Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 18

Change log: Changed the translation of the term ‘Demon Flood’ to ‘Monster Flood’.

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Chapter 18

Practice Hurling Heals


Having received one more paper from Argo-san, I wrote out the things that needed testing based on my discussion with the others.


Whether it’s possible to teach how to hurl a heal.

Whether it’s possible to teach about chant shortening.

If the limit of members in a party is only 6 or not.

Whether Healing Wind can be used after forming a party.

Whether the effects of Protect and Protect Shield overlap or not.

Whether the effects of my offensive magic could be curbed a little bit so that it could be used only on the targeted monster.


“Hm, that’s about everything, I think~?”

“If we have any other ideas, we can just write more later.”



As usual, I wrote everything while seated on Leon-san’s lap. After all, the height was just perfect.


“If only tomorrow can come quickly…”


Frank-san gloomily said. This person was indeed someone who loved fighting. I wonder why did he become a priest, really? It puzzled me.


“About that, there should be MP Potions inside my bag. I think my magical power will be completely recovered as long as I drink that.”

“No, no, wait a minute. If you want to use MP Potions, then you can use our stock. It won’t be good for us to burden you even with that.”


Argo-san said, but I have about 4995 of them. I can just make some more as long as I have the alchemy pot, so it’s alright!

I haven’t checked it yet, but perhaps I have it. Let’s pray that I have it inside my item box, yup.


“But I have a lot of them…”

“Even so…”


Argo-san hesitated while Frank-san heroically tapped on his shoulder.

Ah, it looked painful. He was also coughing.


“That’s right, we also have MP Potions. You can use them! I will quickly bring them, so wait for me in the plaza.”


He had already left the room before we could even respond. So fast.


“Then, shall we go to the plaza?”


Leon-san lifted my body before putting me down on the floor.

Okie, I will try my best!



After that, Frank-san arrived while bringing a pile of MP Potions in his arms, and we did various experiments in the plaza that I saw when I first arrived at the fort with everyone else.


As for the result…


It seemed like we were able to somehow hurl the heal while we were practicing it in a party. Although we weren’t conscious about the fact that we were in a party, could it be that our subconsciousness was aware of it and so the result appeared?


At first, nothing happened no matter how many times we tried, but when we tried doing it while being in a party, for some reason we felt like there was something different from how it was before. As we continued our practice, we managed to learn it after around 2 hours.


Frank-san is amazing!

His muscular chest was triumphantly stuck out.

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But when Argo-san asked about what kind of thing was that ‘feeling that he could do it’, Frank-san answered with, “Well, feeling that I could do it is just feeling that I can do it?”

To be honest, it couldn’t be said as an ‘answer’…


Only shortening the chant seemed impossible.

I tried to teach Frank-san that magic was about imagination, since I could invoke the area magic yesterday by implementing it, but it seemed like I couldn’t teach it well to him as expected.


Is it impossible to invoke a game-like magic in reality after all?


But forming a party had maximum members of six just like in game, and only when I was in a party could I use Healing Wind.

Still, Frank-san didn’t know of a magic like Healing Wind, so it seemed like he wasn’t able to use it.


As expected, is the magic I’m using different from this world’s magic?

The spell name itself was more or less the same, though.


As for whether the effects of Protect and Protect Shield overlapped or not…Unfortunately that could be tested when Leon-san and Argo-san were battling for real.


Having said that it would be alright since there were two people in charge for healing, they gleefully fought.

Normally, Argo-san seemed gentle while Leon-san was calm. The two of them didn’t seem to be hot-tempered people, but the moment they held swords, they changed…


When they were injured, some cuts could be seen, and when the wound was an open one, blood flew from it.

As expected from not using magical swords, they were fighting only using genuine swordsmanship. Even so, the two’s exchange of blows was amazing.


It was so scary that I wanted to run away, but I decided I would try my best after all.

Therefore, I tried my best to watch over the two’s battle while healing them.


I managed to calm down after I realized that the wounds could be cured as long as heal was applied on them.


Un. Magic is amazing.


Even though it was bleeding so much, the skin could return to its healthy condition.

Well…their clothes were torn, though.


As for the confirmation result, Protect and Protect Shield’s effects acted separately. Both seemed to last for around 30 minutes and reduced around 1/10 of the damage.

In other words, if both were used, the received damage could be decreased by 2/10, in other words by 1/5 damage, right?


Then, if the Monster Flood occurs, I wonder if it will be fine to place both Area Protect Shield and Area Magic Shield…?


Since the effects of area magic last for 30 minutes, then there’s no choice but to drink MP Potions after 30 minutes. Since one MP Potion heals around 30 MP, then drink 2 potions every 30 minutes.

Ah, but if it’s MP High Potion, it can heal around 50 MP, which is just perfect. I should have them saved in the item box as well…


Then, as for the biggest problem…


As for whether or not my offensive magic could be curbed a little bit so that the magic could only hit the targeted monster…


Since practicing it here could damage the fort physically, we decided to practice in another place.


Certainly, it would be bad if the fort’s walls were wrecked…


I wonder if I will be able to use it for the actual battle that will come in around one week?





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