Observation Record of a Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 10.3

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Chapter 10.3

Bertia 16 Years Old (3)


“i actually dislike conspiracy. Of a defensive plan to protect my fiancée I just need to think. Of course, my fiancée i’ll treat her as just a complete stranger only if she doesn’t intentionally hurt. a matter of course ”

“that is. It’s something necessary for us, too, right?”

without missing a beat, his usual smile the other members also nodded in agreement with charles who pointed that out while showing. Hrmmm.


Well, all in the same position of being mutual lovers or fiancés it’s because they are.

as men, a possibility of our partners getting hurt if there is, of protecting them obviously we would think. all in agreement on how it’s indispensable for us to think of a defensive plan

“if we are, it’s only reasonable for us to cooperate with one another, so don’t you think, your highness? Mentioned ”

when the word [cooperation] was, that you’re looking at me with an expression that is trying to tell me to take the command I can clearly understand, isn’t that right, charles?

… Certainly, that it would be the safest option to entrust these members with my [scenario] I think, able to execute it accordingly since they will surely be.


The ability to judge others’ characters as charles and kulgan have, able to behave rationally they would be. Best to allow them to move independently it might be.

however, bard who’s simple and stu… honest for someone like, of the consequences it’s possible that he might behave recklessly and trust other people without thinking. Raised indulgently shaun and nert were, skilled at dealing with other people so they might not be. Troublesome if these guys were to move imprudently because they can’t read others’ hidden intention and thoughts it would be. associating with them

because i’ve long been, I can’t read all of their behavioral patterns it’s not like. However, it since I can read, the things that can be called risk factors that’s why I understand.

“ye~s, if she is indeed frail) lady and attacking her is violating the gentlemen’s code ganging up on a frail (though I don’t know, it so I don’t really want to do, up some traps as our defensive measure in order to protect our beloveds but… when we’re cooperating to set, helped if someone gets caught in that [trap] it can’t be, right? Troubled for a bit ”

after pretending to be, their consent to the proposal of manufacturing traps as a compromise plan they smiled and nodded and each gave.


Indeed, said that it’s quite immature for everyone to be ganging up together to repulse a single noble daughter under a trivial reason such as [because she’s harassing our lovers] it can be, all men who are carrying the burden of being the country’s central figures in the future as we are.

however, if our opponent demonstrated a clear hostility towards us, the case anymore then that won’t be.

after all, someone grasping a sword in front of your beloved person and you would greet them with empty hands just because the opponent is female if there comes, enough no matter how many lives you and your beloved person possess then it won’t be.

if that’s the case… up [traps]

by setting, you can create [reasons] for a counter attack in order to protect your beloved person from the opponent’s clear [malice] it means.

naturally, arranged to prepare [the real thing] that’s free from lies the [malice] and [reasons] are, deceptions, broad interpretations, etc.

that’s why, up some [traps] even if we set, any [malice] if she actually doesn’t hold, won’t become apparent then her sins.

by all means, if nothing happens the best case for both sides would be, but… honestly speaking, I don’t mind whichever happens. Yes, hrrmmm.


A hard time i’m fine as long as my fiancée doesn’t have, by my side and entertain me as always and so long as I can arrange the circumstances in which she would be.

besides that point, any interest in baroness heronia I don’t have.

aah, but, well, also a citizen of this country since she is, as the crown prince, to do something to deal with her if she were to cause trouble for this country i’d still have.


For the moment,Reporting whenever she’s acting fishy, I will be. The dark side I sense in you! . . . And kulgan,To you to enquire something again, if she comes,Can you deal with her appropriately in a thoughtful manner without giving any denial or affirmation? The dark side I sense in you!

“of course I won’t affirm anything, but should I really not negate any of her unjust suspicions?”

perhaps unable to grasp the intention behind my instruction, a perplexed expression kulgan furrowed his eyebrows and showed.

facing his reaction, I nodded and smiled as usual. Yes, hrrmmm.


Yeah,It as well, don’t deny. From your reaction, from what she can perceive,I wonder what kind of movement she will make. Her to show me, that’s what I want. . . . Since bertia and marquis noches haven’t done anything shady,A problem, then there shouldn’t be,Right?

A half-smile and sent kulgan a profound gaze I gave.

for the others, executed it might seem that my words earlier contained too little information to be, and they weren’t able to surmise my intention. However, was conveyed well enough for kulgan to understand with just that it seems what I wanted to say.


“i see. As expected of your highness! However, exposed to any danger that way will my little sister… will bertia-sama be? His cold and satisfactory expression ”

kulgan showed, but the next moment, of bertia perhaps because he thought, he slightly scowled in concern. worried… no

I don’t really care on why he seemed to be, care I do, after all! You address bertia as [my little sister] just now why did?


That you’ve been addressing her like that deep inside your heart could it be, your mouth just now and that it carelessly left?

… Necessary for me to find an opportunity to discuss this with him it might be.


My fiancée, I won’t let,Tia,Exposed to any danger, be. For that reason,Attacking until [the very last moment], we won’t be. Provoking baroness heronia and just monitor her thoughts and movements for now, avoid. Hmmmm! To attack, even if she were,Her attacks without making any counter attacks until that time, it’s important to just skillfully evade. Feel the force! . Hmmmm! . Hmmmm! Herh Herh Herh Herh! . Fortunately,Agreed to promise me that she will increase her time with me, bertia has,So all of you should use the same pretext to increase your time together with your beloved person. Herh Herh Herh Herh! Together with us, during the time when they can’t be,Them to stay alert, if you remind,Smart so they will surely be able to protect one another, the girls are,Won’t they? Feel the force!


“with all due respect, like that the other noble girls might be, like if we try to warn bertia-sama but I feel, she will react to the contrary and charge ahead…”

kulgan smiled bitterly, filled with warm affection and somehow that smile seems to be.

yes. Bertia very well I know. So I think, too. Hmm.


… It’s just, of this mood arising from him gazing lovingly at the actions of the cute little sister who’s not that far apart from him in age I wonder what I should think? Your little sister

she might be, but she isn’t your lover or fiancée, okay?

“… That’s right. So I think, too. Pleased if you could try to conceal this matter from bertia that’s why i’d be, all right? A glance at everyone inside the room one by one ”

once I turned my eyes to take, all of them seriously nodded. Yes, hrrmmm.


Been baptized by bertia somehow, because everyone here has,The terrifying consequences of giving bertia any excessive information, obviously they would understand. . . The dark side I sense in you! . Been occasions where she acts in a simple and pure manner without any good or bad intentions, because there have.


“well then, for the moment, unless baroness heronia moves in a very dangerous manner, just evade her temporarily and gather information while keenly observing her, okay? We shall hand down the final judgement… let’s see, the timing as the graduation ceremony shall we set? About the [otome game] and according to the [scenario] ”

from bertia’s talk, surely baroness heronia will move at that time, right? Yes, hrrmmm.


Still, no way I can talk about it with everyone here there is, the time limit based on a plausible reason such as [i want to settle everything while we are still in the school as a third year students so as long as I choose. That’s why, at our graduation ceremony] i’m limiting the time to be, they would agree without any suspicion.

after that, sufficient to just wait for the other side to make their action while protecting bertia as long as we arrange the preparations until then… it would be.

aah, of course, kulgan operate in various ways for the sake of those preparations I shall have.


Any opportunity to meet bertia so that he won’t have, occupied of course he should be.

“now then, forward to how it will turn out let’s look? After deciding the rough [scenario] ”

as I smiled with a brisk feeling, at me and smiled everyone who’s present on the spot looked. it that

why is, for some reason, those smiles seem very villainous?… Well, should I conclude that it’s just my imagination?



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