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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 32

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Actuallyyyyy, there is no border on where the NSFW starts in this chapter, so consider the whole chapter is NSFW and be warned!



Chapter 32

The Next Day



The next day, when Lise woke up, she realized that she was being hugged tightly.

(As expected, he didn’t think about the degree of his strength… My stomach hurts.)

When she squirmed and tried to move, Wizard woke up.

“Have you already woken up, Lise?”

“Yes, I’m already awake…”



(Why does it stand up from early in the morning?)

It was Lise’s first time seeing a man’s thing that got erect in the morning.

Noticing Lise’s line of sight, Wizard became flustered.

“T, this is not what you think it is?! It’s a physiological phenomenon.”


“But, if Lise is fine with it, I can also do it in the morning.”

Lise hurriedly crawled out of the bed.



“You don’t want to do it, Lise?”

“That kind of thing is a night activity only!”

Wizard then replied her with something unexpected.

“That isn’t true, you know? Everyone is hiding it, but they are also doing it during the day.”

Lise thought that she didn’t know about it at all.

“That, is it true?”

Wizard answered as if it was obvious.


Lise already had a headache, although it was still early in the morning.

“What’s wrong, Lise?”

“I feel a bit dizzy…”

“That is not good. Here, come back to the bed.”

“…You won’t do anything?”

“I don’t have the confidence to.”

Saying that, Wizard held Lise in his arms and brought her back to the bed.



In order to hold down Lise’s resistance, Wizard put Lise’s hands on top of her head, then with his other hand, he began to touch and feel up Lise’s pleasure buds.

“Yaan. Not… there.”

“Ahn, ha, ahn.”

Lise never thought that she would do this kind of thing right from the morning.

“Don’t you feel good? You’re already dripping wet down there, you know?”

Lise whose insides were stirred with his fingers, couldn’t think of anything anymore.


Saying that, Wizard showed his hand who was just inside her.


Wizard deliberately licked it right in front of Lise’s eyes.



Then, he inserted his erect rod inside of Lise in one go.

“Today, try to move on top of me, Lise.”

Saying that, suddenly, their position changed.

Now, Wizard was lying down with Lise riding on top of him.

Wizard’s penis was still inside of Lise.



“Eh? H, how should I move?”

“Try taking it in and out as you like, perhaps consider it like horse riding.”

“T, that… I can’t do such a vulgar thing.”

Lise said that she couldn’t do it many times over.

After that, Wizard pushed himself up with all of his strength from below.

Due to the excessively strong stimulus, Lise’s sight was flickering.

“Ah… ahn, ya, aah.”

“P, please stop.”

Wizard pushed himself up intensely from below her over and over again.

As it was rubbing her insides, Lise began to feel pleasure.

Before she even noticed, she started moving her hips on her own.



“That’s good, it’s also okay for you to hit it in the places where you like it, you know?”

“Haa, haa, haan…”

“Yaan, being poked deep inside feels good…”

Lise gradually accelerated the movement of her hips and came.


Her honey pot was giving a strong pressure to Wizard’s thing which was deeply inserted inside.

It was piercing Lise’s honey pot many times over from below.


Wizard poured in his hot and white liquid inside Lise, and finished coming.

The two of them repeatedly had rough breathing.



“I don’t want to do this position again…”

“Why? You said that you felt so good.”

“It was embarrassing.”

“This position was really fascinating. From this angle, Lise looked sexier than usual.”

While Lise turned bright red, she tapped Wizard’s forehead.

“I hate Wizard-sama who always says things like that! If it already ended, then please pull it out!”

Saying that, she pulled it out herself and then their position turned into the usual one.



“With this position, you won’t be embarrassed, right?”

“St… stop it already!!”

Ignoring Lise’s words, Wizard began to move his hips.

It was quite a rough treatment for her body who just came earlier.

“Yaa, s, stop already!”

“Ahn, aahn.”


Lise came again.

Wizard, who was intensely moving his hips, also came.



Then, he cheerfully went to his work place.

Lise was feeling completely exhausted from early in the morning.

The maids who were concerned asked her what happened, but Lise absolutely couldn’t say anything about it.




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        April 4, 2018 at 4:54 pm

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