Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 14.2

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Chapter 14

Bertia 17 Years Old (4)



Part 2/5

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro



Well, the content is surely related to that [otome game] again, so this kind of situation might not be the best place to talk about it.


“…Sorry for this, but can you just leave this to me? I want to have a proper talk with just the two of us for a moment.”

I looked around at everyone, hinting at my insistence with my gaze.

So that they’ll know this is not a request, but an [order].


“H-however, my daughter hasn’t wedded yet, so even if you’re her fiancé, to let her to be in a bedroom with just Your Highness…”

Though my close aide candidates and Bertia’s friends only smiled wryly and nodded with resigned expressions as if saying, “Good grief,” as expected, only her father—Marquis Noches—was unwilling.


Even with an [order], to let a man and a woman of a marriageable age to be in the same bedroom… Though this is officially just a nap room for people who felt ill, and even though the retainers can overlook the two of us being alone, as the father, he cannot allow it.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand his feelings, though.


“…In that case, Zeno and you, too, Kuro, you two also stay. Is that all right, Marquis Noches?”

When I meaningfully looked at Marquis Noches to indicate that I wouldn’t be compromising any further than this, he reluctantly nodded.


Bertia murmured, “Otou-sama…,” imploringly, still held between my arms. However, I purposely pretended not to notice.

…Since we’ve come this far, I had absolutely no intention of letting her get away anymore.


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“Thanks. …Aah, that’s right. Will you let me check just one thing?”

When the people inside the room were about to stream out as one, I suddenly remembered something that I had to check and called out to them.


“The scene that happened at the graduation ceremony just now, just how did it look like from your perspective?”

When I inquired, Miss Joanna who was at the back of the group blinked her eyes incessantly before muttering, “Aah,” and slowly began to talk.


“The bird that cherished that woman called Heronia suddenly crashed through the glass, so Bertia-sama’s maid stepped forward to protect the two of you, but just before it could bump into her, a bright light shone… and the bird appeared to have disappeared. However, I wasn’t able to see the last scene clearly as it was just too radiant. I wonder what everyone else saw?”

She looked towards the people behind her, and when Lady Joanna turned the topic to everyone closer to the door than her, they all had a curious expression as they nodded, stating that they also saw the scene like that.


“Your Highness, just what was that? …Could it be?”

As Charles tried to turn over the question to me, his eyes widened in surprise.

All of the people here including the guard knights are high-ranking nobles.

Even if they have never actually seen a [spirit], they had been taught about spirits in their respective houses as part of their education.

Of course, that also included keeping the existence of spirits a secret among only the upper echelon of nobles.


“Yeah, that’s right. That bird is the light spirit’s camouflage.”

When I told them that while smiling, all of them had their breath taken away.

Though they were surprised, as expected, there wasn’t a single person here who didn’t understand what kind of creature the [light spirit] was.


“Judging from your reaction, you understand bad it would be if this were to be exposed to anyone outside the higher nobility right? …Sorry, but can you fabricate a proper story to deceive the others?”


Perhaps my father is already doing something about such a matter.

It wouldn’t be good to expose the danger of spirits due to this farce.

However, this is still within the academy, and almost all people inside the assembly hall are the students.

If adults were to unskillfully intervene and be too conspicuous, people might get suspicious.


It would be good if Kulgan who’s currently running around the assembly hall could neatly control the situation as the next head of the student council, but… on top of his parental situation, there’s a high possibility that he doesn’t know about the existence of spirits yet.

Since he might become one of my close aides in the future, there was no issue in telling him, but I have a hunch that it’s a lot of responsibility to tell him amidst this kind of situation and for him to immediately deal with the situation afterward.


That being the case, things will go smoother if it was done by the people who have already received the education and possessed a high ability to deal with the situation.

My close aide candidates and the noble ladies were overcome with surprise due to my sudden revelation and request.


“Eh? That is a spirit? What?”

Lady Silica asked while blinking repeatedly.


“It’s my first time encountering one.”

“Me, too.”

When Lady Silica said that in her surprise, Miss Joanna answered while Charles still showed his astonished expression, and they seemed to be in the middle of digesting that fact.


“No, I don’t think that spirit is your first, though?”


Miss Joanna and Charles made a curious expressions towards me after I answered with a meaningful smile.

No, I mean, even now, there are two spirits standing right before you, okay?

Well, let’s hold on from telling them of this fact until the time they get really curious of the spirits and let’s enjoy the moment.


“Well then, I’ll leave the rest to you guys. I will also come there as soon as my talk with her is finished. …That’s right, I wonder if it’s plausible to start the party again in about one hour?”

“A-are you going to start it up again?”


Charles’ cheeks turned stiff at my words.

Well, after all, when the end to that showy fight scene (?) ended, I—who was the crown prince—collapsed.


The commotion among the students would surely be quite big, and if the party were to be dissolved today just like this and send out apology letters with small gifts, or to take the time rehost the party again on another day, it would be much easier, but…


“Since it’s the long-awaited graduation party, I considered what would happen if we were just to end it with this kind of a bad aftertaste. If it’s possible, wouldn’t you want the end to be happy memories overwriting a trifling sideshow? Besides, everyone would definitely feel more relieved once they see me in full health and Bertia’s peace of mind restored.”


When I repeated, “Please take care of it,” with a smile on my whole face, Charles answered, “I understand!” half despairing and departed the room.

Behind him, the others followed with somewhat tired expressions.


Well, there might be a few difficulties, but including Baroness Heronia’s matters from the start, we’ve condemned her several times—in Bertia’s words, we have executed a [downfall]. So, since those follow-up preparations were already completed, everything should turn out fine.

But the most unexpected thing was for Baroness Heronia’s contracted spirit to possess a profound affection and determination to protect her to the extent that he was willing to burn away his own life, and I was hit and I lost consciousness for a short time.

If we’re talking about changes to that extent, then those excellent people would be able to do anything to achieve that, wouldn’t they?



More importantly, the problem that I should put in order for now is…


“Now, Tia. We are alone now. Will you talk to me about everything that you haven’t said up until now?”


Kuro and Zeno remained here, while the other members exited the room. After confirming it from the sound of the door being closed, I faced Bertia.

I couldn’t help but smile wryly upon seeing that sloppy face of hers that was filled with tears, and after gently wiping that face with a handkerchief, I slowly guided her to the bed and the two of us sat down.

The sound of the bed creaking echoed within the room as it received two people’s bodily weight.

As expected, the two spirits managed to read the situation and erased their presences as they silently watched over us from the corner of the room.


“Cecil-sama, I, that…”

Bertia—who completely changed from her previous state of crying and shouting about and became quiet—raised her eyes to look at me anxiously.

Because of her crying and her face being wiped by the handkerchief before, her make-up has come off from her face already. And that kind of face looked even more innocent than usual, stirring up my desire to protect her.


I restrained the urge to just tell her, “Everything’s fine,” and coaxed her to continue her earlier words.

Surely, if I don’t properly inquire her here, she will end up worrying about it alone and then behave recklessly.

I was confident of that much.


“Tia, since we will become a married couple immediately after your graduation, let’s not keep any secrets, okay?”

“T-that is, it’s already a settled matter?!”

“Of course.”


I took her hand and gently kissed the ring that was there on her ring finger, and turned towards her with a smile.

When I slightly narrowed my eyes to tell her that she originally had no option to say no, her small hand responded with a slight jump within mine.

It is a fact that the future path that she pictured has definitely been erased.


“But, but, but…”

“Even if you struggle, the circumstances won’t change anymore. However, changing the future that will come after this…”

“Please don’t lie to me!! Cecil-sama who wasn’t involved with the heroine doesn’t have any interest in this country’s future, let alone our future, and yet…!!”

Bertia interrupted my words and glared at me with her eyes that were filled with sadness and pent-up resentment.



I was bewildered as I couldn’t understand what the source of that anger was and why she treated me as a liar.


“Uuuuuu~. I-I just wanted the people that I love, for everyone to become happy, and yet… Why doesn’t everything turn out well? Why can’t I be a proper villainess?!”

I gently caressed Bertia’s back as she began to cry again.


“Tia, I don’t understand what you know and what you’re thinking to cause you to grieve like this, but I haven’t said a single lie. After all, I think that I want to improve the future of this country in which you’re in, as a proper crown prince.”

“That is… but…”

“Everything will be fine. Won’t you trust me and talk about it?”


She looked at me with her eyes that were filled with a mixture of anxiety and hope, and also a desire to believe in me along with her distrust.

I faced those eyes of hers and showed a smile from the bottom of my heart, and slowly nodded back.


“…Understood. I will tell you. But, but, please don’t get hurt by it, okay? If Cecil-sama’s words are genuine, then this is not about Cecil-sama, rather, it’s a story about [His Highness Cecil Glo Alphasta] from the [otome game].”


After a short moment of silence, she slightly nodded as if she just made up her mind. Then, with her hand grasping my hand tightly as it rested on my palm, she slowly and seriously opened her mouth.



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