no way I can say that I want him to stop when Sir Adlan is doing this out of his kindness. Aah, but, I can no longer hold my voice back.]


With her trembling body, she desperately tried to endure the obscene sensation. When she unconsciously rubbed her knees together, Adlan’s hands left her body.


[It’s over…]


Just as she took a breath in relief, this time, Adlan’s fingertips slipped between her legs!




Sierra, who ended up letting out a weird voice, turned bright red in her embarrassment.


“Aah… you are this wet… did you feel it with the massage?”


“T-that’s wro…”


Sierra shook her head, but Adlan said with a luster in his eyes.


“Today is the day we should just honestly speak out our mind. Sierra, did you feel it that you ended up being this wet?”


The cool maiden has fallen into the S mister’s trap!


“Then, let’s do something naughty this time, so that Sierra will be satisfied.”





How could I forget?’ Sierra bitterly regretted.


That Adlan’s personality changed when he was in the bed.


On the day their bodies were connected for the first time, he continued to embrace her all night long under the pretext of teaching her bedroom matters, until she lost her consciousness, no, even when her consciousness faded away, he still continued to whisper words of love to her with a fierce face, as he continued to shake his hips.


“Uaa, Sir Adlaan…”


“Yes, it’s still tight. I’m going to swallow and press hard into Sierra’s pink and tight area, since it’s so cute and lovable.”


Adlan laughed with his manly seductiveness while he was pressing down on Sierra, slowly and fiercely putting it in and out. The green eyes that were fixed on Sierra glittered as if they were emitting light.


“There’s no need to tighten that much, we still have a long time to go. I’m so happy that I’m able to be so affectionate with my adorable Sierra… Right?”


Adlan penetrated Sierra as he leaned on her who was facing up. Then, he put his hand under her body and lifted her up.




Sierra, who was sitting down as she faced Adlan who was sitting cross-legged, raised her voice because of the impact she felt upon Adlan’s stump deeply penetrated her body.


“Sir Adlan, so deep, insidee!”


“Yeah, this feels extremely good, right, Sierra?”


The muscular lieutenant general lifted up Sierra’s body lightly before dropping her body on top of his stiffly towering stick. Sierra screamed miserably each and every time. Although it was similar to a torture, her body was developed and ravished violently deep inside many times over that it ended up with pleasure building up inside.


“I will embrace you very tiiightly.”


“Aah, aaaah, yaah, noo, stoopp…”


As Adlan firmly embraced Sierra’s body and relentlessly moving it up and down, Sierra raised her cries with tears streaming down her face.


“Look, hey, Sierra, you can also hold me tiiightly.”




Adlan put his hands under Sierra’s legs as he lifted her up and went down from the bed. Sierra whose posture became instable then clung to Adlan. Adlan said, “Good girl, hold on tight just like that, okay?” as he stood up while shaking Sierra’s body up and down, penetrating her.


“Aaah, yaaah!”


“This is also nice, it feels so good to be clung by Sierra like this…”


“Yaaah, mou, yaaah…”


“Yes, hold on to me tightly. How adorable, Sierra, I love you…”




Sierra, who was fervently tormented, ended up being very exhausted.


“Sierra’s insides are also holding me so tiightly. I like you, I love you. My one and only Sierra…”


As he laid Sierra down on the bed with her fading consciousness, Adlan’s manly face that was brimming with desire fell upon her.







“Kyaaaaaa, Sierra! What’s the matter? Sir Adlan, what happened to Sierra?! Sierra, hang in there! Hey, what just happened?!!!”


“No, that, we did it, but… I might have gone too far…”




Sierra, who returned on the next day’s night after being embraced by Adlan, was completely exhausted that she couldn’t even open her eyes.


“Adlan, did you say that you overdid it?”


Belvant frowned as he said that.


“You’re already at this age, yet you did this kind of a thing to such a young lady…”


“I didn’t want you to tell me that, but I have no words to return…”


Adlan hung his head dejectedly.


“Sierra, Sierra!”


When the anxious Marietta grabbed Sierra’s hand, her consciousness rose to the surface as she opened her frail eyes.


“What is it?”


Since her lips seemed to be moving, Marietta tried to make out her words.


“… Sir Adlan… a brute…”


Then, she left to the dreamland.


The Fargus couple looked at the innocent-looking brute with a detestable face.


“You’re the worst.”


“You, don’t approach Sierra for a while.”


Belvant snatched Sierra from Adlan’s arms and carried her to her room. Marietta also accompanied him as she was concerned.


“…Sierra… I love you… I will reflect…”


The dejected Adlan muttered alone, but his face was so glossy just like that of a wild animal who had eaten his prey.





“Sierra, let’s pray to God Madigard! If he doesn’t come to visit on your wedding day to give you blessings, Sierra’s life will be at risk!”


“Yes, Princess. If I don’t receive God Madigard’s blessing of stamina reinforcement, I will…”


Will be embraced to death. The two of them shuddered.


“God Madigard, please listen to our wish!”


“God Madigard, please, I don’t want to die and leave the Princess…”


[HAHAHAHAHA, the maiden’s prayer, I will grant it!]1

[Sir Adlan… even if you’re a brute, I still love you.]2

Sierra quietly muttered.



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  1. This is God Madigard speaking, and as usual, his ‘HAHAHA’ is already written in Latin alphabet/English.
  2. I interpret this line as what Sierra wanted to say back then, but since she was too exhausted, she could only mutter, “Sir Adlan… a brute…” XD.

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