Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 18.3

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Chapter 18

Bertia 18 Years Old (2)



Part 3/4

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro


Honestly speaking, I thought I heard a slightly raised voice saying, “Shameful,” from among the more obstinate women, but perhaps since our parents and we were all strongly emitting an aura of bliss, the general mood in the venue leaned towards that of watching a pleasant scene.

Most likely under our influence, our high-ranking friends and some of their relatives also greatly emitted a very sweet ambience as they ate together..

Some of the people without partner looked slightly awkward, but in that case, the people with similar situations gathered, giving off slightly pleasant vibes, and seemed to be enjoying the unexpected sense of fellowship that arose.


More than anything, the most important person–Bertia–was surprised. Even so, she was making an extremely delighted face, so I was also satisfied. If there had been a problem, then later I would have thoroughly crushed it… followed up on it, so it was good that things worked out.

At the final stage of the party. Just when I thought that Bertia must have realized that the list she wrote was already in my hands, she softly leaned in closer to me, bringing her lips close to my ear as if she was going to say something in secret.


“Cecil-sama understands me through and through and knew all the things I wanted to do!! As expected!!”

With her who saying that happily with sparkling eyes, I was a bit troubled over how I should answer.

No matter how capable I may be, it’s not like I knew everything about the ways from her previous life, and it’s impossible for me to predict a culture I was unfamiliar with, all right?

Despite that, it was difficult to expose myself in the face of those eyes full of expectation, so I dodged the question by just smiling ambiguously.


Then, when the party’s banquet arrived at its peak, originally, we, as the leading roles, should have quietly slipped away from the party, leaving the rest to our parents to prepare for our first night around the time of the final event.

“Tia, here you go.”

I handed over a sheet of paper.


“What is it?”

“I thought to let you read this letter to your parents now. Didn’t you want to do this? This thing called the last Thank You letter from the bride.”

“Please wait for a moment?! That is right, but I hadn’t prepared any letter!!”

“Yes, that was why I prepared it in your stead. This was written based on the draft that I received from Kuro.”



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I gently stroked Bertia’s head as she began to panic, showing Bertia the [List of things I want to do for my wedding, Best 100] that I received from Kuro at this time, letting the cat out of the bag.

Though I felt guilty for keeping it hidden, I’d wanted to reveal it smoothly instead of plunging into a confession.


“Wait-?! Eh?! Why is it here?!”

“Well, let’s put that aside first. Look, it’s starting.”

“Please wait a moment! I haven’t prepared my heart yet!! Actually, the letter from the bride isn’t something where anything is fine as long as you just read it!! It has to be a letter packed with my feelings of gratitude!!”

“Ah, Zeno has brought the flower bouquet for you to give to your parents. …Well, since it’s a letter that I prepared as I thought that you’d be flustered if you were to not have anything at hand, you can just modify it and repack it with your own feelings, right?”

“Eh?! That, do you mean I have to [ad-lib]?!”

“Ad…? I don’t quite understand the meaning of that phrase, but I think that is most likely right? Ah, the music was changed as I requested. Now, go on. Do your best?”

“Wait-!! Uuuu… Th-this is also a trial as the crown princess, right? Fine, then!! I will pour my whole heart out to Father and Mother!! This draft… I-I will use it as a reference!”


U~n, since Bertia really loves her parents, I thought that she’d be able to easily talk about her gratitude even without a draft, but perhaps it was too sudden?

Well, her fluster and bewilderment was also adorable just like a small animal, so it was fine.

I took her hand that was tightly grasping the letter and gave it a squeeze before escorting her up.


As instructed in Bertia’s list, “it would be wonderful to keep it as a surprise,” I purposely didn’t tell our parents about this.

Because the programme director suddenly began to announce the Letter From the Bride, my father and mother, and Marquis and Marquess Noches, who were all people who usually wouldn’t let their surprise show in front of other people, were all bewildered.

Since I’d requested beforehand for a servant to lead Marquis Noches to my father and mother’s vicinity around this time, even though they were taken by surprise, everyone was smoothly gathered in one spot.

Expectations towards what would be happening next filled the whole venue.


As a result of the various changes that occurred throughout the whole day today, the participants were more or less used to sudden surprises by this point. Let alone surprise, they were instead enjoying the situation.

Well, I’d kept things under control, and had taken care to not be impolite anywhere.

Together with Tia, I stood in front of Marquis and Marquess Noches and began to speak after getting permission from my father and mother.

My father, my mother, Marquis Noches, and Marquess Noches were all the leaders of the country, so they were experts at adapting themselves to deal with the situation. Even if they were surprised at first, they immediately recovered and followed our cue.



Then, the recitation of Bertia’s letter of gratitude began, but…

“Father, Mother, thank you very much for raising me up until now, waaaa… uuu……!!”


…She burst into tears right at the first line.

Even while spilling large drops of tears, Bertia still desperately thought back to everything up until now, narrating how much she loved her parents.


Deeply moved by it, Marquis Noches grimaced to the extent that his eyes turned into two glowering lines, barely holding out so that he won’t burst in tears, though his eyes were still bleary with tears.

Standing next to them as we wiped our respective partner’s eyes were Marquess Noches and I.

Marquess Noches was looking very gently at Marquis Noches, her husband, with an expression that seemed to say, “Good grief,” as she patted his back in order to cheer him up.

Tears were faintly filling her eyes as well.

Seeing the state Noches family was in, the venue all at once took on a sad ambience, with several women among them also deeply moved to tears.


“Father, Mother, I might be married to His Highness Cecil now, but I will never forget the love and affection I’ve received from you!! From now on, I will also make a wonderful family together with His Highness Cecil, just like you two. Of course, I will do my best to become a [domestic cheat] so that I can properly support the country as the crown princess!”

Hm? Just now, I thought I heard some strange terminology, but… let’s just say it was my imagination.

The others who were overwhelmed by the mood seemed to be unaware of Bertia’s interesting episode that she’d nonchalantly interweaved earlier, so I could just ignore it.


“Their Majesties the King and Queen. No, please let me call you Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law here. I might be inexperienced, but I will work hard with all my might from now on so that I will be able to support His Highness Cecil! Please guide me from now on as a part of the family.”

In her closing statement, Bertia made a complete bow towards my father and mother. I also bowed my head with her.

The venue broke out into thunderous applause having witnessed the whole scene before eyes.

Within that warm atmosphere, Bertia and I handed the flower bouquets to our parents.


I suddenly recalled that “I want to give a flower bouquet and a lovely present to remember this day by” was written in Bertia’s list.

With just hasty improve for preparation, as expected, I couldn’t prepare a [lovely present for reminiscing].

I felt a slight regret over it.


Just like that, our wedding ceremony peacefully ended.

I couldn’t fulfill everything written on the list, but I was able to see Bertia’s tears that were not due to sorrow, her look of surprise, and many of her smiles today. I think today has become the most memorable day.




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