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Extra Chapter

Bertia…’s Son, 5 Years Old


Part 2/3

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There has never existed a blue lily in this world before.

Hence, some time ago, after I grew blue roses for Bertia’s present, lots of botanists were interested in making blue lilies, but… apparently, the challenge was solved by my son.


Moreover, the reason he made it was due to his desire to the feelings of wanting to please his mother and the heart to oppose me.

I also thought to let my son’s interest increased even just a little bit, and I was also responsible for it as I talked to him about giving blue roses to Bertia as present and talking about the research development as if I was purposely instigating him. Still, I felt a little sorry for stealing the fun from the botanists.


Shall I try suggesting some interesting tasks next time?

It would be an atonement for we have committed a sin of dominating the botanists for two generations.



“Cecil-sama, what should we do?! Our child is a genius!!”

“Yeah, that’s good. However, even if that statement is true, you will still be regarded as an overdoting parent if you were to say that in public, so let’s not say it, okay?”

I responded with a smile to Bertia who sought my help in a flustered condition.


In the meantime, I took the lily from Ainzart’s hands and put it on the table.

The moment I put it on the table, Zeno’s magic was removed, and it ended up slightly making a noise when I put it there.

In response to that sound, the black fox under the table—Kuro slowly came out, jumping on Bertia’s lap as she corrected her posture on her seat.



“Ah, Kuro! I’ve always told you not to sit on the floor because it’s cold!!”

In her flustered state, Kuro who jumped on Bertia’s lap was then held up in Zeno’s arms.

Kuro dissatisfiedly swung her tail as if she was fed up with Zeno.

Her stomach was… as plump as Bertia’s.


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“Why don’t you just stay in your room, really?!”

The figure of Zeno who scolded the black fox with a serious expression was very heartwarming as if he was a pet owner speaking with his pet, but from Zeno’s perspective, it would be unbearable for his pregnant wife to be lying on a cold ground and could even get accidentally kicked.

I’m confident that I would definitely lecture Bertia for around one hour if she were to do something like that.


Well, despite Kuro being in this place with such an appearance, there were also some special circumstances for spirits. In this place, he could only lecture her on some parts without touching that subject.

The concept of [marriage] to the spirits were much more ambiguous than that of the humans, but the two of them had a relationship resembling a married couple in the year of Ainzart’s birth.

And now, Zeno’s child is in Kuro’s womb1.

Ah, it’s more or less excuses, but it’s not like Zeno laid his hands on a little girl, okay?


I hadn’t known it until I got married to Bertia, but apparently, Kuro’s power is slightly weakening during the daytime when the light’s power is strong since she is a spirit of darkness. She is also camouflaging during the daytime, but she seems to have taken the form of a child in order to reduce the power consumption and due to the insufficient capacity.

Her power increases during the night, so she seems to be active in her adult mode. However, she seems to be following the example of the good health-oriented Bertia who’s early to bed, early to rise, so I had never known that Kuro could take the appearance of an adult.


Being her fellow spirit, Zeno was obviously aware of this, and there seemed to be occasions where the adult-formed Kuro went to play to Zeno’s place in the middle of the night.

Thus, their love was nurtured favorably, and it would be good for them to get married. However, since he couldn’t announce that he was marrying Kuro as she was in her child form during the daytime, only a few people who were aware of the truth were informed of the circumstances.


Although Kuro was pregnant around the same time as Bertia, there was no way Kuro could go out in her child form with her bulging belly, and it was also impossible for her to assume an adult appearance as her power consumption became intense since she had to keep her child as well. In the end, Kuro spent her days lately in her black fox mode in order to decrease her power consumption and to reduce the burden on the mother’s body.


Nevertheless, even if she was in such a condition and despite Zeno prostrating himself2 to ask her to be obedient, Kuro was very fond of Bertia and couldn’t accept being separated from Bertia that she sneaked away from her room stealthily to spend her time leisurely next to Bertia just like this.

Recently, I have often seen Zeno running around the royal palace with a pale face, but from my perspective, I think that there’s no need for him to be this overprotective of Kuro who’s proficient at defense with her dark attribute.

And maybe, I think that Kuro seems to be having fun looking at Zeno’s flustered figure as he is searching for her, and that she will quickly get bored or be dispirited and return to her room if Zeno were to not look for her.



“Father, I want to sit on Mother’s lap.”

As Ainzart sat on his seat in his captured position, my pretending son looked at and appealed to me with his wet eyes.

Despite his face looking exactly like mine, this sort of expression resembled Bertia a lot.

It was probably the result of an observation of his mother’s behavior on a daily basis.

I felt ominous despite him being my own son.



“There’s a baby in your mother’s stomach, so you can’t, okay?”

“I will try not to bump into the baby, okay? I also want to hear the baby’s heartbeat!”

He was staring fixedly on me as he appealed, but… I understood. He was actually trying to appeal to Bertia, “I want to be spoiled by Mother,” and made her fall for it.

Currently, Bertia might have been impressed by our pure (looking) child’s adorable pestering that her eyes began to be wet.


“Good grief, it can’t be helped.”


Ainzart’s eyes shone so brightly.

Just like Bertia when she was given some sweets.

I took Ainzart down my lap while feeling reluctant, and before Ainzart got to hug Bertia… I held Bertia up and placed her on my lap.



“Wait! Cecil-sama!! Why am I sitting on Cecil-sama’s lap?!”


As I was reproached by Bertia whose face was bright red and by Ainzart whose face looked dissatisfied, I pretended to be slightly dejected and brought Bertia’s hair closer to my cheek.


“Ainzart refused being hugged by me while he was on my lap, so I feel lonely. Tia, comfort me?”

“W-well!! Is that so?!”

Bertia’s eyes, which were looking at Ainzart, were now shifted towards the father who felt down because his child didn’t want to keep him company—to me.


“It’s all right! Ainzart also loves Cecil-sama, right? The two of you often studied and played together a lot, didn’t you?”

Yeah, well, the two of us are similar, so our conversation matches, I guess?


On the other hand, in Ainzart’s case, it’s also because he’s quite unsatisfied that there hasn’t been any private tutor whose level is around me.

But, do you know? There’s another reason beside that. We’re often together because we’re restraining each other from taking Bertia away, you know?


Yup. It seems like she’s completely oblivious of the situation.

Sometimes… There are times when I want to see how we—the father and son—are reflected in your eyes.



“Father, that’s unfair!!”

Looking at how Bertia tried her best to encourage me, Ainzart puffed his cheeks, and it was easy to see how he pretended to be sulking on purpose.

In contrast to his gaze filled with thirst of blood when he looked at me during when Bertia was looking at me, he was now pretending to be sulking adorably, but it was still lacking because he was angry.



“Ainzart, are you jealous of your father?”

Bertia laughed as she nudged Ainzart’s cheeks who was in her embrace.

The atmosphere seemed like very harmonious, but the one among our family who thought so was Bertia alone.


“Ainzart, don’t hug your mother too tight, okay? That will make the baby in pain, understand?”

“…! I understand. Father, please hand Mother over soon.”

Unlike me who can hug Bertia from behind as to not disturb the baby in her stomach, Ainzart has to keep his power in moderate, so he has to be a little bit distant from her.

That must be vexing for him, so Ainzart grasped tightly to the skirt of Bertia’s dress as his adorable face crumpled.



“Sorry, but I can’t hand her over to you. Ainzart will someday find your own [fated partner], so please hug her instead.”

I calmly smiled.

I might have said it with a light tone, but for me, this is something urgent that I have to say.


Recently, Ainzart has became smarter that he polished up his attempt to snatch Bertia away from me.

Being my own child, I obviously feel like he’s adorable that I want to pamper him, but with him being [the same kind] as me, I can’t make light of his attachment.

It is not a laughing matter if the country will be in conflict due to father and son competing for the mother, and I can’t afford having Bertia snatched away from me.




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  1. It should be “in Kuro’s stomach” but I felt like the sentence would be kinda misleading with the meaning of Kuro eating Zeno’s child… XD
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