Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 11.2

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Chapter 11

Bertia 17 Years Old (1)



Part 2/3


“Yellow …i love. Particularly the one with a hue similar to the calming color of milk tea, it I just love. Moreover, blue color that’s similar to the clear night sky I also love.”

So she says,And right now,My hair and the antidote necklace I gave her resembling the color of my eyes, she’s wearing a dress with a color that really resembles,With her free hand, which she lovingly stroked.

Aah, as expected, to myself she is…

As I thought, unconsciously been holding I exhaled the breath I had.


“…but, them to the place where the [downfall] will happen that’s exactly why I don’t want to wear. Such precious colors… colors packed with lots of beloved memories… I don’t want sad memories to paint over them.”

My stomach dropping I felt.

And again, it’s as I thought. You trying to stay away from me so stubbornly… why are?

“Hey, Tia. If it’s really that sad, the [downfall] then what if we just don’t do?”


Grasping tightly onto the necklace that I gave her towards me I pulled her hand that was, and covered it with my other hand.

In a soft tone to admonish her consciousness I bundled both of her hands and gently wrapped them up in both of my mine before I spoke.

Back at me in surprise were quivering as if in turmoil I noticed that her eyes that looked. Yes, hrrrm.

However, of determination that didn’t waver the slightest bit the core that existed deep inside her quivering eyes contained the look.


“that’s impossible. After all, happy I really want cecil-sama to be. Happy I want you and everyone else to be. ”

Filled my heart as she bit her lips tightly a bitter feeling. Hrmmm.


“That way if you think, me the reason why others and I can’t be happy unless the [downfall] is accomplished then could you tell? A method on your own other than achieving the [downfall] even if you couldn’t find, able to find a better method perhaps the two of us might be? Yrsssss.”


Especially in bertia’s case, even though she’s superior in terms of her studies, sensing the feelings or schemes of other people she’s devastatingly poor at things like, an eye on the situation and staying one step ahead of the other party to lead things in a favorable direction for herself keeping.

At a level that can’t even be called strategies her strategy relies on her nerves and the methods are. Yrsssss.

Fortunately, blessed with talented people surrounding her and she was quite popular she was, too. So, that as long as I securely follow up for her I thought, she’d manage somehow as the future queen. But in terms of the issue of her personal abilities, classified as an [idiot] she would probably be.

Me even though she told, no other way “there is,” she’s not very persuasive. A better method there’s a high possibility that there is, an [idiot] but she just hasn’t realized it because she is.

… Me what important information she has hidden within her heart if she’d only just tell. So though I think, bertia obstinately wouldn’t confess about the thing related to that matter alone.

That because I understand, stopped asking her about that matter I have. Useless to spend my time towards something that wouldn’t produce any outcome since it would be, that I should prioritize doing something that can be done that’s why I thought.

However, for some reason, that it would be futile I couldn’t refrain myself from asking her now despite knowing. Is drastically low despite the fact that the possibility she would talk, these feelings of wanting her to naturally tell me making, of wanting her to rely on me, meaningless.

Rationally even though my mind could think, strangely operating on the dubious component called feelings I realized that I was.


Aah, how foolish.

I’m such a fool.

Projected onto me before I even realized it I wonder if Bertia’s idiocy was?


“That i can’t do! Because…”



Something before tightly closing that small mouth of hers bertia started to say.

As usual, attention so that my tone wasn’t forceful I stared at her moving mouth that suddenly stopped and attempted to ask her as I tilted my head while paying.

Judging from bertia’s stubbornness, very unlikely that the answer I was seeking would come from her mouth it was.. That I knew, but for some reason, still holding my expectations I was.

However, as expected, true my wish didn’t come.


“Everyone I really love. That’s why, hurt I don’t want anyone to get. Enough that only i… and my father who has committed crimes it is, the only ones hurt be. Yes, hrrmmm.”

But… he hasn’t committed any crime?

Reflexively about to come out from my mouth I quickly swallowed back the words that were.

Currently on something of an undercover investigation together with Kulgan Marquis Noches was.

If I acted untactful and revealed that, them at risk it would put. Something that I can’t say right now it is.

After all, or deceive someone it’s bertia’s nature that she can’t lie.

Aside from that, at the bottom of the matter if we look, you the one who encouraged marquis noches to pursue the path of evil was, right? Necessary for the [scenario] because it is.

I somewhat pitied marquis noches. Hrmmm.


“Are you regretting your act of encouraging marquis noches to pursue the path of evil?”

“No, i’m not regretting it. Something necessary because it is. If it’s not done, definitely waiting then a worse future is. A fate that must happen this is!!”


Clenching her fist tightly with her renewed determination, I’m troubled over how I should reply to bertia who was.

…sorry. Already smashed that fate properly I have.


However, worried for right now there’s nothing to be. And as for the trouble hereafter, marquis noches in the middle of cleaning it off neatly for me I have, everything will turn out okay so I think, see?

Still, her that I can’t tell.


“That’s why, Cecil-sama, the [downfall] without any reservation and roam on the path of [a lovey-dovey happy end] with the heroine please do!!”

[Lovey-dovey happy end], it was? The meaning of it I don’t really understand.

From Bertia’s tone, i’d become happy by being in a loving relationship with baroness heronia it would probably mean, the meaning behind the words but… even if I understand, its significance after all I still can’t understand.

A boring person with an unpleasant attitude the baroness heronia from some time ago was, but as of now, my fiancée she’s the enemy who’s hurt. Of a future where I can be happy loving that kind of person there’s no way I can think.


no, more importantly before that, it’s normally unthinkable for me, as a person with a fiancée, a path that would connect me with another woman to choose.

Well, to have a big flaw if the noble daughter who’s my partner were, possible to break off the engagement with her given the reason that it was appropriate for the country’s sake it might be.

Indeed missing a few screws in her head bertia is, but for some reason, quite high her popularity is, to mention her abilities and if I had, a fair amount there would be.

She’s a naïve person who cares deeply for her mother, her best in her education as the future queen and she’s also doing.

Quite a delicate subject …while her memory might be, that she managed to rank because her efforts exceeded the others greatly I heard.

In addition, that she’s cute and interesting I myself think, and that there’s no particularly conspicuous flaw.

… Any there aren’t supposed to be.


Covered ……because the matter’s scope can still be, so it’s alright… or it should be.

at any rate, so far, any need to consider breaking off my engagement with her and choosing another woman I haven’t felt.

Much less, to compare her with baroness heronia if I were, certain that bertia would be declared the winner then it was. A large difference between the kind of idiocy that irritated me and the kind of idiocy that I considered cute or amusing because there is.

Besides, that my feelings towards these girls would be obvious if you were to look at the way I interacted with them I think.

One, at my way of addressing them if you look, calling bertia as i’ve been, [tia], never even called baroness heronia’s name even in front of the person herself yet I have.

In front of my close aides, been times when it was necessary to say her name there have, necessary but that’s only because it was. Yes, hrrmmm.

Even so, equal in accordance with the academy’s intention that stated all students are, basically it’s an unspoken agreement that when you address a female acquaintance, you should address her with her first name followed with [-sama] or [-jou].

Despite that, heard and be understood that I was treating her as a stranger I addressed her using [baroness] as if I purposely wanted it to be. With to begin, in high society,, addressed as [baroness inderon] it’s not odd for her to be, addressed as [baroness heronia] but there aren’t any reasons for her to be.

Able to guess my intention of that improper way of addressing her the wise people surrounding me would be, feel like treating her as even an acquaintance that I do not.

And then, on top of guessing that matter, happened despite the fact that I purposely let her experience that since she behaved herself as if nothing had, I continued to address her as it is.


And then, sympathetic to me on top of being, they1 also purposely, hing was wrong brazenly acted like not, I also continued to address her as so. Near me and hadn’t noticed would be bertia the one person who was.

Honest to be, wondering why she hasn’t noticed my very easy-to-understand intentions recently I can’t help but keep.

Troublesome it’s true that I operated behind her back so as not to be, relatively easy to understand that I intended to appeal for our intimacy as fiancés when I was with bertia but it was. The discord between the future king and queen to be seen to those who like to spread rumors there’s no way I can afford to let.

These kinds of lines a few days ago: older brother even shaun himself said, excessively concerned about bertia recently you’ve been, as your relative, times when I felt embarrassed there were.



Been altered to the point that it’s already far too different from the outline of the world of the [otome game] that bertia depicted reality has, so I wonder why bertia can’t notice it?

I wonder why she can’t envision a happy future in which I can walk together with her?

She really think that i’m such a disappointing man to the extent that I can’t do anything to change the bad world that she depicted does?

From her were just illusions or could it possibly be… that all the affections I felt, that she didn’t want to find happiness with me and the truth was?


Around and around inside my head these worthless questions spun.

Very bewildered at myself being surprisingly unable to keep my logical reasoning I felt, to the extent that the tip of my fingers turned cold.

The smile on my face I could somehow keep, so stiffened that I couldn’t move it at all but my cheek was.

As if there were one or two screws that were taken from inside of my head and disappeared somewhere else it was.




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  1. Referring to the people around him from the previous sentence

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