Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 30.1

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Chapter 30

Monster Flood’s Demise


Note: Chapter 30’s size is very long (double the previous chapter which is already longer than the average/usual chapter), so I’m splitting it into two.


Part 1/2

Unlike the goblins, the werewolves and the dark panthers’ fighting power was high. It felt like the knights and the adventurers were pushed due to the two’s assistance.

Along with that, the number of injured people only increased.


“Healing Wind!”

“O healing wind, assemble and heal Grace!”


Frank-san, who had been beating up the goblins with his fists until just now, was fully absorbed in healing others by my side. Amanda-san and the other knights nearby were guarding us.


“Those who are injured, step back!”


Leon-san shouted with a passing voice.

It was apparent that soon, it won’t be enough with just me and Frank-san healing those who were injured, as their number was on the rise due to the appearance of the werewolves and dark panthers.


In the first place, there were priests stationed behind the knights, and so they were healing the casualties behind.

But the ones healing those whose injuries were conspicuous were me and Frank-san. As a result, the knights continued to fight just as they were, but with some people retreating behind, the fighting force just fell.


On the other hand, if the opponents were just goblins, the Protect Shield was enough to negate huge damage.


But the damage received from the werewolves and especially the dark panthers was considerably high that the number of heal we hurled only increased.

Frank-san and I were healing the others as we drank the MP Potion, but there were still people that we missed healing on.


“We’re being pressed, huh?”

“Their number is amazing…”

“O healing wind, assemble and heal Darius!”


As I expected, I couldn’t remember all the names of the knights, so I entrusted the healing of the knights from Izel fort to Frank-san.


“Well, it is the Monster Flood, so it’s only natural. But this time, it’s a Goblin King and we have the hero. To add, we have a small sage here. It should be an easy victory.”

“It will be good if it’s the case, though…Heal to Lucretia-san! Heal to Leon-san! Heal to Argo-san!”


In the middle of the conversation, we healed the others or drank MP Potions. I handed over the MP Potion I brought to Frank-san, and when I told him the MP consumption of Heal, we could manage our MP consumption well.


Besides, I had the cheat called as HP and MP bar in the party window!


“Still, they are strong.”


At the end of Frank-san’s gaze, we could see Frank-san’s junior, Simon-san and his party.

Perhaps due to the fact that the adventurers normally defeated monsters, they were able to steadily defeat the werewolves and dark panthers, and amidst everyone, the strength of Simon-san’s party was so prominent that we could tell in a glance.


Gazad-san the dwarf was defeating the goblins with his large sword, Virna-san the beastman was defeating the enemies using her slender sword coupled with her agility. Meanwhile, Naruruth-san the elf was attacking the enemies from behind the two of them using her magic, and Simon-san was next to her as he was healing. They made a very balanced party.

As expected of the S-rank party.


“He’s also able to hurl the heal, huh?”

“Yeah, I taught him after all.”


For some reason, in order to be able to hurl the heal, one had to practice it while forming a party, or it won’t do. That’s why, ‘teaching him’ meant that Frank-san and Simon-san formed a party before…


In other words, I wonder if Frank-san said, “Please form a party with me.”

I wanted to laugh as I imagined it, but this wasn’t the right time and place to do it, so I tried my best to suppress my laughter.



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In the middle of it, the fighting situation was a switch between offense and defense, advancing and retreating.

It seemed that the Goblin King’s howling meant that it was using the skill called as [encouragement], and each time the others heard that howl, the monsters’ attacks turned more violent.


Leon-san and the others were also trying to approach the king, but the number of the goblin herds along with the addition of the werewolves and the dark panthers caused them to be nearly confined to their spot.

If only I were closer to the Goblin King, I thought that my magic would reach it, but with this current distance, it won’t invoke anything even if I chant it.


The monster herds were pressing us bit by bit.

If things remained like this, I wonder if we would have to retreat for a moment and rearrange our strategy.

Although the humans need rest, I wonder if monsters need them, too?

If they don’t, will the Goblin King march on without any rest?

The village, the town, and the humans will be affected by it…


But why does the Goblin King exit the forest and attack the humans?

Why does the Monster Flood happen, and why does a monster king born?


When I tried asking Frank-san about the questions that popped in my mind, I was told that [that’s how the god tests the people].

Testing, what for?

If god really exists in this world, does he mean that the god is testing the people in order to judge whether or not the world can continue to exist appropriately?

But why does it need to be tested?

I don’t understand…


The people of this world might not think of it as a problem since this was how the world was like from the moment they were born, but I couldn’t think of it as a natural occurence.

However, I don’t know what the cause to this repeated phenomenon is.


Did the god decide it so…?



Then, where is that god, and what are they doing right now?



Since I was thinking, my reaction was too late.

When I looked up in response to Georg-san’s voice, a dark panther approached with its fangs bared.


I’m going to get bitten…!!!


I closed my eyes and readied myself for the pain, but there wasn’t any damage that I had predicted.



When I timidly opened my eyes, Noir’s small body was biting at the dark panther’s throat.

The dark panther was intensely shaking its head in order to shake Noir off.

However, Noir was clinging on to its bite desperately, not being shaken off by it.



The dark panther raised its foreleg and knocked Noir off.



The small black body was thrown sideway, falling to the ground.




In that moment, all the other voices disappeared, and I could only hear the sound of Noir falling down.

The small body disappeared within the goblin herds.

I immediately checked the party window.

It’s alright, Noir’s HP still hasn’t disappeared.


“Heal to Noir!”

But if I don’t rescue it from there, that small body will be trampled by the goblins.


The moment I thought so, a dazzling light appeared from the place where Noir fell.




Then, the light disappeared and over there was…







There was the figure of Noir whose body turned bigger.


Eh…? But for some reason, its size isn’t as big as the normal dark panther…?



Noir roared loudly as it sprang upon the dark panther who was about to attack me.

The two of them became entangled as they tumbled over the goblins.


The two similar dark panthers were trying to attack each other’s throat.

No, when I looked more clearly, Noir’s pupils were blue, while the other dark panther’s eyes were yellow.


Noir rolled up its back before it sprang highly the next moment.

The other dark panther was also kicking the ground with its hind-legs.


The two dark panthers crossed over in the middle of the sky.


Then, one of them fell to the ground.

While the other one…



It descended on the ground, roaring.



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Ooh, what happened? Who do you think is winning?

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