Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12



Apparently, I fainted from using my magical power too much.

The morning that I greeted in this world happened after I fainted the day before, just what’s up with me? Whenever I regained my consciousness, it was already a new day.


This time, I didn’t faint due to Amanda-san’s breasts pressure, but I saw something dreadful the moment I opened my eyes.


It was a priest-san whose muscles swelled just like a pro wrestler’s or even yakuza…


Nah, it was natural for me to be surprised if someone like that was right in front of me the moment I opened my eyes, right?

Moreover, it didn’t seem to be a piece of hardwood no matter how I look at it.

His face was of Latin heritage and his facial features were chiseled, and there was a scar around his eyebrow.


I don’t think I’m bad to scream on top of my lungs upon seeing him!


“Well, well. Not many people will know that Frank is a priest right after seeing him.”


It seemed that Frank-san, who was able to use recovery magic, took care of me instead of Amanda-san, since she had some errands to do. But as soon as she heard my scream, Amanda-san returned to explain with a laugh.


“Really, I’m sorry…”

“Wahaha, I’m used to it. Don’t mind it. Ojou-chan1 how are you feeling?”


Looking at Frank-san, I thought that he was a large-hearted and chattery oji-san2.

But what…the image of a priest-san in my mind was someone slender with glasses, but…that image has been destroyed.


“My head is a bit heavy, but I’m alright.”

“I see, I see. Well, perhaps you’ve used up too much magic, so you should be fine after resting. More importantly, you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday morning, right? Drink the soup Amanda brought for you. You’re still small, so you have to eat a lot and get the nutrition you need!”


After being told that, I received the soup that Amanda-san gave me. The soup was simple, with ingredients akin to onion (tamanegi) and carrots added to it. I gradually devoured it.



“I see. I’m glad to hear it.”

“That’s right. How is Argo-san?!”


Are Argo-san and Leon-san alright? What about the other knights? Also, what happened to the herd of goblins?


“Thanks to Yuuri-chan, they are as lively as ever. We’ve also exterminated the goblins. Thank you.”


Is that so? …I’m glad…

I was so relieved that the strength left my body.


Thank goodness…I really am glad.


“I heard from Amanda that you hurled [heal]? How did you do that?”



I tilted my head in response to Frank-san’s sudden question. I gave the plate of the soup that I drank to Amanda-san.


“Hurling [heal]?”


Uhm, what does he mean?


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“I heard that you healed Argo from a distance.”

“Aah. So, that’s what you meant. Could it be that [heal] shouldn’t be able to be hurled like that?”

“Yeah, normally it won’t take effect unless we touch the targets.”


Hoe~, is that so…?

Eh? Then, how was my heal hurled?


“Ah, that’s right. Regarding that, I was told that the leader wanted to ask about the details. What should we do…?”

“It’s unreasonable to take her there. This little girl’s condition isn’t normal yet. If the leader wants to ask her, then tell him to come here.”

“But since the Monster Flood seemed about to start, I think he won’t be able to leave his office for a while. Then we have no choice but wait until Yuuri-chan is completely healed, huh?”

“Well, she should be fine after resting for another day.”

“Understood. I will tell the leader so after this.”


Amanda-san and Frank-san ended the conversation with a little bit of disappointment on their faces.

F…for some reason, I felt bad for troubling them.


“U…uhm…I think it will be fine if I were to go and just talk…”

“But your body isn’t completely healed yet, right?”

“It’s going to be alright!”


When I tried to flex my arms to show my energy, I felt dizzy.3

Au…I overestimated myself.


“Hmm…but to be honest, I also want to quickly hear this ojou-chan’s explanation. Yosh, I will carry you.”


After saying that, Frank-san lifted me up in his arms.

The dreamlike princess carry…it wasn’t that, but I was seated on top of his large arm instead???


Eh? No matter how they said I was small, it wasn’t to the extent that I could be carried up on just one hand, though?

Moreover, this person was a priest?!


Eeh? Was Elysia Online a fighting game…?


“Really, Frank is such a muscle-head who lacks common sense.”


A question popped in my head upon hearing Amanda-san’s words as I looked at her from the top of the arm.


“Doesn’t Amanda-san like muscles?”

“I like them, but I only like moderate and sexy muscles. Definitely not this overly muscular type.”


What does she mean by moderate and sexy muscles? I couldn’t really guess that.


“Sorry for being overly muscular, oi.”

“Furthermore, this person can even defeat monsters like goblins bare-handed. I wonder if he picked the wrong occupation, as he was livelier when he hit the goblins rather than healing people.”

“Isn’t it good to be able to quickly recover in the middle of battles? It’s every man’s dream you know, it’s our romance. Moreover, if it’s just small scratches, it could be healed one by one. More importantly, it’s more efficient to exterminate the enemies altogether, then heal your allies after that.”


Uwa—. Is this the rumored muscle-headed person?

Moreover, he’s a priest…

Seeing it by yourself feels different than just hearing about it.


Hmm, well, the person himself seems to be having fun, so it should be okay…?




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  1. Ojou-chan is Japanese term to call a little girl/miss.
  2. Oji-san means uncle or middle-aged man in Japanese.
  3. Her pose is something like this

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