Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 18.1

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Chapter 18

Bertia 18 Years Old (2)



Part 1/4

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro



…Now then.

Bertia’s [List of things I want to do for my wedding, Best 100] made an appearance again, here.

One of the things written in its contents was, “I want to be princess-carried out after the wedding ceremony!!”

Since this could easily be granted with my physical strength, I decided to fulfill it it.


I was just a bit concerned because recently, I had been doing a lot of desk work, so my physical strength seems to have diminished a bit.

Although I trained in my free time, the wedding ceremony was only experienced once in a lifetime (although there were a few exceptions), so the dress and ornaments were quite fancy. Thus, one’s weight would proportionally increase…


Usually the bride herself is barely able to move when wearing it all, so in that case I wouldn’t mind bearing the bride’s weight as well, but in any case, my companion is Bertia.

Her physical strength that has been tempered daily in the name of dieting has far exceeded that of an average noble daughter’s, so her ability to move around is also considerably higher.

At first glance, the beautiful and sparkling dress looks elegant, but in actuality, it is considerably heavy.

Two to three maids were needed to transport that dress.

…Bertia put it on and spun around, unaided, in front of the mirror, though.



“Then, shall we go, Tia?”

After we finished waving at the venue, I called out to Bertia so that we could exit the area. With a smile blooming over her whole face and looking delighted from the bottom of her heart, she nodded.


Seeing her faintly blushing cheeks as usual, I realized it wasn’t smiling out of joy at being released from the archbishop’s tedious talk… very precious words, but rather out of joy that her wedding ceremony to me concluded safely.

Seeing her like this, naturally my own joy grew as well.

My dull heart seems to constantly revolve with her at its center.


“Hold on tight, okay?”

“Eh? Eh? …Funyaa?!”


When I lifted and carried her body, she let out her cute and amusing scream as usual and circled her arms around my neck in a fluster.

As expected, there was a considerable weight in my arms now, but, actually, it wasn’t so bad.

With her bright-red face suddenly drawing near and this close-up, I felt like most of the weight could be converted into into [the weight of happiness].



I smiled at the girl in my arms whose whole body turned scarlet again, and after gently kissing her forehead, I walked through the center passage of the cathedral with relaxed steps.

Our relatives, friends, the influential nobles of our country, and foreign guests sent us off with applause, as if blessing us.


I wondered what kind of reactions we’d get after seeing me carrying my bride like this, since normally, the bride and the groom would only walk together while holding hands, but the reactions were surprisingly positive.

The women’s envious gazes directed towards Bertia who was in my arms.

And the women who were in attendance together with their husbands or fiancés moved closer to their partners as if they were influenced by us.


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In such a situation, the men also appeared unruffled but gently hugged their wife or fiancée close by the shoulders or waist.

…Including the royal couple and Marquis Noches and his wife.


Bertia who had been bewildered by my sudden action at first perhaps also gradually calmed down, as when we passed by her friends, though she seemed to be embarrassed, she slightly waved her hand while looking very happy.


Her friends, who were slightly moved by her, waved their hands in return with teary eyes. As for my friends…

“It looks like a good way to train. It might be nice to try squats while holding Miss Cynthia next time.”

“Wait, Your Highness! Please don’t raise the hurdle!! Our ceremonies are coming soon after yours!! …Of course, I will work hard so that I can marry Miss Anne!!”

“Silica, do you want me to lift you up? Should I try training my arms from now on?”

“My cute little sister is finally…”

…You guys, don’t you have any words of blessing for us?


Speaking of which, Shaun who was sitting in the seat for the royal family muttered, “Would Miss Joanna be delighted by that as well? I might not be able to do it as cool as my big brother, but if I try hard from now on…,” but I paid no heed to it and just passed him.

The uniformed knights who were standing on both sides of the doors quietly opened them when we stood in front of them.

On both sides of the short corridor that continued outside, the uniformed Imperial Knights were standing lined up at the sides while raising their ceremonial swords in front of their faces.

Although the atmosphere was quite solemn, the knights’ expressions were all gentle enough to transmit their blessings for us.



I walked straight down the middle without stopping, finally standing in front of the doors that lead outside.

We could hear the noise of the people who were gathered outside to congratulate us.

The knights who were standing by the door shifted their gazes towards me, requesting my permission. When I slightly nodded in response to their inquiring gazes, they slowly opened the large doors.

Light flowed in from between the opened doors.

The people’s shouts of joy became louder and more distinct.

Then, there were many smiling faces before our eyes.


As I was feeling all of that, I took a somewhat large stride forward, stepping outside of the cathedral.

In the whirlpool of the lively applause that arose, Bertia and I gazed at each other and smiled.

Some of the nobles who were relatively close to us but didn’t have enough status to enter the venue inside the cathedral were waiting for us there, and they gave their blessings to us as we just came out.

Because the commoners couldn’t enter the grounds, they congratulated us from outside the venue.

From here, since we would be moving to the royal palace, we would pass through the same route from this morning… No, compared to this morning, there were more people who came in order to congratulate us.



“Now, Tia. Wave your hand around.”

I gently said that near Bertia’s ear as she obediently laid in my arms, and incidentally, I dropped a kiss on her cheek.



Even though she had experienced the same thing many times over today, Bertia still reacted without getting used to it at all.

With a bright red face, she quickly covered the cheek that I just touched with her hand.

Seeing us like this, the people who gathered raised an even louder cheer.


“P-please let me down!!”

“After a little bit more.”

As expected, she was slightly embarrassed, but though Bertia complained, I didn’t feel like letting her down yet.



After this, we would be doing the [bouquet toss] and such in accordance to Bertia’s wishes, so I intended to let her down at that time. However, her friends who were to participate hadn’t moved yet from cathedral to here.

My arms were unexpectedly also accustomed to her weight, so since I could still carry her, I wanted to keep making this declaration that she was mine for a bit longer.


“Look, everyone is waiting for you to wave your hand, you know? My hands are fully preoccupied as I’m holding my treasured possession like this, so please cover for my portion too, my wife.”




Bertia had screamed soundlessly many times over today, but even so, she still seemed happy, as she then waved her hand with all her might from within my arms.




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