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Chapter 102

Special Chapter Commemorating Light Novel Volume 2 Release


Note: This event happened before chapter 43. It’s written in third person view.


“So, have you done all the preparations in order to receive Yuuri into the Owen family?”

There were a bunch of papers stacked on top of the big table in the office as usual. Leon was looking at the document while signing them when his hand stopped and he looked at his aide who was also flipping through the document, just like him.


“Yes. The remaining step is just to obtain His Majesty’s approval and it’s complete. With the letter of recommendation that I received from Leader, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

He had been friends with Argo, his aide, ever since they met at the knight’s academy. But before that, he had been introduced to Argo as a playmate at the royal palace, so it could even be said that they had known each other ever since they were born.

The only person that Leonhart, who had been born into royalty, could entrust to look after his back in this world was the man called Argo Owen.


“It’s about time the nobles will get wind of this.”

“It’s impossible to keep her a secret, with her letting out such an impressive amount of magic power.”

“That is certainly so.”


The foreign girl who had suddenly appeared near the Demon Forest was such an outlandish being.

Her absurd magic power was obviously one of the factors, add that she used a magic that nobody had ever seen before, moreover she was accompanied by the Dark Panther. Furthermore, it wasn’t just an ordinary Dark Panther. It was a mutated Dark Panther.

It would be good if they could forever hide such a person, but with the Monster Flood occurring two years earlier than how it should be, Yuuri’s high magical power became well-known.


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It would be better if Yuuri had been a man, but if it was known that she was a girl, the number of nobles who’d want to take Yuuri in by marrying her to a relative would just increase.

And that concern had already become a reality.

Countless letters of inquiry about the girl’s origin had arrived to Leon’s place.


“Rainier seems to have taken a move, too.”

“That is… very troublesome.”

Count Rainier was exceedingly talented as a noble, but he was just too shrewd. He wouldn’t have done anything that violated the laws, but he surely wasn’t an opponent that one could be negligent with. Leon unconsciously took a deep breath.


“But it’s rare for you to be this worried, Leader.”

“…Is that so?”

“But certainly, it’s rare to see a child that’s not afraid of Leader.”


They might have been afraid due to Leon’s dominant air.

The children who saw Leon would mostly, and without exception, cry or scream. That was why, there had been no chance to interact with children around Yuuri’s age.

When he thought back to when he had been a child too, he had been surrounded by noble children only, and he believed that there hadn’t been anyone who had faced him with an outright friendliness.

Maybe that was why he was worried about her.


“But I understand. For some reason, I feel at ease being by that child’s side.”

Although he had gentle smiles on his face, Argo was by no means a tender man. Just like other nobles, he was the type of person who’d smile brightly on the outside and plotted behind the scenes.

That was why, Leon was really surprised when Argo went through the troubles of wanting to protect that girl by making her the Owen family’s adopted daughter.

However, it wasn’t like he didn’t really get it… or so Leon thought.


Even he himself thought that he wouldn’t want to see the bright and innocent Yuuri to be unhappy.

“I’ll inform you as soon as the adoption papers arrive from the royal capital.”

“Please do.”


In order to help Yuuri return to her homeland, they’d be embarking on a journey for the Sage Tower.

Will we be able to meet again?

Leon wished for another chance to meet with Yuuri again as he looked at the light that shone through the gaps of the drifting clouds.



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