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Extra Chapter

Bertia…’s Son, 5 Years Old


Part 3/3

(Unedited version, page will be revised once it’s been edited)


“My special person is Mother!!”

“Ainzart! Really, you’re so cute!!”

Without knowing the horror of those words, Bertia hugged Ainzart. As I watched them, I also caressed Ainzart’s head together with Bertia, with Ainzart still in Bertia’s arms.


“I want to monopolize Mother!!”

While still in Bertia’s arms, Ainzart returned her embrace as he complained with tearful eyes just like a spoiled child.

If you avert your eyes away from the dark background at his back, it will only seem like a child’s adorable willfulness.

At least, if this child is able to have one or two more special person(s), his attachment will be distributed, and I will surely be able to be relieved.


“You can’t, Ainzart. After all, Mother belongs to Father, okay?”

I continued to caress Ainzart’s head while making an explicit statement about who her owner is by kissing Bertia’s cheek.

It is impossible for him to monopolize Bertia.

However, I feel that he’s pitiable because there’s no [special someone] that he can monopolize.

…All the more because I understand the importance of having such an existence for yourself.




As I showed a daunting smile in order to explicitly state, “I won’t surrender her” to my son who was looking at me with a bitter face, he became sulky as his lips tapered to a point.

With my son being my son, and since there is a part of me that has to be considerate as his father, even if I crush his dissatisfaction, I’m not resorting to any tough measure at all.

We might be fighting against each other, but if we lose, then we will withdraw even if we become sulky.

Perhaps, to us as parent-and-child, this process of competing for Bertia can also be said as a part of our communication.


“It will be good for Ainzart to quickly find his own [special someone].”

“That’s why, hand Mother over…”

“That can’t do.”

“I-I’m being fought over by my husband and son!!”



As we looked at Bertia who laughed happily even with her bright red face between us, me and my son made an eye contact and laughed.

After that, while appreciating the blue lily that Ainzart grew, the three of us spent our time calmly as parents and child.

Behind the scene, Kuro, who was fed up with the overly worried Zeno, scratched Zeno’s cheek, but well, that can be called as one of the happy scenes.



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“Father, this child is my [fated partner]!!”


The battle for Bertia between me and my son, Ainzart was completely turned around when Bertia was pregnant for a while over 10 months.

A while over her 10 months pregnancy.

In short, it was the time when my second child was born.


“Hwaaa… Hwaaaa…”

The second child, who raised her lively voice after her birth was a girl who looked just like Bertia.

Her crying voice as soon as she was born was much louder and couldn’t be compared to when Ainzart was born, and it sounded livelier.

Her hair was a lighter crimson than Bertia’s, and her eyes were heterochromatic amber and blue.

Her slightly slanted cat eyes were just like Bertia’s.

If one of her eyes weren’t blue, I would be wondering where has my blood gone.



As soon as she was born, such incident occured when Ainzart first met her.

“Ainzart, this child is your younger sister!!”

With her fatigued face after birth that was mixed with a joyful smile, Bertia showed Ainzart our second child who was crying in her arms, her back leaning against a cushion.


At this time, Ainzart was very sullen.

Under normal circumstances, he was already competing with me for Bertia. And then now, a new opponent appeared.

Moreover, since the child was just born, Bertia’s rate of care towards her inevitably increased.

The son who could immediately guess as much and predict the future was about to bring his dissatisfaction upfront… he surely wanted to do that, but since he was smart, he wasn’t able to show his dissatisfaction, so he smiled even while he was feeling anguished.



Thus, as my son’s forced smile entered my eyes, I thought that I surely had made my father worry about me before I met Bertia.

At that time, I thought that it was the best course of action since it was what people wished for. However, from a parent’s point of view—who could tell their child’s feelings undersurface to some extent—they felt tantalized.

They would think that rather than being smart, having the ability to express genuine emotion would be able to make this child happy, and even if that wasn’t possible no matter what, they would still wonder if something could be done somehow.



“My younger sister… How cute.”

Looking at the baby who was crying in her mother’s arms as if provoked by something, Ainzart pasted a smile on his face.

Even though she felt a little strange, Bertia thought that her son’s current condition was because he was feeling nervous for having to meet the baby for the first time, completely interpreting it in a wrong way.

The baby in her arms continued to cry without being able to notice what was going on, completely unable to read the atmosphere.

Her inability to read the atmosphere—was it inherited from her mother?


“Come, Ainzart. Please go ahead and pat your younger sister!!”

The mother who couldn’t read the atmosphere—Bertia offered Ainzart the daughter who was bawling as she didn’t look like she could interact well no matter how you looked at her condition.

Perhaps not knowing what he should do, Ainzart’s smile turned stiff.

However, it was unlike Bertia to back down for such a thing.

With a strange interpretation that he might just be shy, Bertia caught Ainzart’s hand and forced him to touch our daughter’s cheek.



Thereupon, at that moment… our daughter stopped crying.

On the contrary, she grabbed Ainzart’s hand as he was still smiling, and she began to nibble his hand in her mouth.

It was done quite relentlessly, to the extent that it was drooping with saliva.


“Oh my, oh my, that isn’t a snack, you know? It’s your big brother’s hand.”

When the bitter-smiled Bertia tried to release Ainzart’s hand…



She began to cry out loud.


When the surprised Ainzart returned his hand to his younger sister on the spur of the moment, she began to nibble it again with a drunken expression as if she was eating a dried meat.

Perhaps finding her condition interesting, a true smile gradually began to show on Ainzart’s face, who was dumbfounded at first.

If I were to put some words to my son’s smile, it would be unmistakably this.




After that, things happened in a blink of time.

He called out to Zeno, and while having his wind magic reduce his sister’s weight, Ainzart snatched his younger sister away from Bertia and hugged her close.

He looked very happy, and his expression looked like he was having fun.


Then, he said that.

“Father, this child is my [fated partner]!!”

“…Did you come to like your younger sister?”

“Of course! This interesting… adorable, living… existence, there is none like her. This time, I will totally monopolize her!! I will give her lots and lots of love!!”


Looking at Ainzart who was hugging his younger sister so tightly as if declaring that he would never let her go, I pondered over what I should do now.

I warmly welcomed how Ainzart’s interest turned to someone other than Bertia, but because the other party was my daughter, this time I became worried over my daughter’s future.

It’s certain that she will be late in terms of marriage, and if I were to be careless, there is even a possibility that she might not be able to get married…

I imagined such a future.


…Unexpectedly, that might be good.

When I looked at the concerned person—my daughter’s face, and how, despite being so tightly embraced by Ainzart like that and having her forehead and cheeks kissed, she wasn’t perturbed at all and began to drift into her sleep.

If she were to find someone she truly loved, this seemingly bold daughter of mine would surely be able to do something with her power to go against her big brother.

And above all, I also want to keep this adorable daughter that resembles Bertia close at my hand as long as possible.

If her partner can’t fight the obstacle namely Ainzart, then I won’t be willing to hand over my adorable daughter.

So I ended up thinking.



Once I decided that…

“Ainzart, please love that child well and protect her.”


“Well, well, well!! I’m so glad that you two have a favorable brother-and-sister relationship!!”

Looking at my and Ainzart’s exchange, Bertia laughed happily today as well.


…I wonder when will she realize her son’s true nature?

I feel like she won’t be able to realize it for her whole life.

Thus, my daughter—who attracted her potentially-sister-complex big brother as soon as she was born—was named Ainkis and became a princess loved by everyone.




“Onii-sama1!! Don’t get in the way of my marriage proposal again!!”

“Ainkis, it’s fine for you to always be by my side and amuse me. There’s no need for you to force yourself to get married.”

“I want to get married!! I want to be loved by a gentleman!!”


“Aren’t you loved this much by your big brother already?”

“I didn’t mean brother-and-sister’s kind of love, I want a romantical love!!”

“If there’s someone who wants to make you his bride, he has to be able to defeat me at the very least…”

“There’s no one else who fits the bill other than Otou-sama2, isn’t there?!!”



“Ainzart and Ainkis are getting along so well today, too, aren’t you?”

“…As usual, only Tia can look at them like this and say that, huh?”

It was only after ten-odd years from now on that such kind of conversation resounded within the royal palace on daily basis.




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  1. If you’re not familiar, Onii-sama means big brother.
  2. Otou-sama means Father.

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