Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 17.2

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Chapter 17

Bertia 18 Years Old (1)



Part 2/3

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro



Most of the things written in the Best 100 list of things she wanted to do were of her bridegroom—in other words, me—so, I fully committed them to memory so that I leave out anything. I had to insert them into the schedule.


“Even so, Kuro, I’d be happier if you’d only given this to me sooner…”


When I informed this to Kuro who was silently watching the exchange between Zeno and I,with her usual expressionless face, she waved her tail once and turned her back on me and walked away looking satisfied.

Looking at the way she acted, deciding to hand the list over to me so late in the game had to be her usual mischief, or taking revenge on me for taking away her master.


“Well then, let’s do our best. …Kuro had gone through the trouble of submitting her homework, and more than anything else, I want to make Tia the world’s happiest bride, after all.”

As I flipped through the notebook’s pages,, I leisurely headed over to where my adorable wife was waiting.






A happy music to welcome the bride resounded within the cathedral.

Originally, it was custom in this country for the cathedral to be silent apart from the applause of the audience, but Bertia’s wish was to have music spill forth.

The selection of the songs was also done by her, but surprisingly, this kind of atmosphere was quite good.

Perhaps the people present also felt the same, and though they appeared slightly surprised at first, now everyone’s expressions were broken out into smiles.


The door of the long corridor in front of me slowly opened, revealing Bertia and Marquis Noches.

Looking at Bertia who was adorned in a beautiful veil, everybody had their breaths taken away.

A beat late, applause to bless us began to resound within the cathedral.

With her hand in Marquis Noches’, my bride walked one step at a time towards me.

Tears began to well up in the corners of Marquis Noches’ eyes.


When I took Bertia’s hand from Marquis Noches, he threatened with a dreadful face, “Let me repeat it over and over again!! I’m entrusting my daughter to you,” so I gave a firm nod while answering, “Leave it to me.”

When I received Bertia’s hand, I experienced the actual feeling of ‘Aah, she is really going to be my wife,’ and I felt a warmth surge forth from my chest.

I felt sorry for Marquis Noches who looked sullen as he refrained from breaking out in tears before my eyes, but my face reflexively relaxed.


“Shall we go, Tia?”

A nervous and trembling “Hahiii!!” floated out from beneath the veil in a small voice in response… She then fell over immediately.

Since I had predicted things might turn out like this for some reason, I wasn’t really flustered as I circled my empty hand around her waist, supporting her naturally.


“I-I-I-I’m sorry, Cecil-sama.”

“It’s a husband’s duty to support his wife. I just did what was a matter of course.”


When I whispered softly next to her ears and kissed her head over the veil, a small gasp and “Hyuu!” could be heard from under the veil.

It was regretful that I couldn’t see her expression due to the veil, but her face was surely flushed under the veil right now.

The proof of that was that the temperature of the hand that I grasped rose, and the part where her skin was exposed faintly turned crimson.


“There’s no need to hurry. Let’s go slowly at Tia’s pace. Even if something were to happen, I will handle it, so there’s no need to be worried, okay?”



I wonder if it was only my imagination that Bertia’s voice had already become a tearful voice?

What should I do if she was dripping snot and tears the moments I lifted her veil?

That would look cute to me in its own way, so it was fine. However, Bertia herself would mind it, so when I lift her veil, I wonder if I can angle it so that the attendees wouldn’t be able to see her face, so I can quickly mop it up with a handkerchief?


“Everything is going to be fine, okay?”

When I turned to face her with a smile, perhaps Bertia had regained a little bit of composure, and she began to walk slowly.


Of course, I kept one hand on her waist so that she wouldn’t fall again, while other hand was still tightly grasping hers.

…I just have to say, this was a measure so that she’d be safe, and it was by no means because I had an ulterior motive, all right?

When we arrived in front of the archbishop who managed the cathedral, even if I was quite reluctant, I still took my hand off her waist and faced forward.




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“From here on, the marriage ceremony of the Kingdom of Alphasta’s crown prince, His Highness Cecil Glo Alphasta and his crown princess, Bertia-sama is going to be held.”

The archbishop adorned in a fine robe declared with a voice that echoed inside the whole cathedral.


In accordance with the archbishop’s custom, the heads of both families… in other words, my father who was His Majesty the King and Bertia’s father, Marquis Noches, had to confirm there was no mistake in proceeding with this marriage ceremony. After that, there’d be a signal for the attendees to sit down, and the ceremony would begin.


…From here on, it would be long. Really long.

Basically, for this sort of a ceremony, the higher one’s status is, the more it’s unforgivable if things are simple, so it ends up getting so long.

In short, this ceremony of country’s most prominent status, i.e. the royalty, was so long and boring to the extent that one could inadvertently fall asleep.

Bertia was stiff with nervousness so she probably wouldn’t fall asleep, and even if she were to doze off, she was covered with veil so more or less, it wouldn’t be exposed. However, if I were to carelessly close my eyes, it’d turn into a catastrophe, so I had to pay attention.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I staved off the boredom by thinking about the schedule after this and the fun, fun honeymoon plans later on.

Let me say this, but I definitely also feel respect and gratitude towards the God who let me meet Bertia, okay?

However, I think that it should be permitted for my mind to wander a bit while listening to the church’s meritorious services being rattled off.

After all, I think that those were definitely not for God’s sake, instead those were done for the sake of people, for donations, and for the church’s social status.


“Well then, we will proceed to have His Majesty the King to bestow the Crown Prince Emblem and the Crown Princess Emblem. Your Majesty, please.”



The ceremony approached its final stage, and my father would bestow the seal.

The seal was in the form of a ring, something very important in signifying our social statuses as royalty.


Speaking of which, in Alphasta, the emblem for a member of royalty would be reforged when they were born, when they became an adult and when they married.

The seal of royalty when one was born until one matured was only something to display their social status, so even if it was used on official documents, it wouldn’t do much.

Obviously, it won’t be good if one could use it that easily, and since it was something to be used before one turned into an adult, it was used to distinguish those without heavy responsibilities.

After becoming an adult, the seal proved that they were royalty who shouldered the responsibility of the country, so it was necessary to treat that power with a tremendous caution.

Then, lastly, the seal at one’s marriage would have their wife’s symbol engraved within the man’s own emblem… creating the seal that would be used for all his life.

A new seal would be made for the person who became his wife signifying her as a member of royalty, but it was indispensable to include both of their individual representative symbols and her husband’s symbol in the emblem.

By doing so, it would assure that both mutually recognized each other’s statuses as husband and wife.

Therefore, the ring ceremony was especially essential even within this marriage ceremony.



“I shall bestow these rings from the royal family to Crown Prince Cecil Glo Alphasta, and Crown Princess Bertia.”

Father stood in front of us and lifted the rings that were on top of the red velvet cushion handed by the archbishop to show them to the attendees, before he slowly lowered his hand to present the two rings to us.


One ring had the motif representing all the elements circling around a crown, and the other was the motif of a black fox with a crown.

The former ring had the dark element portion of my original emblem changed into the motif of a black fox.

The latter ring with the motif of a black fox which was designed according to the image of Kuro who was her contracted spirit, but it held with the same crown that was engraved in the center of my motif.

The ring ceremony would be finished after Bertia and I picked up our respective rings and slid them onto our own fingers, then held them up for the audience to see.






I ignored the faint sound of surprise heard from next to me as I picked up Bertia’s ring instead of my own ring.


“Tia, could you give me your hand?”

“U-uhm, Cecil-sama?”


I took her left hand she was still bewildered, then gently slid the ring ontp her ring finger, lightly kissing the ring as a little bonus.

Although the venue slightly became noisy, I completely ignored it.

Rather than criticism, I felt that the noise from the women was something closer to admiration, so it would be fine for me to not be worried over it.

Rather than that, Bertia who was in front of me right now was more important.


When I first mentioned the ring ceremony to her, Bertia made an extremely happy face. But after listening to the details of the ceremony, she showed a somewhat dejected expression.

Although I was bothered by it, she quickly recovered right after that, and since she was delighted about our wedding, I hadn’t asked her for the reason. However, after looking at the list that Kuro gave to me, I now understood the reason.




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