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Chapter 17

Bertia 18 Years Old (1)



Part 3/3

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro


She yearned to have the [Exchange of Rings] ceremony.

That kind of custom didn’t exist in this country so I didn’t know about it. However, more than understanding the reason, I just wanted to grant her wish.

Moreover… When I tried to put the ring on her, this felt similar to a ceremony to bind our partner with the ring, and it was surprisingly not that bad.

Also, even if I couldn’t tell her expression was under the veil, the finger that I touched was hot, indicating that she was delighted, and so I felt happy as well.


“Tia, will you also put the ring on me?”

When I smiled sweetly and held out my own left hand, she gulped and with a slight nod, picked up my ring.


Towards her putting the ring on my finger slowly and cautiously with her faintly trembling fingers, I felt something warm in my chest.

For me to be able to have these kinds of feelings, surely it was all thanks to her.

Having finished putting the ring on my finger, she peeked at my face through her veil.

She was definitely worrying over whether or not she should finish by kissing my ring, after having seen me do it with hers.


In that case, perfect.

Next was the Kiss of Vows ceremony. Instead of on the finger, let’s exchange a kiss on the lips.

I glanced intentionally at the archbishop, and though he was still surprised, he understood my meaning and progressed with the ceremony.


“Well then, next is the Kiss of Vows.”


As I slowly raised the veil, my gaze met with Bertia’s watery eyes.

…Thank goodness. Her face might be bright red and her eyes were brimming with tears, but her condition wasn’t as miserable as I’d thought.

Perhaps she was still in shock due to my unexpected action or she might be nervous, but Bertia was frozen in place and trembling just like a small animal. I put Bertia’s hands together and gently wrapped my hands around her hands.



“Bertia Ibil Noches… No, Bertia Ibil Alphasta. I, Cecil Glo Alphasta, vow that I will continue to love, respect, comfort, and help you in sickness and in health, through happiness and sadness, for richer, for poorer, and to fight together with you no matter what other hardships may surface, until the end of my life.”

At my words, her eyes widened even further. Feeling satisfied, I softly brushed my lips over hers.



She silently screamed as her face turned bright red and her small mouth flapped open and closed.


Her reddening skin further contrasted with her white dress, looking even lovelier.

Her face was hidden from the attendees under her spreading soft veil and perhaps her expression couldn’t be seen clearly, or perhaps people were drunk on the atmosphere and even this expression full of surprise and bewilderment was taken as [lovely]. Sighs of sweet admiration filled the whole venue.


…It was only from the direction of Marquis Noches’ seat that I felt like I heard the sound of teeth gritting full of bloodlust, but I’d lose if I were to pay mind to it.

After all, the father of the bride was surely always like that.

If it were me, if my cute daughter who resembled her mother were to get married someday, I might just test her partner thoroughly, glare at him with eyes full of bloodlust, and inadvertently harass him once, twice, or even three times.

Now that I’ve obtained an existence that could move my heart, there was no way I didn’t understand how he felt.



I tilted my head- an action loaded with double meaning: “Wasn’t it the vow you wished for?” and also, “Won’t you make your vow as well?”

“…Uhm, that… errr… that… right?”


Perhaps she discerned the meaning behind my gaze, or perhaps she was trying to say [the words of the vow] in her own way while in panic, but while opening and closing her mouth over and over again, she shifted her fidgeting gaze and looked towards the archbishop, seeking his help.

However, in this situation where I suddenly added the lines that I believed she wished for, the archbishop who couldn’t understand what was going on was powerless.

Actually, he put on a wise and gentle smile on his face to hide his discomposure, but perhaps he was sweating with an impatience unlike his usual self, he only woodenly nodded in response to Bertia and did nothing else.


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“Uhm… uhm… uhm… I, Bertia Ibil Alphasta, will continue to l-l-l-love Cecil-sama no matter what!! I promise to support him!! Until death do us part!!”

The words of her vow echoed throughout the venue in a voice full of fighting spirit.

…I thought that she was bewildered by the sudden development and was just wondering what she should do, but Bertia, you were stumped because you forgot the words of your vow, right?

I sensed traces of her trying so hard to remember, but it was abridged quite considerably, huh?

Well, speaking of what Bertia was like, it was so like Bertia, though.

The corner of my mouth curved up naturally, and a smile escaped.

No matter when, she was a very amusing person.


“Hey, Tia. Where is the [Kiss of Vows]?”

Towards the girl who was making a satisfied expression over how she declared the considerably abridged lines of her vow, I smiled and asked for a kiss with a slight playfulness.

Truthfully, according to the custom of this country and based on her previous life, there was only one kiss of vows, but with how things were going, it shouldn’t be strange for me to ask for a kiss from her, right?



“K-k-k-k-kiss of v-v-v-vows, earlier…”

“I also want a [vow] from you, okay?”


I leaned my face in towards her as she protested that the kiss was already completed.

Of course, as I wanted a kiss [from her], it went without saying that I stopped approaching her just before her trembling lips.




Her breath hitched, and I embraced her waist as she was so bright red to the extent that I thought she’d fall over at any moment now.

Usually by this time, Kuro’s tail attack would come, but as expected, she couldn’t interrupt now.

Speaking of which, it would be bad if she were to interrupt us in the middle of the ceremony, so Zeno—who returned before I even noticed—held her to back in his arms.



I called her name with a small voice that only she could hear, sweetly coaxing her.

She swallowed perhaps to prepare herself, then closed her eyes and touched her lovely lips to the edge of my lips.



…What is it? This strange sensation where warmth gathered on this face.

My heart beat even more relentlessly than usual.

As if I had just finished exercising.

Also, for some reason, like I was feeling itchy, like I wanted to let out a cry, it was very strange… but I felt so comfortable.




After Bertia’s face left mine, perhaps she thought that my lack of reaction was strange, and she timidly opened her eyes.


“…?! …Cecil-sama, your face is so bright red. C-c-could it be that you’re feeling shy?”


Feeling shy…

At Bertia’s words, I suddenly became conscious of my own condition, and I reflexively covered my mouth with a hand.

For some reason, I felt very [embarrassed], and I unintentionally averted my gaze from Bertia.

I saw Bertia—who was just as bright red as me, no, even redder than me— smiling very happily at my reaction from the corner of my eye, but that was the last thing on my mind right now.



“Archbishop, proceed…”

I couldn’t endure being gazed by Bertia with her glittering eyes, so I urged the archbishop to proceed while I looked away.

The archbishop who came to his senses at my words declared with a face full of smiles that we would be recognized as a married couple now, presenting the [Book of Vows] in front of us.


After that, we needed to sign this and have the closing speech, then the wedding ceremony would finish.

I managed to recover somewhat after hearing the archbishop’s voice, and signed the written oath with my usual smile before urging Bertia to sign as well.


With this, we would officially be husband and wife.

As I felt relieved that the wedding ceremony ended safely, I listened respectfully to the archbishop’s closing speech that was superbly tedious again.

I wanted it to finish while feeling refreshed, but this was also something that couldn’t be helped.


“…With this, we recognize these two as husband and wife!!”

By the time the same old declaration was finished, the cathedral was filled with applause.


Looking out over the venue, the two of us faced the attendees and smiled together as we waved.



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