Destination of Crybird Chapter 33 Part 2

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Chapter 33 Part 2

To The East


So, in conclusion, we washed our bodies together back-to-back, facing opposite directions. As a result, we passed that night in an awkward atmosphere.


As dawn arrives, the first thing we do is to head towards the Auton Company who is in charge of the caravan. Auton Company is the biggest company in the Koru Thread. Despite having a steady business, there isn’t much rumors to be heard, be it the good rumors or bad rumors. However, being the biggest company in this city, they set up a meeting hall in the heart of the city.

After opening the gate of the Auton Company, we directly cut out the matter we have to the receptionist.


“Excuse me. We would like to travel together with the caravan that’s set to head off towards the royal capital in three days.”

“Then, please record the information of the parties wishing to travel together in this form, stating the names, ages, and combat skills for each person. Normally, people who wish to travel together with the caravan will be charged 5 Silver Coins per person. However, in case that they possess combat skills, they will be given the privilege of a discount or their charges will be exempted in condition that they assist in case if a battle occurs. Furthermore, please understand that we do not assume any responsibility should there are injuries or deaths.”


When we’re done in filling the information needed on the form (although we do not disclose anything about the dark attribute magic), we handed it to the receptionist. The receptionist stared in wonder, and then asked us a question.

“Please excuse me, but are you two the ones who will be travelling together with the caravan? May we ask about your purpose?”

I honestly tell her that I am aiming for the Magic Academy.

“Sorry to impose this, but would it be all right if we were to ask you to use the Holy Magic here and now?”

“It’s all right. Is it fine for me to slightly injure my own fingertip using this knife?”

The receptionist handed me the knife, and after confirming that blood has dripped from my fingertip, I invoked the Holy Magic, and showed my healed injuries to the receptionist.

“I apologize for being doubtful. If you can use the Holy Magic, then it’d be alright if you get exempted of the charges. In cases that there are injured people, please treat them.”

“No problem, thank you very much.”

Afterwards, we received the explanation of the appointed meeting place, time, and other important points to note, then we left the hall.


“We finished earlier than we thought, eh?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, today, let’s go to the Temple first, and shall we go see the sea after that? Medea, you have never seen the sea before, right?”

“Is it all right for us not to study? Although I would like to have you teach me arithmetic. After all, there will be general study examination in the Magic Academy’s Entrance Examination.”

“We will most likely pass since we have no problem in our magic skills. It’s obvious that it would be better for us to study, but I think it will be okay if we take a break just for today.”

“Well, it’s fine if Larcus-nii-san said so…”


Medea has already discussed all of my skills. We already know each other’s skills using [Appraisal], and we don’t need to check our status at the Temple. However, in her current status, Medea can change her job from [Magician] to [Sorcerer]. My [Status Management] can only be used for myself, so it is necessary for Medea to go to the Temple to change her job.

After we successfully finished changing job in the Temple, we bought lunch boxes and continued our journey for approximately one hour towards the sea.

In addition, since there are only a few terrains suited for harbor in the Arnaldo Kingdom, the maritime in this kingdom is not developed, and that is approximately how the fishing village is spotted around the shoreline. On the contrary, in order to establish trade with the Gurajiru Continent which is in the south of Fenoru Continent, for bringing forth enormous wealth, there is the Free Ocean Cities of Sarajek Union.


We arrived at the sea without any incident, and I asked Medea about her thoughts.

“How is it, Medea? Isn’t the scenery awesome?”


It seems Medea has become speechless at the grandeur scenery.

“Well, it’s alright for you to see them at ease.”

Medea appears to come to her senses at my words.

“Nii-san, is it okay if I get closer to the sea?”

“It’s fine, but the water is cold.”

Since it is precisely close to the beginning of the winter season, the temperature doesn’t seem to be fine for playing with the water.

“It’s salty.”

Medea put her finger into the sea water and licked it.

“Hey, Nii-san. Why is the sea water salty?”

“There is also rock salt on the surface, right? Long time ago, there was also rock salt in the sea, and so the sea water became salty because the rock salt began to dissolve.”

“Hmm… It’s really a wonder, isn’t it?”


After that, I looked at the scenery for a while, as I was also thinking about the future. It would be good if I could go to the Magic Academy and learn magic. Afterwards, there won’t be anything to be concerned about if I were to be an adventurer. If I were to be a powerful adventurer, then I could protect Medea. However, would that be all I have to do? In this world, the value of human lives is remarkably low, and to consider that we also have to live while in fear of the demons and the influential people’s caprices. If it’s me who possess knowledge of modern Japan, wouldn’t it be plausible for me to improve people’s livelihood so that it can be better?

But, that is a path adjoined with dangers. A very abrupt reformation means rebelling against people with vested interests, and if I were to blunder and failed to swing back, my life would easily vanish. Let me repeat, the value of life here is low, and that includes my own.

Gazing at the sea with Medea while thinking about various things profoundly, the time for us to go back has come at last. It isn’t something that could be decided right here, right now. Besides, I don’t feel any connection to pull something such as a reformation, so for now, I can only think of becoming an adventurer and become stronger.


I lightly shook my head and talked to Medea.

“Someday, just as I promised, I’m going to show you a lot of beautiful things. How is it for now?”

“Thank you. I’m glad we came here!”

“Is that so?”

“Next time, let’s come here during the summer, so we can play in the water!”


Although sceneries like this might also be beautiful, but the beautiful things that I really want to show Medea is perhaps the sceneries where people look happy without a need to be afraid of anything. I was thinking of something similar to the Doctor Faust who succumbed into wagering with the devil.


After that, we returned to the inn and spent the remaining two days with studying. Medea’s arithmetic, if we were to talk about it using Japan’s level, hers is equal to the elementary level. If we take this world’s level of civilization to consideration, it would be enough to score points well in the general study.

The day when the caravan would be heading to the Royal Capital Nord has come. The journey to the royal capital takes approximately one month, but since the flat road continues, the forecast is good, and the public order is also relatively good. The caravan’s escort is usually around 10 people, so the demons and bandits rarely launch their attack.

Upon gathering at the appointed place, there were people who seemed like hired adventurers and laborers who seemed to be slaves already gathering, as they were working to stuff things into the luggage carrier of the carriages.

“Ou, kids. What are you doing at this place?”

An adventurer with a kind-looking face greeted us. Normally, children do not come to this place, so it’s no wonder he’d question us.


“We would be joining you to go to the royal capital together.”

“Why, children like you?”

“Because we’d like to enroll to the Sarajek’s Magic Academy.”

“Come to think of it, we were told that this time, there would be someone who could use the Holy Magic accompanying us, could that be your parent?”

“No, the person who could use the Holy Magic would be me.”

“What, at such a young age? What about the little miss over there?”

“Medea is my little sister, and although she still cannot use the Holy Magic, she is a [Sorcerer] who can use level 2 attributed magics.”

“Whoa-, that’s great. My name is Ars. I’ll be counting on you if I were to get hurt.”

“I am Larcus. Medea and I are looking forward to working with you. By the way, what is the probability to get injured during a round-trip journey to the royal capital?”

“Well, not even one people died during three round trips. For our case, since we have lots of people, so generally we can just escape from the enemies, but we should be battling the demons approximately once every 5 days. Also, in case if someone gets hurt, they can just take a rest so long as it’s not a fatal injury. However, we can’t help but to leave behind some people who become unable to follow the journey anymore. That’s why, if there’s Holy Magic, we’ll be greatly helped.”

“I see, so we’ll have to encounter demons quite often, eh?”

“What, are you scared? After all, you have no experience in actual combat, eh, Cherry Boy?”

Ars said with a teasing tone, but since it’s a matter of coordination during the combat, in addition to the matter of life or death, I answered in a serious tone.

“No, we have experiences with actual combats, including inter-personal battles, so we’ll also assist should a battle happens.”

“Ahahaha. What a remarkable boy. Well, circumstances where we would need you young chicks’ help rarely happen, though.”

Even though I talked about it seriously, Ars didn’t take me seriously, and then he left while laughing.


The person responsible for this time’s caravan is the second son of the Auton Company’s president, Roy Auton. Once he arrived, he read the schedule and other important points. Based on what I heard, Roy is still 23 years old, and he is a person with a sharp-looking character.

I was listening intently to the things he read, such as how the material dropped from the demons and the magic stones would belong to the people who defeated the demons, and in the lodging town, escorts should stay in the inn that the company has ordered in advance, however in case of a full reservation, the people who couldn’t be accommodated would be decided with lottery, in accordance to the agreement.


Eventually, there are 11 merchants, six adventurer guards, and the two of us, making the total of 19 people in three carriages, heading towards the royal capital.


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