The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 20 Part 2

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Chapter 20

Approaching Night


Part 2/2

(No, how intense, as expected of Reidrick-sama!)


The women who witnessed such an indecent scene had their faces turning red and their bodies turned fidgety.

Meanwhile, the men who inadvertently watched it were forced to withdraw from that place with bent backs.


Even the people who were looking from a distance at how the slender Sara’s lips were being snatched vehemently while being embraced by the strong knight as if she was being attacked by a wild beast, felt uneasy for seeing something that shouldn’t be seen, as that figure was too erotic that it caused their head and another part of their body to feel fuzzy.




“How cruel! Stupid Rei! I don’t know you anymore!”

Sara, who was devoured by the terrible wolf, angrily told Reidrick off with red face.


“Sorry, I overdid it.”

Even when he was saying that, Reidrick couldn’t stop grinning.


“To do such an insolent thing in front of everyone, how dare you?!”


Although she was so angry that she was brought to tears, she couldn’t summon her strength at all and even her waist wasn’t able to stand due to Reidrick’s ardent kisses, and so she was being princess-carried by him at the moment.

Reidrick thought that Sara who was completely in his arms while being angry was so cute he couldn’t stand it.

Then, he couldn’t wait but to carry her back to her room right away then eat her.

Until then, he became a wolf that had to endure it.


“It’s alright, for we are engaged to each other, so wouldn’t they think that we’re just getting along well? Besides, after seeing that, there won’t be anyone who’d scheme on disturbing us, right?”

As he gently said that, he dropped a light kiss on her head, it was so light that Sara didn’t notice it.


“Well, that’s right, but…your Highness Prince Reidrick is so popular that it is a good insect repellent!”

“Hm? …Sara, are you perhaps jealous?”

“T-that’s not true! Please do not misunderstand, I’m not jealous, I just can’t admire your Highness; behavior, that’s what I wanted to say, but, kyaahn!”


The filled-up wolf bit her ear, causing Sara to scream.

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“Just say it honestly. You were jealous, right?”

“…Rei is such a meanie!”

“I see, you were jealous, huh?”

“Just a little bit, just a little bit!”


At last, Reidrick’s last string of endurance was cut off.


“Aah, really, how cute! Sara, how cute, I want to pamper you a lot, my limit has been crossed already! Now, let’s return to your room, I can no longer endure it!”



Sara instinctively felt danger looking at Reidrick whose breathing turned rough.


“Uhm, Rei, calm down, okay?”

“It’s enough for us to be accompanied by others until here, but from hereon, it will be the time just for the two of us alone, the two of us alone…”


The man’s sexual appeal leaked as he lowly laughed, “fufufu.”

Sara felt chills down her spine.


“Rei, wait! Hey, I said wait!”


Still lightly carrying Sara, Reidrick went to the king and the queen’s place, clearly saying, “Elder Brother, we will be returning to our room!”


“Reidrick, wait a sec! Do not overdo Princess Sara!”

“It’s alright, Elder Sister-in-Law! I will love Sara from the bottom of my heart!”

“Even if you love her, that doesn’t mean you can do anything, Reidrick! Reidrick! Listen to my words! Reidriiiiiiiiick!”


Turning his back on Queen Rosalie who was wielding her folding fan, Reidrick returned to the room with full speed while still holding Sara.




“Rei, here is…?”

“Here is my room, here is my bedroom, and here is my bed!”

He carried Sara in his arms as he sat down on the bed.


“Sara, you’re tired, aren’t you? Now, you can take off your tight dress and relax.”

“Eh, ah, yahn, Rei, wait, that is…!”


(That won’t do, Sara, I’m the fastest man to take off a woman’s dress in the whole Endaria!”

That’s not something you could boast, Reidrick.


In no time, Sara was only covered in her underwear as she used both of her hands to hide her body on the bed.


“W-what are you trying to do?!”

“Isn’t it alright? We’re engaged after all.”


In no time, Reidrick took off his ceremonial outfit.

Then, Reidrick who was only in his underwear caught the retreating Sara in his embrace while being on top of the bed.


“Sara is cute, really cute that I can’t endure it, I’m already…I’m…”

He pushed his lips to her face, licking it with his tongue.


“Sara, I love you. Say that you only belong to me. Sara, Sara, we won’t ever be away.”

“Rei, calm down.”

“How can I calm down?! Just how much I want you, how much I had endured…”


Sara was at a loss of words in front of his burning gaze that seemed able to burn a hole.


“I don’t want you to be afraid of me. However, I can’t endure how much I want your heart and your body. It’s fine even if you laugh at me for being such a foolish dog, so can you pity me and give me your sympathy?”


Sara’s heart was intensely shaken by the earnest request of the beautiful man who possessed extraordinary charm and social status as the king’s younger brother.



She hung her head as her face reddened.


“…It’s my first time, so can you be gentle on me?”

“…I promise!”


Although the hair on his whole body stood up as he was deeply moved by her, Reidrick’s reasoning wasn’t burnt to nothing, perhaps it was due to the training he had undergone as a knight.




Reidrick hugged Sara as he looked into her glittering purple eyes, then he passionately kissed her.



Author’s Note:

Now everyone, let’s say it together.

“H-o-w s-w-e-e-t-.”

The evening party’s attendees seemed to be influenced by Reidrick, as couples seemed to be formed one after another.

And the next chapter’s sugar content will be high.



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