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Chapter 16

Bertia 17 Years Old (6)



Part 4/4

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro


“Even you said it yourself without any hesitation. It seems that my prediction was correct. Even before now, ever since you met her, you always seemed to be having fun to some extent. I felt relieved upon seeing that. When you asked for a birthday present on your own for the very first time, I celebrated it with a toast together with the queen. That’s why, we’ve avoided the arrival of the worst case scenario, but… Since you noticed it yourself, sure enough, it’s time to talk about it.”


My father who was drinking the Kiwis wine was indeed in a good mood, and I could easily feel that he was truly delighted at the [emotion] and [precious existence] that I discovered.


“Father had a lot of worries that I didn’t realize, huh?”

“Nah, it’s natural for a parent to worry over their child’s future. That being the case, I will be receiving a lot of filial piety from my child from now on.”

“Are you declaring that you will foist some official matters on to me?”

“It’s a parent’s privilege to have such an excellent son.”

“For the time being, you’ll be doing your best to make sure Bertia is by my side, right?”

“The fate of the country is in her hands, huh?”

“If she is by my side, I will even be able to enjoy managing the boring official matters.”

“…For the time being, I will increase the number of people guarding Lady Bertia.”

“I like observing her lively, free and uncontrolled self, so don’t become too conspicuous, and please just stealthily keep watch from the shadows.”

“I will take that into account.”


And just like that, my father and I made a toast again and drank the night away.

Speaking of which, it went without saying that my father was the one who got drunk first and fell asleep, and was fetched by my mother.




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Bertia looked up dubiously at me as I was engrossed in the memory of the conversation with my father for quite some time.


Noticing that, I smiled as I lightly shook my head, “It’s nothing.”

It’d be easy to tell Bertia what I’d heard from my father about the royal family’s bloodline.

It’s already been decided that she would become the crown princess—to be one of the royal family members, so there’s no problem at all to tell her about the royal family’s secret.


However, I don’t intend to tell that story to Bertia.

[I don’t know what I would do if she were to leave me because I inherited the dark fate of the royal family’s bloodline.]

Come to think of it, we’re talking about what a kind person she is. It would surely be able to bind her to me more than ever.

However, I feel repulsed about binding her to me with something that I didn’t choose with my own will, such as bloodline.



I dared to act on my own volition and thoughts, and wanted to make her choose to hold me in her heart as well.

Besides, above all, isn’t it more romantic to say, ”Because it’s fated” rather than saying, “Resign yourself to your bloodline”?

Well, if in the worst case scenario she actually wants to leave me, even if she says, “Your bloodline is insane” I might still be able to forcibly bind her to me, but… I don’t expect things to fall into place like that, so I don’t feel that it is necessary.

Rather than turning her expressions gloomy by placing unnecessary and pointlessly heavy shackles on her and clipping her wings, she’d be more of her charming self if I left her with enough room to do as she pleases while not even realizing she’s been captured.


I do not wish for a puppet that will do as I say.

I like her being unpredictable at times and behaving recklessly, as she was like a box of surprises, and I want her to be like that all the time.

The one who caught my interest is Bertia.

My most precious [special being] is also Bertia.

The one who will become my restraint is also Bertia.

She has drawn my interest thus far, so why don’t I have her take responsibility and be by my side until this heart of mine stops beating?



With her by my side, I will find my days enjoyable and happy.

If I am happy, I think that I can do my best to make the citizens happy, too.

Then, my happiness and the citizens’ happiness will lead to Bertia’s happiness.

More than producing such a beneficial cycle, it also doesn’t harm anyone.

Don’t you think?



“I’m looking forward to the wedding, okay? I want to live with you as soon as possible.”

And then, I’m sure that every day will be colorful and fun.


“W-w-wedding?! I-I-I’m also looking forward to it!!”

Bertia looked just like a small animal, bright red face and restlessly roaming gaze had her looking. I can’t help but think she’s cute.


“It feels so long until your graduation.”

“T-that isn’t true!! It will surely be here in the blink of an eye as we’re preparing for the ceremony!! I-I will also feel lonely not being able to see Cecil-sama every day, though…”


…Because of the difference in our grade, we originally shouldn’t be able to meet every day, but it’s better for me to not say this comment out loud, right?


“I will do my best for the bridal training, lots, lots more than the time I’ve spent training to become a splendid villainess up until now!!”

“Yes, I will also attend the bridegroom training so that I will be able to become a good husband.”



For the time being, should I start with silencing the neighboring country that is like an annoying insect buzzing in my ears?

I obtained various useful intel from Bertia’s information and the information that was collected during Marquis Noches and Kulgan’s infiltration, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.1


After that, that’s right… In order to turn Bertia into the finest bride, shall I begin one or two operations to increase the budget for her dress and such?

I do not want my cute bride to face any hardships, after all.


“Even if Cecil-sama doesn’t train, you are still a fantastic gentleman!! The best bridegroom!!”


What shall I do with this adorable thing who insistently said so with both of her hands clasped together?

…Kuro, could you possibly hide your gaze that says, “Eh~, this guy isn’t that great, though?”, a little more?

I fulfill anything I set my mind to, okay?


…Zeno, can you stop whispering, “Please just don’t overkill,” as if you can read my mind? Moreover, don’t nonchalantly change [do] to [kill], okay?2 I can tell by the nuance, okay?


Just what the heck do you think of me as?

Hmm? The fearful demon king? …I will give you a bit of my educational guidance later on, so please come to the office.


“I’m happy to hear Tia say that, but I can’t let you be the only one to work hard. I will also work hard so that I can become a good king as promised.”



When I tried to kiss Bertia’s forehead, whose eyes had become moist with tears from feeling deeply moved… Kuro’s tail interrupted.

I wish you could just let this much slide, though…

Since it couldn’t be helped, I caught the tail and warded it off, then I nimbly kissed Bertia’s lips.






The tail’s fur that was inside my grip immediately fluffed up, but I paid no mind to it.

Bertia tightly hugged Kuro, who was on her lap, as if she was hugging a doll, her eyes widened into perfect saucers and she flushed bright red from head to toe.



“My adorable Tia. I truly never tire of watching you. I will keep observing you from now to forever.”



As soon as I whispered in a sweet voice that even I found to be too sweet and gave myself heartburn, Bertia reached her limit and screamed.

She was trying to get down from my lap right away, but of course I tightly embraced her, refusing to let her go.


As she became panicked and started to act suspiciously, she muttered some things that I couldn’t understand, such as, “I-is this the so-called doting route?!”, “The doting route is so incredible!!”, but since it was interesting, I only observed her just like usual.


Thus, my observation record of her would, from now… and probably until death, continue on.



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  1. The inflitration was mentioned in chapter 12, to investigate several novles and their crimes, in case you forgot about it.
  2. The previous line was やる時はやるよ (yaru toki wa yaru yo), which roughly translates to “when I do something, I really do it.” So Zeno effectively changed Cecil’s line to mean “when I kill someone, I make sure they’re dead” hahaha.

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