Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

The Beginning of The Monster Flood


There was only one week from the appearance of the goblin herd to the full-scale Monster Flood.

It was the common knowledge up until now.



This is Yuuri who has lived in the different world for three days.

For some reason, I am departing to subjugate monsters right now.


In the end, we checked the effective range of hurling the heal the whole day yesterday. It took a considerable amount of physical strength in order to keep company with Frank-san who was very thirsty for knowledge.

As expected, I was so exhausted that I slept like a log.

Once I woke up, the fortress was in an uproar just like a poked beehive.


W…what? What’s going on?


“Yuuri-chan, you’ve woken up?”


Amanda-san seemed to have waken up prior to me and was long gone, so I was flustered for not knowing what was going on. A while later, Amanda-san returned and told me about how the [Monster Flood] had occurred.


Eh…but the Monster Flood was supposed to occur a bit later, why?

When I asked that, Amanda-san also seemed to not know the reason.


“Anyway, I want to ask for your help in reinforcement magic, so can you come with me, Yuuri-chan?”



To think that we’d be going to the Demon Forest this quickly…

Even though I haven’t really prepared for it…


But didn’t I already decide it yesterday?

Rather than sitting around while seeing others get hurt, I’d do the things that only I can do, to be any of help!


As I followed Amanda-san who was doing the preparation in her flustered state, I saw that the plaza I used yesterday to check on my magic was buried with people in armors. There were also horses lined up at the wall’s side.

When I observed it, the female knights made up one third of the people, and they were wearing something like light armors—unlike the males who were wearing something more solid—which covered their torso. Ah, now I realized that Amanda-san was also wearing the same thing.


For some reason, I was only wearing a pink-colored one piece, and it seemed way out-of-place…


Uuu…As expected, I attracted too many attention.


I was introduced as the knight apprentice who came from another country to everyone in the fort by Leon-san yesterday during dinner, but at one glance, I felt like I was out of place.


“Yuuri-chan, here, come.”


Amidst the armored people, I found the brown-haired Argo-san. As he beckoned me, I went to his side.


“Argo-san, I heard that the Monster Flood occurred…”

“Yeah. The nearby village seemed to be attacked by the monsters early this morning. The survivors went to the fort, looking for help.”

“The village was attacked?!”

“Right. It seemed to be a herd of werewolves.”


Werewolves were wolf monsters that I often saw in Elysia Online. They attacked people with their sharp claws and fangs. Although they weren’t really strong, they were threats to the villagers who didn’t have any way to fight, or so I think.

Besides, a herd of them meant that there were several number of werewolves attacking at the same time…


“W…what about the other villagers…?”

“We don’t know. We will be going to that village in order to hunt the werewolves now. Hopefully there will be more survivors there.”



I hope there will really be survivors there…


This is the reality. Here is the real world.

Although I’m scared, I can’t run away.


“So, I’d like Yuuri-chan to form a party with me, Amanda, and Leader. After putting the area reinforcement magic to everyone from the fort, Amanda and I will protect Yuuri-chan, so I want you to recover just Leader alone.”

“I don’t quite get it, but if you think it’s better that way, then I will do so.”

“Un. Thanks. Sorry for having to bring you along to the battle with the monsters, even when you are this small. Moreover, we don’t have equipment for kids, so this lightweight equipment (TL: can also mean dress)…but we will definitely protect Yuuri-chan.”

“I was told that Amanda-san put a defensive magic on this dress. Moreover, I can heal myself so it’s okay.”


I think that I won’t get an instant death despite being level 1 if I put the Protect Shield. If my remaining HP is 1, I should be able to manage it by healing myself repeatedly.


Un. It should be fine. I will try my best.


At that time, Leon-san arrived at the plaza while riding on a horse.

His golden hair fluttering, Leon-san’s emerald pupils slowly scanned the surrounding.

I know that this is not the time to think about something like this, but Leon-san’s figure combined with his silver armor was just like a prince in the fairy tales.


Uwaaaaa. A real prince! How fantastic!


“We are the brave knights of the Ares kingdom. We are humble yet sincere brethrens. Finally, the Monster Flood began. From here on, we, the Izel fort’s knights, will be united and become the shield to protect the people from the monsters’ invasion. We will become the swords to defeat the monsters who harm the people. Now, let’s go to the Dusk Village!”



As the knights howled, the road in front of Leon-san was opened. As Leon-san passed through that opened road, the knights ran towards the horses on the side of the wall and mounted them.

I also rode on the same horse as Argo-san.


Ah, should I form a party with Argo-san while we’re at it?


“Argo-san, Argo-san. Let’s form a party now. Please.”

“Yeah. Please take care of me.”


As I grabbed Argo-san’s hand that was grasping the reins, a party window appeared.

Yosh, we did it.


“Yuuri-chan, you might bite your own tongue, so just stay like this and don’t speak.”


While we were in the middle of the journey towards the Dusk Village where monsters attacked, Argo-san began to talk.


“The Monster Flood doesn’t just mean that the monsters will increase randomly. After the monsters increase, a monster king will be born from the Demon Forest.”


Monster king…?


“They can be Goblin King or Orc King, it varies per time. The last Monster Flood happened around 8 years ago. The monster king at that time was Undead King.”


Undead King…If I’m not mistaken, the last boss in the dungeon that existed in the Demon Empire had such a name. Since it was originally dead, it could be resurrected many times, and each time it was resurrected, it would be powered up. As it was such a bothersome enemy, defeating it would be difficult. Since it was an Undead, it should be weak against fire magic.


“The Undead King was so strong that it was also called as the Immortal King, and even when the warriors from 6 countries of Elysia were collaborating, it couldn’t be defeated. But at that time, a hero appeared.”


Hero, huh? That’s cool.

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“The 16-year-old boy combined his swordsmanship and magic to face against the Undead King. Then, at the end of the deadly struggle, the Undead King was defeated, and it brought an end to the Monster Flood. That hero’s name was Leonhart.”


Hee. Being the hero, his name was also cool.


“You still don’t get it?”


Hwe? What?


“That hero is none other than our leader.”


Eeeeeee, is that so—?!

Leon-san is the heroooo?


Eh, what? 8 years ago, he was 16 years old? Which means, he is now 24 years old?



I thought that he was older than thaaaat.


I wonder why is it that I was more shocked that he was 24 years old rather than the fact that Leon-san was the hero? Age…ah, no, he looked quite calm…so I thought that his age was closer to 30.


“That’s why, you can be relieved as long as Leader is here, Yuuri-chan. I dare say that he’s the strongest person in this Elysia.”


Aah, so Argo-san told me about this so that I wasn’t anxious anymore.

Thank you for the consideration, Argo-san.


“Now, we will arrive at the Dusk Village soon. While the scouts were working in the foreground, can you form a party with the other people at that time?”


I nodded deeply as a response.



We stepped down from the horse at a slightly distant place from the Dusk Village. I formed a party with Leon-san and Amanda-san there.

Then, I put the Area Protect Shield to everyone.


“Area Protect Shield, target: everyone from the Izel fort!”


As I chanted, small red shields appeared and revolved around everyone. The knights made a light uproar, but they went quiet after Leon-san gave them the order to.


“This is the magic to enhance your body from the foreign country. The effect lasts for 30 minutes. The effect can be piled up with Protect magic’s effect, so those who can use it should use it on themselves.”


Since the enemies this time were werewolves, there was no need to put on magic defense, so I only put the physical defense magic. The MP consumption was 50, so the remaining MP was 75, so there was quite a surplus for healing. In addition, there are MP Potions in my cat-faced bag!


Un. When I think more about the last time with the goblins, the magic defense was unneeded. It was so embarrassing to lose my composure when I put on the defense magic, then as a result I used up all my magical power…


“Leader, it seems that the werewolves are still in the village. We couldn’t check on the survivers from outside.”

“I see…Hopefully there are survivors…Yosh, let’s go! Follow behind me!”


After hearing the scouts’ report, Leon-san galloped his horse towards the Dusk Village. The knights were following him from behind, while Argo and I were almost at the end of the line.


“As for heal, hurl the recovery from the surroundings only when necessary.”



Finally, we are going to confront the monsters…

It’s scary…but I will also fight in order to protect the people precious to me!


All the knights of Izel fort descended from their horses and entered the village.

I waited at the entrance in order to chant heal. Although I might say that, casting Healing Light took around 1 second while Heal took around 3 seconds, so I could do the recovery quickly, and there was actually no need to be on standby like this.


“O power of Water that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Water!”

“O power of Flames that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Flames!”


Everyone who entered the village put on attributes on their swords. Argo-san and Amanda-san also put the water element and fire element respectively.


While Leon-san who was slightly in front…that should be thunder magic, I guess. For some reason, light appeared from his sword.

Then, beyond him, there was a herd of grey-furred werewolves.


Leon-san swung a slash towards the herd of werewolves using his sparkling sword.

With a woosh, the werewolves’ heads fell. The other knights also slashed in succession, and the air was filled with the smell of blood.


The werewolves naturally attacked back, but their claws and fangs weren’t effective against their magic swords, and so they were rapidly defeated.


The knights’ swords that were clad in flames, water, and thunder waved in succession.

White and red locus danced about in the air.

And the deep crimson that surged in between.


Leon-san’s movements were really one in a thousand, and he was so strong that he didn’t even need any healing. He slaughtered the herd of werewolves that were attacking with a single stroke of his sparkling sword.


There were also werewolves that came my way, but Argo-san and Amanda-san defeated them.

There were sounds of heavy objects falling.

The red blood was seeping from below the fallen werewolves. The blood was immediately absorbed by the ground.


“Let’s search for the surviving villagers! Argo, Amanda, and Yuuri should wait over there. As for the others, let’s go deeper into the village. Let’s go to search for the survivors while staying alert for the hiding werewolves!”


Along with Leon-san’s order, all the knights went deep into the village.





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