The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 20 Part 1

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Chapter 20

Approaching Night


Part 1/2

Tonight, the party would begin with the announcement of the First Prince, Shuudel’s engagement, followed by his Highness Royal Prince Reidrick’s announcement of engagement.

Although they knew, but the official announcement still shocked the women at the venue that they couldn’t help but sigh.


“The future queen is finally decided, huh?”

“Aah, Reidrick-sama! I don’t want to see Reidrick-sama who belongs to someone else…”


Leaving aside Sara who was sparkling with joy after being confessed by Reidrick, Mianna—who gained the things that she wanted as she was being drowned by Shuudel’s doting and affection, and who was moved by his affection—was also as beautiful as a blooming flower, and there was no one who would be willing to fight for the position of the queen at this time.

The intelligent women knew that it would be a fight with no chance of them winning.


Tonight’s first dance was initiated by the leading stars, Shuudel and Mianna, then Reidrick and Sara joined in afterward. Brilliant flowers bloomed consecutively after the second song.

To the women who were the marriage candidates, this evening party was a good chance to tie their fate, so each of them dressed up with all their charm and might.

The noble young men who were looking for brides were fascinated by the remarkably beautiful women, entering a state of trance.


There were a lot of women who were interested in having one last dance with Reidrick who was dubbed as the most attractive male in Endaria although he was already engaged, especially with his increasingly gallant and beautiful figure.

Again, based on Reidrick’s behavior until now, there were people who were expecting him to wander from one beautiful woman to another even after his marriage, and so they were noisily sticking around him tonight too.



“Reidrick-sama, go ahead and dance with them.”

Sara said to Reidrick as she slightly frowned at how they were surrounded by somewhat frenzied ladies.


“I will be looking over there, so…”

As Sara let her hand go from Reidrick’s arm, Reidrick pulled her waist back using his strong arm.


“What are you saying? If you’re away from me even just a bit, you’ll get swept away by insolent men, you know? If they were to look at such a beautiful woman like you, no matter if they’re a saint, their heart will be completely captured.”


As his attractive golden eyes were gazing at Sara, he took one strand of the platinum blonde hair from her back, affectionately kissing it.

The surrounding women were spellbound and fascinated by his gentlemen-like figure as he showed his affection.


(Reidrick-sama, as expected, you’re so dreamy!)

(Aah, why wasn’t it me who was in his arms right now?!)

Their sighs were mixed with admiration and hopelessness.

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“Tonight, you are completely mine. I definitely won’t let you be touched by another man, even just for a moment.”

Sara blushed as the graceful face approached right before her eyes as his fingertip touched her lips.


“N-no, cut it out, Rei. We’re in front of so many people.”

“We’re in front of people, so what of it? I need to announce to all men throughout the country that Sara belongs only to me, so don’t you think this is just perfect, hm?”

Saying that, Reidrick kissed Sara’s reddening ear, causing Sara to slightly mutter, “Hyan.”


“Aah, sorry, that’s your weak spot, isn’t that?”

With a coquettish smile, Reidrick buried his face at Sara’s neck.


“Ah, yahn, Rei, stop.”

“How cute, Sara. I can’t hold it if you let out such a sweet voice.”


Reidrick put his lips closer as if they were grazing on Sara’s ear. When he whispered while caressing her ear with his tongue, Sara’s waist lost its power and her body leaned towards Reidrick.

Reidrick was satisfied with her reaction and hugged her with his arms.


“Good girl, you should just entrust me with your everything.”

“…Really, stupid Rei!”


Reidrick spontaneously pecked Sara’s lips as she was looking at him with teary eyes.


“Hey, look, if you make such an adorable face, I wouldn’t be able to hold it. Or are you tempting me, Princess?”

“That’s wrong, I’m not tempting you…Ah, no, no more, ahn.”


Sara was like a fairy whose wings were plucked while being in the knight’s arms as she resisted with a feeble voice. She didn’t have any power to go against Reidrick who was teasing her.

Even if she glared with her teary eyes, the result was counterproductive that she stimulated the man’s dominating heart.


“Hey, everyone is looking, so please, Rei.”


The whole gallery which were rooted on the spot as they reflexively sucked in a breath while looking at the [lovey dovey theatre] unfolding before them, swallowed their saliva as they perceived about how the theatre was going to change to [lovey ero-ero theatre].


“Hahaha, certainly I am stupid. In front of the lovely and charming fairy, I’m just a stupid man. Won’t you give me some mercy, my goddess, the light fairy?”

Reidrick hung over Sara.


“Yaa, Rei, stop, ahnnnnn!”


Even though she felt danger looming over her body, Sara didn’t get the time to react before Reidrick used one of his hands to hug her waist, while his other hand supported the back of her head, not leaving any path of retreat as he deeply kissed her.


“Nn, nn, nnnnnn-.”


Holding down the wriggling Sara easily, Reidrick kissed her lips several times while changing the angles.

He tasted Sara’s sweet lips while using his tongue to lick her as if he was a carnivorous animal feasting upon the delicious treat before his eyes.

Then, he roughly thrusted in his tongue between her plump pink lips, twining her tongue while trampling down the inside of her mouth.

Tears welled up in Sara’s eyes.



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