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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 30

Chapter 30

The Completion of the Matching Haori



In the end, Lise was swallowed up to Wizard’s pace again last night.

“How frustrating~…!”

No matter what she said, she always ended up with his pacing.

She was really frustrated with it that the words escaped her lips just now.

In the end, she was being embraced by Wizard too, last night.

Actually, Lise wanted to continue her knitting up until late at night.

Despite that, she was being disturbed by Wizard.

She shouldn’t treat her own husband as a hindrance, but for her who was trying so hard to make something, he was nothing but a hindrance to her.

(I wonder why is Wizard-sama embracing me every night?)

Although they are newly-wed, she still feels that they’ve been doing it way too many times.

Is it just her imagination?

It can’t be helped that she’s worried over it.



“Yosh! Let’s complete it by today!”

Thinking that, she worked on her knitting.

(Somehow, it seems that I could finish it before Wizard-sama comes home.)

She wonders what kind of face he would make once he knows that it’s supposed to be a matching haori.

She wants to quickly see that face of his.

He will surely be very surprised.



After she’s done eating a scone as her snack, Lise resumed her work.

“Lise-sama, please don’t overdo yourself…”

“It’s alright! It will be completed soon.”

The maids didn’t say anything after that, but it was clear that they were worried.

Once night fell, somehow she managed to finish it.

Just right after that, Wizard arrived home.

Again, since he couldn’t find Lise in the couple room, he came to Lise’s bedroom.



Lise fell asleep on the desk.

In her hands, what seemed to be the thing she had been working on up until now was clutched.

He gently pulled it out of her hands and when he tried to spread it out, it was a haori.

“A matching haori…”

Wizard was surprised.

(Did she make those haori since she wanted to have a matching set with me… if only she told me, I could have bought it for her.)

Wizard gently held Lise on his arms so that she won’t wake up, and carried her to the bed.

He tried to call her “Lise” by her ears, but she didn’t respond.

“Did she keep making it until she got so tired?”

In the middle of carrying her, he was amazed.

However, he could understand that handmade things and matching things are something special for Lise.

Could it also be because she thought that she didn’t want to just become a burden to Wizard, so she worked so hard to make them.



Wizard gladly received his haori last night.

Since Lise fell asleep, she missed some important phenomena.

Wizard’s surprised expression and his amazed expression.

“Good night, Lise.”

Saying that, he kissed her forehead and let her continue her sleep.

Actually, he also wanted to embrace her today as he returned, but with this kind of circumstances, it would be impossible.

He gave up tonight and quietly slept.



The reason why he has embraced Lise every night is only one, because Lise is very dear to him.

He has tried to embrace Lise gently so as to not break her.

He sometimes acts rashly, but… basically, he intends to embrace her gently.

Even while Lise sometimes refuses it, he also sees that as adorable.

That’s why he still embraces her against her will.

Lise doesn’t notice that.

That Wizard finds everything about Lise adorable that he becomes impatient.



He has always held an interest to her ever since they first met.

Now, when he thinks about it, it might be his first love.

He wonders what about Lise.

For various reasons, Lise went to be by Wizard’s side.

But, she says that she loves him now.

Wizard didn’t understand just when and at what timing did she finally fall in love with him.

Whenever he looks at the mirror, there’s only a man with his scary-looking face reflected.

She is the only girl who doesn’t turn away upon looking at that kind of face.

It might be good to ask her in person once she wakes up.

If that is done, Wizard thinks that it would deepen their relationship.




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