Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 12.1

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Chapter 12

Bertia 17 Years Old (2)



Part 1/4

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro


“Bertia, you look very beautiful. The dress that I gave you really matches you well.”

“T, thank you very much, Cecil-sama.”


On the day of the graduation party.

From what her maids told me, she seemed to be severely worried, but she eventually wore the dress I gifted her and attended the party.

Looking at Bertia who was dressed in the present I gave her, my heart was filled with a feeling of satisfaction.

As I reflexively smiled, Bertia also gave her smile, albeit awkwardly. However, there was a complicated feeling floating around somewhere in her expression.

Thinking that it wasn’t a good idea to let Bertia choose, the dress that I chose and gifted for her was a navy blue and golden dress with the image of the moon floating in the night sky.


A deep blue silk fabric covering her mid-chest to waist perfectly emphasized the strong points of her figure.

The necklace that I gave her today was shining brightly on her bosom, but not to the extent that it looked unpleasant.

The deep blue silk cloth that was the same color as my eyes, which resembles the night, had the same golden embroidery as the deep crimson red jacket I’m wearing.

The portion of the fluffy and spread skirt was stacked up repeatedly with golden lace that had the same color as my hair on top of the same navy blue color cloth as the upper half part, and there were several parts covered by the same golden-colored small gems mounted on it.

The dress that concealed an adult’s grace in its gorgeousness gave off just a bit of the adult-like feeling to Bertia’s image, who was always hopping around energetically. Still, it suited her very well.

…Well, since it’s a design that I devised to suit her, obviously it would suit her very well.


“U-uhm, Cecil-sama, today…”

“Ssh, be quiet. The entrance will soon begin. Just a while after the entrance, the student council members need to be on the stage of the party, so I might make you feel a bit lonely, but please wait together with Lady Silica and the others, okay?”


Her eyes quivered, and her slightly parted lips that seemed like she wanted to say something resembled cherries that I couldn’t help but gently touch them with my fingertips.

Her eyes opened slightly wider as if she was surprised by my action, and I smiled at those eyes.

…I won’t allow any denial, rebuttal, or objection, okay?

I don’t want to listen to words saying that you are trying to keep some distance from me.

It’s all right. Everything will surely turn out well.

Since I will surely destroy everything today, be it the future that would make you sad, or the future that would snatch away my enjoyment.

That’s why, can you not shake me up with any more incomprehensible feelings?

…Because I feel like something unpleasant has begun to awaken inside of me.



Just in time, music began to be heard from within the hall.

No. To be more precise, I adjusted the timing so that I won’t have to talk excessively with Bertia until this party ends.


“It’s time for the entrance.”


The student who acted as a host greeted the graduates and their partners who were led by us, the student council officers.

I held out my hand to Bertia as a signal. Despite her being perplexed, she still placed her small hand on top of mine.




I faced forward to indicate that I considered our conversation over, and her palm grasped my hand tightly as she called out to me with her small voice, as if wanting me to face her.

My mind was actually flooded with how I wanted to ignore her, but sensing that her voice was filled with an imploring tone, I couldn’t stand it and turned towards her.

If it was just anyone, I would be able to ignore them whether they cried, raised their voice in anger or smiled. But only her voice—I somehow couldn’t leave it alone, and I felt like I must not ignore her at all.

After I turned my gaze, I tilted my head and asked her, “What’s wrong?” She swallowed her saliva and gripped my palm harder as if she was readying herself, and then she opened her mouth.


“…Ce-Cecil-sama, w-what… do you think… about me?”


Her resilient eyes were staring at me as if she was trying to probe into my true feelings. I spontaneously widened my eyes at her words that she asked with her trembling voice.

By no means had I ever anticipated that I would be hearing those words at a time like this.




When I tried to examine her expressions in order to confirm what kind of intentions she had in mind when she asked that question, her body slightly jumped as if she was frightened of something.




When I gazed at her amber eyes, there were tears slightly welling up.

Looking at her tightly pursed lips, I somehow felt like [I had to quickly answer her].


“I think that Tia is very adorable. You’re so adorable and…”

“Graduates, enter!!”



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[You’re so adorable and my precious fiancée].


The voice announcing the entrance of the graduates resounded within the hall as if it interrupted my voice which wanted to tell her that.

At the same time, the huge door to the hall was loudly opened with a heavy sound.

…Time limit.

While those words floated in my mind, I put my lips near Bertia’s ears and told her, “I will tell you the rest later on,” and turned my face to the front.

Just before entering the assembly hall, I glanced at her for a peek at her expression, and… for some reason, she was looking my way with an empty and lonesome smile on her face.

I was desperately worried about that expression, but time didn’t wait for me and just like that, I didn’t have any other choice than to begin walking in silence.

As royalty and as the current Student Council President of Halm Academy, I have to be a model for the other students and need to behave myself confidently in public places.

Seeing that it is a duty imposed on me, no matter how much I care about Bertia, it’s not allowed for me to make her a priority.

Therefore, I regretted a bit that I cut off the time I was able to speak with Bertia before the entrance began for a reason like [I don’t want to talk about any unpleasant things].



The announcement of the party’s opening.

The congratulatory words from my father, the king, towards all the graduates.

My greetings as the representative of the graduates.

The medal conferment given as the commemoration of the graduation.


Due to my position as the president of the student council, I have to assume the role as the graduates’ representative, paying attention to the whole condition of the assembly hall from the stage and issuing detailed instructions so that the party could advance safely.

From my peripheral, I always kept an eye on the figures of Bertia and Baroness Heronia, but since Bertia’s friends were gathering together around her vicinity, it didn’t seem like there would be any problems.

Baroness Heronia, who was wearing a yellow dress, was served by the men around her as usual.

Since it would also be troublesome if every male student surrounding her turned into an invalid, I requested through Bertia for Kuro to neutralize the light particles. Even though I had already made Zeno do it, people attracted to the lights still kept appearing.

These kinds of people were mostly hedonists who only wanted things for their own desires, so because they were drawn in by Baroness Heronia herself unrelated to the spirit’s powers, I’ve just left some of them alone recently.


In relation to this matter, I paid attention to her spirit through Zeno, but it1 didn’t seem like it would stop.

Putting into consideration that she wasn’t using that much of power towards the people who intentionally approached her, perhaps it understood that [she, who had to use force, is isolated], so it probably couldn’t stop.

Whether it was a good or a bad thing was another story, but it wanted to protect her because it felt that she was important, surely… Right?

The graduation party approached its midway point, and regarding the program, the only thing remaining that had to be prepared was only the succession of student council positions.


Once this program is finished, as the Student Council President, once I begin the first dance, everyone else will be able to enjoy themselves afterwards.

I think that would be the time when Baroness Heronia will begin her movements.

That’s why, I think I’ll inform everyone else of my intentions a little bit before that.

Thereupon, if her plan stops, that would be [excellent], but if that isn’t the case, then… there will be yet another troublesome thing for us.

Although the possibility of her saying rude things to Bertia couldn’t be ruled out, Bertia was originally prepared for that kind of situation.

Rather than settling everything without having her see anything and telling her that [everything is fine], I’m sure that she would be more satisfied if she could make sure of everything by herself.


…Even if, for example, she could get hurt from that.

If something is supposed to occur but time passes with nothing actually happening, one would be filled with anxiety about, “When will it happen?”

It would be better to settle everything decisively for our sake from now on.


When I turned my gaze towards my father and Marquis Noches, my father was slightly astonished and showed his strained laugh, while Marquis Noches sullenly pouted.

I have talked about the speech and conduct of Baroness Heronia up to this point and my plan after this to these two people.

Of course, I didn’t tell them everything, but no matter what, I need to have their permission on what I’m going to do after this, so I roughly informed them of my plans and received their permission.

On top of that, I asked them to keep silent because [I want to surprise Lady Bertia].

Marquis Noches showed his dissatisfaction, but I somehow managed to persuade him.

As for my father… he didn’t really complain about anything in particular, but he nodded while looking at me with the kind of gaze that seemed to resign himself in some respects.



“In this place, we will be transferring the authority of the student council to the new generation’s student council!!”


I received the flower bouquet from Kulgan, who would be the next Student Council President through my nomination, and faced forward and made the declaration so all students would be able to hear me.

Although it was customary for the declaration of the succession of student council positions to be held at the graduation party, the transfer of control was already completed beforehand. The tasks related to the graduation party were done by the members of the new generation’s student council, so it was only a declaration without any particular changes happening.

It was only a declaration simply made for the sake of [distinction].

The sound of hands clapping reverberated in the hall.

I faintly smile while listening to the applause and slowly looked around the hall.


Then, I turned my gaze towards Bertia at the very end.

Because Bertia was also looking at me, our eyes met properly.

Her lips were tightly closed.

Her eyes appeared to be slightly glaring, and I wonder if it was so she wouldn’t cry. In addition, she had a bitter smile on her face.


I endured it and kept my gaze firmly on hers, while waiting for the clapping to stop.

One by one, the number of the applauding people started to decrease, and the sound dwindled.

And then, at the end, silence descended once again.



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  1. Referring to Baroness Heronia’s light spirit

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