The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 21 Part 1

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Chapter 21

His Highness Felt Insufficient in His Study


Part 1/2

Reidrick sat down on the bed, calling Sara.

“Look, your place is right here.”


Actually he had wanted to push down Sara and lie on top of her, intensely loving her as if wanting to snatch her away, but she had a trauma after experiencing an assault and was about to be killed by men after all. It would be bad if he were to carelessly embrace her with passion and cause her to be traumatized.


(It won’t be good unless I make Sara like making love, so from now on, every day, every night, all through life, I’m going to embrace her!)


He was a wolf brimming with motivation.

And he was also a cook motivated in handling the girl so that it would turn out delicious.


Sara who was only in her underwear was slowly approaching Reidrick despite being embarrassed, straddling over his knee, hanging her red face in embarrassment, her glance loitering around as she was flustered.


At any case, this time was different from the last time, as tonight, both parties were only in their underwear. Reidrick’s naked thighs were full of muscles that she could feel it, and with their fleshes sticking to each other, their body temperature was directly transmitted.

Then, right before her eyes was Reidrick’s naked chest under his well-featured face.

Sara didn’t know where she should look at.

Yes, when she hung her head down, the existence of something rising up beneath the underpants was there.

Sara had never seen a male’s thing directly, but she had a knowledge on its usage.


(What do I do, it’s way too embarrassing, I don’t know how I should behave myself…if it’s things like this, men should be the one to have learned more in details).


To her who had a trauma against men, she had no interest at all about the relationship between a male and a female, she was even ignorant about it.


“Yosh, good girl.”

Reidrick put his hand on Sara’s head, gently patting it.


“Sara, I do not want you to hate me. That’s why, if you feel uncomfortable, I’d like you to say it…If you feel embarrassed, then just say that you’re embarrassed.”


“Then, if you feel good, please say so.”

“Feel good…is it?”


When Sara who was before him tilted her head in wonder, Reidrick tried to suppress his feelings of (With that cuteness alone, I feel like I could come in one shot, what a cunning cuteness, Sara) and said.


“That’s right. First time is usually accompanied with pain, but a lovemaking between a male and female will make you feel good. If you’re not feeling good, if you feel it’s harsh, then it’s a male’s responsibility. Do you get it?”



The ignorant Sara had thought that when it came to lovemaking, it would be a harsh deed where a female must endure herself, so she felt a little more ease after hearing Reidrick’s words.


“Understood. If Rei were to make me feel good, I should just properly say it, right?”


Sara said with her purple eyes rounding, as she was deadly serious.

Looking at that figure, for some reason it felt as if he was corrupting a little girl who was raised ignorant of sex, and somehow Reidrick’s desire welled up.

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“R-right. It’s good if you understand it, Sara. Then, first let’s begin with kissing. Will Sara be able to do it tonight?”

“I will do my best!”


The hardworking Sara was inclined to be in high spirits when a challenge was issued.


“Yosh, then let’s try and do our best.”

Reidrick was waiting for Sara as he closed his eyes.


(Well, tonight his face is also beautiful…I can’t, I have to do my best as his fiancee!)

Even while she was fascinated by Reidrick’s face, Sara was trying to do the challenge, putting her hands on top of his shoulders as she approached his face, overlapping their lips in a kiss.


“I’m done.”

“Sara, you did a really good job.”

Reidrick opened his eyes with a smile as he rubbed his face to Sara’s, making Sara feel good.


“You did well. Then next, can you open your mouth and do an adult’s kiss?”


Sara was like a child who just got praised.


When Reidrick closed his eyes again, their lips met, and a tongue came invading his slightly opened lips.


(Uhm, I should just do it like what we did during the evening party, right? It’s okay, I get it.)

Sara’s tongue danced, probed, and licked the inside of Reidrick’s mouth all over.


(Is it like this? Rei’s mouth is big, so I won’t be able to reach it if I don’t properly stretch my tongue.)

Sara, who was pushing her lips firmly on Reidrick’s lips, was doing her best to stretch her tongue to thoroughly lick him.


She was really doing her best until her small voice leaked, “Nn, nn, nn”, causing Reidrick who heard it had his body impatient.


Then, Sara entangled Reidrick’s tongue with her own, rubbing it all over his mouth.

She was welcoming his tongue to her own mouth, touching it as though playing it and afterward sucking it until it sounded like, “chuu, chuu”.


(Ah…this, feels good…)

Sara was entangling Reidrick’s tongue with her own in a daze. Saliva was spilling from the edge of her mouth, but she paid no mind to it and was zealous in her French kiss.

With the mucous membrane rubbing, the pleasant feeling was gradually boiling up and turning stronger.


(What should I do…It feels so good, my belly feels weird…)

Sara ended up moving her waist bashfully in order to let loose the throbbing pleasant feeling.

Sara was a kid who’d be able to do anything so long as she tried.


(Nn, naa, Sara, how skillful, you’re way too skillful! What a charming kiss that could excite a male’s instinct! I can’t hold it!)


He endured as he was thinking of Sara’s pace, but with the small tongue doing such a sensational kiss, his body ended up reacting.

The adorable tongue was jumping about, torturing the sensitive spots in Reidrick’s mouth as if tickling them, causing Reidrick to shiver from the pleasure that welled up from his back.

Moreover, Sara’s unconsciously shaking waist was rubbing against Reidrick’s male part, stimulating it loosely.


In her daze, Sara entangled her finger around Reidrick’s hair. Unable to endure it any longer, Reidrick put his hands on Sara’s face as the two continued their unstoppable kiss, deepening the kiss as he entangled his own tongue intensely.



Sara was desperately trying to response to Reidrick’s movements with her small tongue as his big tongue was deeply invading her own mouth. His passion increased due to it, Reidrick indulged in her mouth even more.

The splashing sound resounded in the room.


Before long, Sara used up all her strength unable to accomplish a professional [lick] and leaned her body in Reidrick’s arms with a reddening face. Her eyes were moist, her partly open mouth was shining, giving a direct attack to Reidrick’s lower half.


(She became like this with only a kiss…)

Reidrick’s breathing turned rough.


“Are you alright, Sara? You were really good.”

“…Rei…I…I don’t feel so…good…”


The obedient Sara reported to Reidrick just as she was told to.

Saying that together with heaving a hot sigh, the hair on Reidrick’s body stood on their end.


“I-is that so?…Then let’s rest for a while.”

Saying that, Reidrick held Sara in his arms and lie her down on the bed.


“I’ll quickly return.”

With something clearly standing up from his hips, Reidrick’s figure disappeared into the bathroom.



“Sorry to make you wait.”

After using his right hand to regain a sage’s calmness, Reidrick called out to Sara who was still dead tired on the bed.


“Now, let’s continue. Come.”

Sara returned to her default position, on Reidrick’s lap.


“Circle your hands around my neck…yes, I got you.”

Saying that, he circled his left hand around Sara’s waist, while his right hand touched her breasts from the underwear.



Sara raised a small shriek.


“Are you okay? If you’re scared, you can say so? I won’t do anything painful, but since it’s your first time, you may feel scared, but it will get better.1



After kissing the nodding Sara, Reidrick fondled her breasts weakly.


“Does it hurt?”

“No. But…I feel something weird.”


As Reidrick was fondling the soft swelling, he used his fingertips to stimulate the tapering ends. As expected from the man who was famous among women, his hand movements were good, and he was able to precisely taking out her pleasure as he was monitoring Sara’s expressions.



Each time her tapering ends were touched, Sara’s body moved.


“You’re completely caught in my hands now.”


He took off Sara’s underwear.



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  1. I’m unsure about this sentence, here’s the Japanese RAW for reference: 初めてだと気持ちが良くなることを怖く感じてしまうことがあるからな.

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