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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 31

Chapter 31

Deepening Bonds



Today, unusually, Wizard took a day off.

Lise didn’t understand the reason, but she was happy that she could spend the day with him.

Wizard took Lise outside, and the two began to walk around the garden inside the premises.

“Lise, there is something I would like to ask you…”

Wizard approached her with a slightly scarier face than usual.

Lise slightly pulled her body back.



Looking at it closer, as expected, it was a face full of intensity.

Moreover, he always looks like he is angry.

“Wh, what is it?”

“Why did you fall in love with me?”

Lise was puzzled by that question.

Why would he ask that, it was a mystery for her.

“Why did you ask for such a thing?”

“I have never been liked by women. Despite that, Lise still said that you loved me and for me, it’s an important thing.”

“T, that’s because I know how gentle Wizard-sama really is.”


“Even if the other women are scared of you, I’m fine!”

“But, sometimes you’re also afraid, right?”

“That’s only when Wizard-sama is angry.”

She tried to convey her feelings hardly, but it didn’t turn out really well.



“Today, I took a day off since I wanted to know your feelings.”

“Eh? For that kind of reason, you neglected your valuable work?!”

Lise was surprised.

Since she didn’t really think that her feelings were that important, she was very surprised.

“Don’t say it like that. For me, it’s an important thing.”

“I, I’m sorry.”

“Ah, no. I wasn’t angry just now. I was a little bit sulky.”

At that statement, Lise was surprised.

“You are sulking?”

“…Is it weird for a grown man like me to sulk?”

“No, I am also quite sulky.”

After she said that, Wizard was cheered up.

“I thought that Wizard-sama was taciturn, but turns out you are quite talkative.”

“Do you dislike men who like to talk?”

“That’s not it. Since there are things that we won’t understand until they’re being talked out.”

“Is that so? There are lots of misunderstandings because I’m like this and don’t really talk too much.”

Lise agreed.



“I love Lise.”

“Wha… this is outside the mansion! If people heard it…”

“It’s the truth. Besides, it’s not something to be worried over, right? What about Lise?”

“I, I also love you.”

“Since when?”



“I don’t remember that.”

“I see, so you have loved me since quite a long time ago, huh?”

Lise turned bright red.

You fell in love and felt affection for someone naturally.

Lise was also like that.

Before she even noticed it, she fell in love and felt affectionate towards Wizard.

“Please, don’t say such a thing too often. It’s embarrassing.”

Lise honestly said that.

Hearing her, Wizard kissed Lise.

“Lise, thank you for falling in love with me.”

“That’s my line. Since truthfully, we shouldn’t have been able to marry because of my social position.”

“Lise… I love you regardless of your social position.”

“I feel the same way, as well.”



Wizard carried Lise on his arms and returned to the mansion.

Then, he brought her into the couple’s bedroom.

“Today, I want to embrace you for a whole day.”

“…It doesn’t mean only hugging, right?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Lise didn’t feel like running away.

Wizard was already undressing.

Lise was so embarrassed that she didn’t have the courage to undress.

While she was being fidgety, Wizard undressed her clothes.


“As usual, your reaction is unsophisticated.”

“Please, stop that.”

“I won’t stop.”


[Wizard won’t stop! What else is there besides NSFW moment?]


Saying that, he began to fondle her breasts.



“Uhm, yaa…”

“Do you really want me to stop?”


As Lise turned bright red, she couldn’t say anything.

“Wizard-sama is such a bully.”

When she finally could open her mouth, that line escaped her mouth.

Afterwards, there was only heavy breathing to be heard.

“Haa, uhn, aan…”

“Yaan, uaan…”

Lise began to breath fervently.

“Lise, does it feel good?”

Lise nodded.

Wizard reached for Lise’s lower abdomen.

Then, he touched her secret place.

Her secret place was already open, with it being dripping wet.



“Would you like to lie face-down today?”


Before she could say anything more than that, her face was already lying down.

Then, after locating her secret place, he poked inside it in one go.

She gasped while pushing her face against the pillow.

“Yaah, this kind of position is!!”

“Did I hit your sweet spots?”

“Haan, yaan…”

The sound of skins colliding could be heard as usual.

The thing different from usual was Lise’s reaction.

She could feel more than usual.

Looking at her reaction, Wizard became satisfied.


Lise came.

At the same time, Wizard also came.



[Continue reading here if you skip NSFW Part]


The two of them felt that their relationship was deepened.

Afterwards, the two fell asleep while embracing each other.

Wizard was being enveloped by feelings of gratitude for being able to meet Lise.




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