Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Perfect Camping Construction


The next day.

On the first day of the Demon Forest exploration, we were blessed with good weather. The Ares kingdom’s climate was warm all year round, and it seemed that it moderately rained in a gentle manner. I wonder if that meant there wasn’t any need for an umbrella?


I was thinking about how they would manage the water for drinking and for irrigation when I recalled they could use the underground water and the water from several rivers flowing from the Sacred Mountain Meteora.

Come to think of it, there was a river close to the Izel fort. We used the water from well for drinking, though.


It seemed that we would explore the Demon Forest by tracing along the lines of that river. We definitely wouldn’t be lost going that way.

The exploration for the monsters would be done by the knights who possessed the presence detection skill.


Presence detection, huh? How nice.

I think the presence detection was a skill that hunters possessed, but I didn’t learn it because I never played as a job from the hunter tree. But the people of this world seemed to be able to use the presence detection skill despite being knights.

As I gradually learned the necessary skills to myself, I felt like I was getting stronger.


I could only learn new magic by levelling up, but I wonder what would be a sage’s new magic?

W…well, before that, I should just level up more.


“That’s right, Jou-chan, did your magic skill get better?”

“If you’re asking about whether or not it gets better…For Wind Arrow, I became able to give damage to only the target.”

“Hee. Does it seem to be applicable in real combat?”

“We won’t know until I try it, but perhaps it is…”


Speaking of which, I was currently riding on Frank-san’s left shoulder right now.

As to why things turned out like this, I also didn’t know…


I thought that we would be going to the Demon Forest by riding on horses, but it seemed that we would be going by feet. When I thought about it more carefully, there were lots of trees and ivy, so we weren’t able to ride on horses there. We would apparently be punched in the face by the twigs.


But if we were going on foot, an 8-year-old’s feet would just get me left behind, and so I was thinking about how I should deal with that. That was when Frank-san carried me on his shoulder.

It was perfect for his training, and I was already carried by him anyway.


Frank-san…you’re a priest, right…?

I wonder if this kind of training is even necessary…


“Well, I use magic during the times I’m incapacitated. Basically, I can just heal myself. Otherwise, the recovery after a battle might happen slowly. Gahahahaha.”


Such a lively laugh that it caused his body to shake~. It would be dangerous if I couldn’t maintain the balance.

For the time being, Frank-san’s left hand was propping my body firmly, but it would be scary if I were to fall in a moment of negligence.


“Be at ease. The monsters over there won’t be any threat to the knights of our fort.”

“If that’s the case, then everyone would be fine even if I’m not there…”


If they are that strong, no matter how I think about it, I could only be considered as bonus.1


“Well, well. If you remain in the fort alone, something even more dangerous than the monsters might come.”

“What is that ‘something’?”

“It’s something for adults to think about. Well, no need to mind it.”


Frank-san then messed my hair roughly using his right hand.


Ukyaa. My hair is all messy now.


“It can’t be helped for us to think about various matters. We should just let everything flows, though. Anyway, we just have to walk forward and we will somehow get by.”


Mu~n. I wonder if it’s something like that?


As I leaned my head, Frank-san stopped walking. When I looked at my surrounding, the knights were taking down the bags they were bringing.


“We will be camping here today. Jou-chan, I’ll let you down.”



Three magicians from the Izel fort were gathering at a slightly distant place from the river. Serena-san was one of them, and they were chanting something as they faced towards the forest.


“O great wind that passes through the sky, become a sharp arrow and shred the enemies before us. Wind Arrow!”


As the three chanted the spell, the sharp wind arrows chopped down the trees of the Demon Forest from their roots. The cut down trees were transported by the knights, and in the blink of an eye, a campsite was made to some extent next to the river.


Amanda-san beckoned me for some reason in front of the chopped trees.

This, could it be…


“Yuuri-chan, here. Show everyone the results of your training!”


As expected, that’s what she wanted to say-!


And so, my job was to make firewoods until lunch time.



After we finished eating the breads we brought from the fort, Leon-san stood up and began to issue orders.


“We’re going to conduct the exploration of the Demon Forest after this. Every group, defeat the monsters as soon as you discover them. In case of the appearance of a herd or anomaly which are hard to defeat, do not overdo it and call for reinforcement. Argo’s team, be on standby here and assist with the communication of each group. Now then, let’s go!”


Leon-san brought around ten knights with him as he entered the forest. Frank-san and Amanda-san also went into the forest, leading their respective group. Serena-san was also going for the exploration along with several magicians and knights.


The remaining people were me, Argo-san, Georg-san, and five knights.


“Now then. Shall we get going with the preparation of the campground? Ah, Yuuri-chan, can you bring the firewoods here?”


Argo-san took out something resembling a large cloth from the luggage we brought here. After that, he brought the chopped trees with the suitable length and created something similar to a few tents.


In the middle of that, a small azure-colored bird turned up at Argo-san’s side. After passing a small paper held in its beak, the small bird flew again.

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“Argo-san, what is that?”

“Aah, Yuuri-chan doesn’t know? They are called as magical birds, which are small birds made of magical stones that the dwarf tribe created. They enable us to report the information from another place like this.”


Hee. Certainly, craftmanship seemed to be the dwarves’ specialty. So, they created such small birds like that.


“I see. And Argo-san will be collecting the information like that?”

“That’s right. The Monster Flood has just begun, so I think that there won’t be too many of the monsters, though. But if the number of a specific kind turns out to be a lot, we will be able to tell from which kind will the king be born.”

“We are able to tell?!”

“Yeah. That’s right. Before a monster king is born, the number of the monsters from that kind will increase a lot. That way, we will be able to tell from which kind of a monster will the king be born from, and won’t we be able to prepare for a counter-measure faster, then? I think that the other countries are also exploring the Demon Forest around this time.”


Is that so? For that reason, we are all exploring the Demon Forest like this.


“Ah, then the number of Undead increased eight years ago?”

“That’s right, but Undead are basically only found near the Demon Empire. That is why, nobody had realized that their numbers had multiplied until they came to attack the people of Ares kingdom. In addition, the Undead King is rarely born.”


Aah, that’s why they were late in preparing the counter-measure, huh…?

This time, it would be nice if we could immediately identify the monster king’s species…


While thinking about that, several things akin to tents were made. In addition, something akin to a fireplace was also made.

A…awesome. He was so fast in working!


“You see, these tents have protective magic formation added to them. That’s why, as long as we are at the campsite, there is no need to be worried over being attacked by the monsters.”

“That’s such a relief.”


In Elysia Online, when we bought a tent and used it, we would be able to fully recover our HP and MP in the field. That must be the mechanism behind it. I see~.


“Shall we bring some water right now? Yuuri-chan, can you apply Cure to the water?”


Ooh! That’s one way to apply detoxification or the cure magic. With it, drinking unboiled water won’t pose any harm to one’s stomach!


I steadily applied Cure to the water inside the pots that Argo-san and Georg-san carried.

Since I only used Wind Arrows today, there was enough excessive MP for me to use.


At any rate, I’ll only be helping in the campground today, right…?

I’m only using my magic for it, right…?



But as long as I can be of any use to everyone, then it’s alright! It’s important to defeat the monsters, but securing a place to sleep is also important!


My mood improved as I thought about that, so I continued using Cure. Amidst all that, Georg-san suddenly called me. I was so surprised that I reflexively jumped.


Ah…The cure flew towards the inside of the forest. W-what do I do?!

But…since it’s only a cute, it should be fine, I guess…? It is fine, right?


“Since it’s only a cure, it’s alright.”


Looking at my flustered figure, Georg-san reassured me. His outward appearance resembled a bear, but his eyes were very gentle. In addition, he possessed a calming and gentle voice. As expected from the person Amanda-san liked, he was surely a really great person.



As I laughed, Georg-san’s eyes turned even gentler.


“That’s it for today. Yuuri-chan, aren’t you tired?”

“I’m alright! Everyone else should be even more tired, right?”

“They should be alright, for they regularly trained.”


Certainly…At a glance, Argo-san didn’t seem to be that tired. As for the other knights, they seemed to be brimming with physical strength, as expected from regularly training.


I wonder if Serena-san and the other magicians are also regularly training? Ah, but if they have a magic formation to recover from fatigue, they can just put it on their clothes.

Come to think of it, it’s so convenient having magic formations. I wonder how they were made?

I wonder if Georg-san will be able to tell me this time?


At that moment.

Suddenly, a growl “Grrrrrr” could be heard from behind me.




“Be careful!”


As I turned around, a black shadow sprung upon me.


Eh, why? The area around here should be under the effect of the monster-proof magic formation, right?!


At the edge of my vision, I could see Georg-san drawing out his sword. But the black shadow was even faster than him.




Argo-san’s voice could be heard.




Right before it collided with me, the black shadow made a turn and went down to my feet.

And then…



“Nya? Nyaa??????”


When I looked at my feet, there was a pitch black kitten who was rolling around my feet.


“Eh? C…cat…?”


Why would a kitten be here?!



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