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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 29

Chapter 29

Wizard’s Haori



Finally, Wizard’s haori1 was completed.

Right now, Wizard is not in the mansion because of work.

Lise is worried whether Wizard would be happy or not.

Although her knitting isn’t a match for the goods for sale, but she thinks that she has made it quite well.

Lise felt happy from thinking about it.

Does Wizard have this kind of thing?

It would be nice if he doesn’t, so she thought while wrapping it neatly.



Next, she began to work on her part.

Since her haori isn’t so long, she could complete it within 2 days.

She thought to give it to Wizard after her part was finished.

Although she wanted to give it earlier, but she also wanted to tell him that it was a matching pair.

And that’s why she thought that she would give him after she was done with her own part, as well.



Lise’s haori is peach-colored.

Wizard’s haori is knitted in black.

It’s because she thinks that black suits Wizard a lot.

Lise then began on working her own haori.

She has gotten the hang of knitting from making Wizard’s haori, so she skillfully advanced her work.






Wizard went home.

Since Lise wasn’t in the couple’s room, he went into Lise’s room.

“This time, you’re making something peach-colored, eh?”


“Just what are you making?”

“This is haori. Since it’s gotten so cold these days…”

(She carelessly let the words slip from her mouth).

“Is it cold? Are you catching a cold again?”

Saying that, Wizard brought his forehead towards Lise’s.

“It doesn’t seem to be hot.”

“I’m not having a fever.”




“I’m making it so that I won’t catch a cold, anyway.”

“Is that so.”

Though it was only for a moment, a soft expression came out from his usual scary-looking face.

“Wizard-sama! Your face just now was so dreamy!”

“Face? Did I just smile?”

“Yes! I really love Wizard-sama’s gentle expression!”

Wizard froze for a moment.

“Then, do you hate the usual me?”

He said that as if he was sulking, and he turned his back away from Lise.

Lise put her knitting on the desk and jumped at Wizard’s back.

“I also love the usual Wizard-sama!!”



She put her strength in her arms that are hugging him.



“Then, is it okay if I embrace you tonight, too?”

“This and that are different! I don’t feel like it today.”


“I want to quickly finish my knitting.”

After saying that, she was pulled in by Wizard’s arms.

Then, he hugged her while whispering to her ears.

“I’m sorry for being so incessant last night. Does it still hurt?”

“…well, yeah.”

(Let it be like that).

“Then, let’s not do it today.”

It was rather unusual for Wizard to say that.

“Wizard-sama, thank you!”

“But, we should just sleep together.”

“J, just sleeping, okay?”

“Yeah, I got it.”




Then, Wizard held the wrapped object.

“Ah, that is…”

“What is this? Is this a present for someone? Could it be, for Vinan?!”

“Y, you are wrong! That is a present for Wizard-sama!”

(I should have hidden it in somewhere more impossible to be found…)

It’s too late for her to be regretting that now.

“Can I open it now?”


She felt like it was useless to say no to Wizard right at that time.

Wizard carefully opened the package.

“Is this your knitting?”


“This is a haori, right?”


It is fairly hard to keep something a secret from Wizard.

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah, it was very well done.”

“Really?! If that is true, then I’m so happy!”

Saying that, Lise felt so happy, as if her body was floating in the air.





“Although I told you that I won’t embrace you tonight, but there’s no way I can afford not to give you my gratitude after receiving something this well done.”

Wizard shouldered Lise and went towards the couple’s room.

“Wh, what are you planning to do?!”

“The usual thing. Today, as to not let you feel any pain, I will properly prepare for it.”


“But you said that you won’t, today…”

“I changed my mind.”

She hoped that he won’t change his mind so lightly like the weather.

Although she complained with her teary eyes that she disliked it, she couldn’t do anything but to comply.




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  1. Traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length kimono-style jacket.

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