The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 19 Part 1

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Chapter 19

Accidental Premonition and Fascinating Evening Party


Part 1/2

“Princess Sara is an upright person. Without knowing that his Highness Prince Reidrick could turn into a wolf, she loved the wolf very much. She treats the wolf like her own child.”

’Her own child’, huh…?”


Hearing Mianna’s words, Reiselt’s peering eyes looked at Reidrick.

He was biting on his lip as he hung his head down.

The ‘Sol’ version of him was certainly [my cute doggie] to Sara.


“Isn’t that quite an awkward relationship?”

“…That’s right, Elder Brother. Sara seemed to be interested in becoming my mother…”


Mianna who received words on Sol’s behavior from Sara then added.

“Considering the times when his Highness turned into a wolf and went to her, I think that when this secret becomes obvious, Sara will definitely become angry. That’s why, I think it’s important for Reidrick-sama to be sincere to receive Princess Sara’s trust, then after you were recognized as her husband, you should break the ice and bring up the topic.”


Mianna cleared her throat with a cough before saying.

“In other words, if Sara were to find out now, she would definitely break up with Reidrick-sama.”


Silence fell to that place.


“…Do your best. Do your best not to die, Reidrick.”

The pale-faced Reidrick nodded at Reiselt’s words.




“Now then, today I’d like to talk about the Garnelda country.”

Reiselt began to talk.


“In the diplomacy inspection this time, I have visited three countries, and all of them seemed to feel uncomfortable with Garnelda’s movements. Then, the said Garnelda refused to be inspected. It seemed that the whole country was temporarily in a state of isolation from diplomatic relation.”


“That’s quite blatant.”

The king frowned.


“According to my [maid]’s report…”

Mianna said.


“She [happened] to have a relative-[like] acquaintance in the Garnelda and so she could enter the country. According to the rumors, they seemed to strengthen their army. And then, although it’s uncertain, but there’s a rumor that some sort of a special unit…not unit with military power, but it seemed to be a unit that could fight with some kind of a power, existed there. Which made me think of…”


Mianna leaned her body and said.

“I’m also thinking of traveling there. Then, I can disguise myself as a maid and enter the castle…”

“Rejected! Rejected, Mianna!”

Prince Shuudel hugged Mianna.


“How can you think of doing such a dangerous thing? Do you really want to be chained?”

“But I’m confident I can retrieve a beneficial information.”

Mianna looked up at the prince sweetly.

However, it couldn’t deceive his clouded silver pupils.


“I told you no! …There are still lots of things you have to do as the future queen, right? If you still don’t get it, I will carefully teach you, so that you won’t be able to think of unnecessary things.”

“I definitely can be of use! Just one week is enough, nnn—-.”


Mianna’s lips were stopped by Shuudel’s.

Thinking that it couldn’t be helped, all members of the royal family averted their gazes.


“Please, let me go!!”

“If its meaning is different1, then with pelasure!”

“Mianna, please drop the idea…If it’s this child, then it might be possible for him to chain you…2


The prime minister, who was also her uncle, feebly shook his head.




His Highness Prince Reiselt and the prime minister were in charge of investigating and analyzing the Garnelda country’s movements.

Mianna was obviously removed from the investigation members, but she stroke a bargain to let her [maid] continue with her information gathering activity. And although she was still looking sullen, she obediently settled in Prince Shuudel’s arms.


That night, Reidrick went to visit Sara in his wolf form.

Actually, he wanted to come and be lovey dovey in a human form then rub her breasts, but the evening party to announce their precious betrothal would take place the next night, so he had to restrain himself, unfortunately.


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(There’s a possibility I won’t be able to stop midway. Then, if that were to happen, I’d continue to embrace, embrace her all night long and continued the next morning, and I’d still embrace her even if Sara’s waist couldn’t stand anymore, and even after she lost her consciousness, then she would be unable to appear during the evening party in the end…Then Sara might be angry and call off the engagement…I definitely can’t have things escalate to that worst possible scenario!)

The golden wolf pointed his nose towards the sky.


(There’s no need to rush, and as long as the engagement announcement is made, Sara will belong to me. After making the engagement formal, it will be hard for Sara to leave my side. And then, until Sara’s heart falls for me, I’ll carefully…Fukkufufuu…)

As indecent delusions began to flood his mind, Reidrick raised his head.


(No, no, time is precious! I have to go to Sara’s side. She will feel lonely, so it can’t be helped).

The wolf who was looking up then went to the master’s side in order to be stroked.





Then, the night of the evening party.


“Oh my, it really suits you!”

“Princess Sara, how pretty…Totally the personification of light.”

Sara’s figure that had been polished by the maids for half a day was looking beautiful.


Her glossy and neatly combed platinum blonde hair was tied in a half-up style as it fell to her back just like silk thread.


The shoes and dress that Reidrick gave her were made with fine white cloth with delicate silver thread embroidery, the dress being covered in fluffy chiffon lace. Gold thread embroidery was also present in the lace, so when she slightly moved, it would reflect light, as if it was cutting off the sunlight during daytime.


When the silver-haired and amethyst-eyed Sara was wearing this dress, it was as if she was a goddess born from the moon, basking herself in the sun’s light.


Then, the accessories that she wore were gold and diamond. They were sparkling on her neck and ears, enhancing Sara’s beauty even more.


Yes, Sara’s whole body was glittering in gold, it was as if the gold-haired and gold-eyed Reidrick was declaring that she [belonged to him].


“Well, it was a blatant declaration of ownership…It’s just, if the madly in love Prince Reidrick were to see Princess Sara’s extremely beautiful figure…”

“He would brood over the thought that she is [my one and only princess]…Aah, I’m thinking of a slightly scary thought…”

“It’s going to be alright, we will definitely protect Princess Sara with all our strength! …As long as it’s within the scope of our power, that is.”

“Well, uhm, thank you.”


As her jewel-like purple eyes blinked in surprise, Sara expressed her gratitude.



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  1. Mianna’s words: 行かせてぇっ! can also mean ‘proceed’/’continue’, so that’s what Shuudel meant
  2. That’s my interpretation of this sentence: この子の場合は鎖もアリかも, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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