Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

Ocean Howl


The white mist covering Leviathan was fading gradually. Inside it, Leviathan was crouching with its eyes closed.


“It wasn’t bad. But I haven’t shown you my full power yet. Try receiving this attack!”


Leviathan’s golden eyes were suddenly opened as it rose, then it spread out its big wings that were nowhere to be seen until just now.

Then, each time it flapped its wings, a giant water whirlpool grew larger on top of its head.


“Storm Breath is coming! Protect against it!”

At the same time as Karin-san’s voice could be heard, the water was approaching with a tremendous power. The whirling water was trying to crush one’s body.


It… It’s painful!

Even after applying Protect Shield, I could tell that I was continuously receiving damage.

It’s not good,’ so I thought. And at that moment, somebody pulled my back toughly.


“…kh… Cough…”

After being rescued from the water whirlpool, I vomited the water that had entered my lungs.



“Thanks, Noir…”

The one that came to save me was Noir. Apparently, Noir bit on my white cat robe and pulled me out from the water current.


What about the others?’ I thought as I turned to look at my surroundings and…

This is bad!

Everyone was breathing, but all of them were collapsed on the ground.


“This can’t do. I need to heal everyone. Healing Wind!”

But nobody got up.

Aah, geez. Can’t I heal more than this?


Since it’s come to this—

“Area Heal to all of my allies that are inside this cavern!”


I sensed my magical power being wholly decreased.

However, there was a sign that everyone was getting up, so I should’ve succeeded in healing them.

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We didn’t even have the time to rest as Leviathan started to spread its wings again.

Is the same attack coming again?!


What to do? Wind magic isn’t effective, water and fire also have a small effect.

But, if I were to use a lightning magic, we’d also sustain some damage…


Then, it’d be hit or miss, using earth magic—

Wait a minute. Come to think of it, didn’t I level up thanks to the experience point I had received after defeating the Armored Insect?!

Adding the points from the Malenti that Virna-san and Noir defeated, could it be that…


“Status Open.”


Yuuri Kujou. 8 years old. Sage level 30.



I levelled up!

Then, perhaps I’ve learned some new magic.

My magic—


Available Skills:

[Thunder Element] Thunder Arrow, Thunder Lance (Thunder of Judgment)

[Wind Element] Wind Arrow, Wind Lance (Destruction Tornado)

[Fire Element] Fire Ball, Fire Crash (Crimson Blaze)

[Water Element] Water Ball, Water Crash (Blue Torrent)

[Earth Element] Rock Fall, Earthquake (Meteor of Annihilation)

[Ice Element] Diamond Dust, Frozen Stream


I learned ice magic! Moreover, there were two of them!

Then, if I were to use the stronger one—


“Your power only amounted to this, huh? How foolish. …Now, playtime is over. Leave this place.”

Leviathan floated into the air; its wings were widely spread.

Then, its body was greatly arched—


“Try and receive this. Ocean Howl!!”

“Tch. Surging First!”

“Split Flame Blade!”

“Flashing Water Stream!”


–It’s coming!

“I won’t let you! Frozen Stream, gooooooo!!”

Lots of icicles were fired from the tip of my wand, going towards Leviathan as if they were gliding on top of the floor.


Just in time!

A large water wall formed at Leviathan’s back.

It slowly raised its head, trying to swallow us whole.




The rushing wave was approaching us above our heads.



Splashes of water rained down from above our heads.

The next moment.


The tip of my eyelashes was frozen in white.





The light sound echoed so out-of-place with this tensed situation.

Then, in a twinkle of an eye, the wave wall that was about to swoop down on us was getting frozen.


The group of icicles found their way to Leviathan as if they were a counter-current—

Its tail, its wings, and its torso that was covered in scales were all getting frozen.

Eventually… Leviathan’s neck was also frozen.


The shining golden left eye of Leviathan who had turned away was glaring down at me.

“To think that there is someone in this world that can use ice magic… No, it’s the person who had blended, huh?”


Then, it removed its gaze on me…

“Then, good job, to be able to stab a sword at me, huh?”


There was the sound of Leviathan forcibly moving its face.

And on its right eye—


“You were trying to stop me by throwing a weapon at me, huh? …I see. The sword was clad in water that forced my waves back, huh?”

Ar-niisama’s sword was lodged in quite deeply there.

When I glanced at him, Ar-niisama was frozen at his feet as he glared at Leviathan.


As for the others, their feet were also frozen.

H-hurry, I gotta heal them!


“…Hmph. You’ve demonstrated your power to me, huh? Very well. The person loved by the water, receive my blessings!”

As Leviathan’s voice echoed, the lodged sword was now floating in the air.

Then, that sword flew back towards Ar-niisama’s side.


Ar-niisama received that sword with his right hand.

Then, Leviathan’s right eye that was still stuck in the sword changed into the form of a small golden dragon. It smoothly walked along the sword and huddled on top of the back of Ar-niisama’s right hand.


The next moment, a blinding light that caused one to be dazzled appeared—

“What the hell is this?!”

Ar-niisama raised his voice in surprise.

His right hand was glittering in golden color, leaving a pattern that seemed to be a magic circle that had the form of Leviathan.


“During the time when you need my power, that mark of a blessing will shine. But my manifestation in this world is only transient. Therefore, you should augment my blessing in the middle of the battle.”

After saying that, a small crack ran along the cavity of Leviathan’s right eye.

That crack rapidly grew deeper.


“The person loved by water. Summon me from the spirit world. My true name is Azure Dragon Livyatan!”


I didn’t know because Karin-san said that it was the Divine Beast Leviathan, but it was actually the Azure Dragon Livyatan?!1


In front of me who widened my eyes in surprise, the ice on Leviathan’s frozen body shattered, crumbling away with an ear-piercing sound.

“Let’s meet again in the Sage Tower.”

All of the ices were broken into fragments, and Leviathan was sucked up into the black haze that appeared in the very beginning.


Eh, wait. What did it mean?

The Sage Tower really existed?


Then, what remained at the very end was only the empty treasure chest.


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  1. The Japanese writing of Leviathan is レヴィアタン , while the Livyatan is written like this: リヴァイアサン. Both are actually translated into Leviathan so honestly I was confused on how to differentiate both in English, thus after lots of googling, I settled on Livyatan. But please don’t confuse it with Livyatan the extinct whale.

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  1. johnson

    “Let’s meet again in the Sage Tower.”

    All of the ices were broken into fragments, and Leviathan was sucked up into the black haze that appeared in the very beginning.

    Eh, wait. What did it mean?

    The Sage Tower really existed?

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