Marietta-hime no Konrei Extra 5

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Extra 5

The Sweetest One is…?


On that day, Belvant, who returned home from his work, noticed that his beloved wife who jumped out while saying, “Welcome home,” had a strangely expectant face.


“Welcome home, Sir Belvant! Welcome home!”



Marietta clung to him with her thin arms, her whole body expressing her love just like a faithful dog that wagged its tail.

Marietta, who had married the world’s dreamiest man that possessed wonderful muscles on top of being fearlessly handsome, the one who was stronger and manlier than anyone else, the one who knew everything and could be depended upon (though it was only from Marietta’s point of view) and lived her days full of happiness, couldn’t endure waiting so long for her husband’s return every day, because it was obvious that she couldn’t see him during his work.


“Yeah, I’m home, Marietta.”


Even if his chest was tight due to the affection he felt for his wife whose adorableness stood above all–the wife who loved him unconditionally, Belvant was still the renowned General of the country who had been through countless battlefields. Therefore, he responded while demonstrating an adult’s composure.


After showing a smile that was only for his wife, Belvant gently returned his wife’s embrace. The new wife that couldn’t help but love, love her husband so much, gazed at Belvant as her blue eyes were glittering just like limpid water.


“Hm? What’s the matter, Marietta? Do you want to kiss as well?”



When that frightening face–that was said to be a demon or a beast during his work–showed a gentle smile, he transformed into a beautiful man who doted on his wife. Belvant didn’t wait for an answer before he proceeded to kiss her.


Even when Marietta thought, ‘That’s not it, but…,’ she didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be lovey dovey, so she brazenly accepted his kiss. She then smiled while rubbing her soft cheeks to her beloved husband’s overly sturdy chest.


“Ufufu, Sir Belvant, I lo–ve you!”


Marietta, who still hadn’t realized how much danger her statement would cause her, clung her white arms and glued her body to her husband, behaving like a spoiled child.


As for Belvant, he wanted to carry her just like this and brought her straight to the bedroom, but he then remembered the words that Sierra habitually said, so he finally gave up the idea.


[Please don’t push the Princess too much. It is safer to act under the premise that the secluded princess and the fierce god of Oltaire are fundamentally different living beings.]


General Belvant Fargus, who wanted to lead an everlasting and healthy life with his beloved wife, knew that he could avoid the risk of breaking his wife as a consequence of his overwhelming love by following the advice given by Marietta’s faithful maid.


“…Oh? You somehow smell sweeter than usual today.”


Belvant noticed that a good smell wafted from within his arms, so he pressed his nose to Marietta’s hair, burying his face on the nape of her neck, taking the opportunity to lick the area behind her ear.




Having her sensitive place suddenly licked, Marietta blushed as she raised a strange cry.


“Yan… Enough, what did you do all of a sudden?”


“No, since it smelled like a delicious pastry, I thought that you were put under a bad magic and turned into a candy doll, so I just tried to make sure of it.”


Belvant put on a serious look and said such a thing as if it were true.


“Oh my, is that so?”


Marietta easily believed his words because she had the past experience of being turned into a kitten by magic.


“It wasn’t sweet, was it?”


“…I felt like it was a bit sweet. We can’t let the possibility escape, so I’ll try to make sure of it once more.”


“No way, this scent is differ… aahn!”


Marietta whose ear was bitten by Belvant ended up involuntarily bending her body backward.


“Ahh, you can’t, Sir Belvant, that place is, ahn…”


“This is bad, it’s sweet. If I don’t check throughout your whole body…”


As Belvant said that, this time, he buried his face in the plumply bulging breasts, his tongue creeping on them while saying, “As expected, this place seems sweet, too.”


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“General Belvant, welcome home! The princess has prepared the tea over there, so please change the place.”


The one who called out to Belvant who behaved insolently right after returning home was Marietta’s maid, Sierra, who was now called as the Fargus residence’s breakwater.1

In her effort to rescue the precious princess from the route to the bedroom, the cool beauty—whose lustrous platinum blonde hair arranged up—stopped Belvant from acting rashly with an overwhelming presence.


“That’s right! Hey, Sir Belvant, I tried making some sweets for the first time today. Since Sir Belvant must be tired from going to work everyday, I wanted to heal your fatigue.”


Towards Marietta’s words, Belvant raised his face who looked a little bit regretful. As his fingers caressed the lingering dripping on the swelling bulges he just licked, Belvant stared at Marietta with a thrilled face and said.


“Sweets? You could make them? Were you taught about pastry making in Stellaus country’s lady education?”


“No, it’s my first time making them. I made it while having the cooks in the kitchen teach me. In the novel I read recently, there was a scene where the female protagonist (heroine) made delicious sweets as a gift for a dreamy man. Now, please come over here.”


“I see, did you make it especially for me? My fatigue is healed just by your feelings alone.”


“Ufufu, oh my, Sir Belvant!”


Marietta pulled Belvant’s hand, leading him to the table that was already prepared for them to have some tea.

As he took a seat, there was one piece of something that looked like a small cake placed on top of a plate.


“I made quite a lot of pastry dough. However, they didn’t turn out so well as I poured them in the mould and baked them… I only succeeded in making just one for Sir Belvant’s portion.”


It seemed that the adorable Marietta’s pastry making skill was quite catastrophic.


“I see. You worked hard in order to make me a pastry even though you’re not used to it, huh? Thank you, Marietta.”


As Belvant patted her blonde-haired head with his large hand that was used to holding swords, Marietta breathed out in satisfaction.


“Well then, shall we have a try?”


He grabbed the fragrantly baked cake that looked delicious, biting it to try its taste.


[Ah, sweet!! How sweet it is, that it irritates my eyes!]


Apparently, the cake that had plenty of sugar in it also contained syrup to make it softer. The cooks couldn’t stop Marietta who thought that the sweeter it was, the more fatigue would be healed.


However, in front of his wife who stared at him with such a serious expression and with both of her hands clutched as if waiting for him to say how it tasted, Belvant couldn’t bring himself to say that it was a little bit too sweet.


“Yes, indeed, it has a taste that can heal my fatigue. I feel more energized now.”


Marietta’s face shone so brightly upon hearing Belvant’s words as he manly said it while enduring the sweetness.


“Is it true? I’m glad.”


“Yeah. You said that you only succeeded in making this one. Does that mean you don’t have your own portion?”


“Yes. However, I’ve tasted the failed one, so it’s okay.”


Let’s not touch on the subject of how it tasted like.

Still, dear Marietta, did you not notice how sweet it was when you tasted it?


“Marietta, come over here.”


Still holding the cake with his right hand, Belvant tapped his own lap with his other hand.


After tilting her head for a while, Marietta obediently climbed to his lap.


“Let’s divide it a bit. It’s only a bit, I’m still going to eat more, okay?”


“Oh my…”


After Marietta blushed and opened her small mouth, Belvant put a bit of the cake into her mouth.


“Oh, how sweet!”


Her round eyes turned even rounder.

Did she finally notice it?


“When you’re tired, this amount of sweetness is just perfect.”


Belvant tossed the rest of the cake into his mouth and ate it.

Marietta stared at the gallant figure of Belvant who ate the cake that she made on her own, being entranced by it, ‘My husband’s figure as he ate the sweets is still so manly and dreamy…’


“It’s delicious. However, it’s still not enough… I’ll have your lips to compensate for the insufficient sweetness.”


“Nnn…, n—-…”


Belvant devoured Marietta’s leeps greedily and thoroughly as he carried her sideways on his lap.


“Aah, it’s still insufficient with just your lips alone. I’ll have to get more sweetness… from the other places as well…”


“The other places…”


Belvant stood up while still holding Marietta who was looking at him with her melting eyes, as he then gave instructions to the servants.


“Bring the meals inside the room.”


It seemed that he had no plan on leaving the bedroom tonight as well.


“Now, I’ll investigate which one is the sweetest part of you.”


Looking at their state of affairs, Sierra and the other servants present vomitted sugar while thinking inside their hearts, ‘You’re the one who’s sweet-!’2

Such thing happened every now and then, though.




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  1. Breakwater here means a person who defends someone/something from the bad influence that befalls them.
  2. This sentence has a sarcastic meaning XD

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