The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 21 Part 2

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Chapter 21

His Highness Felt Insufficient in His Study


Part 2/2

“You’re completely caught in my hands now.”


He took off Sara’s underwear.

Two white swellings appeared as he kissed Sara’s face which was reddening due to the embarrassment with a ‘chuu’ sound.


“How pretty, Sara.”

Reidrick used both of his hands to gently fondle the two swellings, and the tapering ends turned stiff due to the light touch and fondling of the large palms.


“How is it? It doesn’t hurt?”

“I’m fine…haan.”

(Aah, for some reason, it feels so good when Rei touches me…I wonder why…)

Sara’s mouth was partly opened, her face was melting as she was on Reidrick’s lap.


Reidrick pinched the red tips which were stiff enough by now.



Sara bent her whole body.


“Does it hurt?”

“It feels, good, aahn.”

As her red tips were rubbed by his fingertips, Sara couldn’t hold it and shook her waist.


“Ahn, haan, that, is good…”

“Good girl, I’ll reward you for saying it properly.”

Reidrick nibbled on one of the pointed tips. He then used the tip of his tongue to caress it.


“Ah, ah, aahn, ahn.”

Sara felt something streaming from within herself as she also felt her underwear softly getting wet, but she couldn’t stop rubbing herself against Reidrick’s lap.


“Ah, yaah, it feels, good, something is leaking, hey, waitt.”


Even though her eyes became teary due to the embarrassment, Sara’s waist movement didn’t stop. She couldn’t stop it.

When her breasts were teased by Reidrick, she felt an aching pleasant sensation from her belly, causing her to move her waist arbitrarily.

Moreover, a new pleasant sensation was born from where she was rubbing, filling up her whole body.


“Rei, Rei, I, I feel weird.”

Reidrick also felt weird as there was a beautiful girl indecently rubbing her waist against him with her teary eyes.


“Does it leak out from here?”

Reidrick slided his right hand below Sara’s waist, tracing it from the underwear with his fingertip.



With her sensitive spot abruptly touched, Sara raised her voice as her body trembled.


“…You’re getting wet.”

Reidrick’s fingers went up and down many times, rubbing her private part which was completely wet.


“Aaaaah, s-stop.”

“How is it? Still leaking out?”

“I-it’s coming, yaahn, Rei, stopp, aahn!”


When Sara shook her waist intensely, Reidrick’s fingers encroached Sara’s private part from her thin underwear.



Sara was shaking her waist although she was wheezing, and Reidrick thought that it might be too much for a beginner.


“I understand, then lie down. I will lay a cloth on the bed so it will be okay even if something were to leak out.”


Sara nodded as she was panting while lying on top of the bed.

Reidrick raised Sara’s knees and softly opened them.


“Let’s see how this place turns out to be…aah, your underwear is all wet, let’s take it off.”

“Ah, yah…”


Sara was trying to stop him due to the embarrassment, but she was no match for the man who was skillful in taking off the underwear in Endaria.

In no time, her bare private part was revealed, exposed to Reidrick’s field of vision as he gulped.

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“Hey, Rei, it’s embarrassing, so don’t look…”

Reidrick’s passion welled up again looking at Sara’s figure as she covered her face with her two hands.


(Calm down, me! I tried my best until now, and it’s only a bit more.)

As he encouraged himself, he leaned his body over, creeping his tongue into Sara’s precious part.

When he licked it, Sara was so surprised that she released her hands from her face and looked at Reidrick’s face.


“W-what are you doing?!”

“I’m helping out this part of Sara to leak out the honey. This is a husband’s important duty.”

“Eh, that, such an embarrassing thing…”

“Since it’s embarrassing, only your husband can do it. Now, I’ll do it well and teach you what feels good.”


Reidrick said as if it were true as he licked Sara’s private part to his heart’s content.


“Yeah, as I imagined, no, it’s a pink flower that’s lovelier than I imagined, how is it, does this feel good?”

“Ah, i-it feels good.”

“I see. Then what about this small bead?”

“Hyaan! There, noo, it feels too good, ahh, aah, no, don’t do it.”

“Stronger? Like this?”

“Aah, stop, stooop, please, really…”

“More? Do you want more? Look, how about this?”

“No, no, stop stop stop aaaaaaaah!”


Sara’s whole body intensely trembled as tears spilled from her eyes as she climaxed.


“…How cute.”

Licking his own lips, Reidrick smiled. Even though things might appear this way, he had a lewd expression as his sexual appeal leaked out.


“How’s this, have you loosened…n?”

A man’s thick finger was inserted into Sara’s wet small hole.



Sara raised her voice due to the sensation she felt for the first time. The finger was filling her up as if thrusting itself in, as it gave Sara a feeling of oppression.


“Rei, what…”

“This is the place where you’ll be connected to me…”


(What’s with this narrowness? This is my first time seeing this. Moreover…the insides seem to be resisting.)


“It hurts.”

Sara raised a shriek.



When Reidrick looked at the extracted finger, it was faintly bloodstained.


(This is, this is, the rumored proof of a virgin? Is a virgin this narrow? It’s already hard with just one finger, and it’s even bleeding…)

Reidrick unintentionally compared his finger with his male part.


(This is impossible! No matter how I think of it, it won’t fit, to such a narrow space…)


“Sara, loosen up.”


Reidrick licked his finger before he inserted it again inside Sara. The golden wolf’s saliva has a healing effect. When he took his finger in and out while painting Sara’s inside over heavily, Sara—whose sensitive part was precisely poked—sweetly cried out, “Nn, fuhn, nn…”


(It’s tightening really hard, I wonder how it will be if I were to insert it here…However, if I were to insert it now, Sara will definitely get hurt. It will be bad if she comes to hate lovemaking due to the intensity and the injury. Kuu, I have no choice but to expand it?!)


“Ah, ah, ahn.”

A moist sound resounded, and when he rotated one finger in, Sara gasped as she shook her waist.


“Do you feel good?”

“Inside, there, ahn, ah, it feels, g, good, ahn…”


(Yosh, it hasn’t been expanded completely, but Sara seems to be feeling good. Two fingers…)


“It hurts!”


Because Sara raised a shriek, Reidrick drew out his fingers in a hurry.

Again, they were bloodstained.

He licked his fingers and inserted one finger again.

The warm and wet private part coiled around Reidrick’s finger, constricting it.


(Even though it’s this good, but only one finger can enter! Aah, I want to taste her virginity! I should have learned more about how to loosen it, my bad!)

It seemed that the pain disappeared after rubbing his saliva inside, as Sara began to pant amorously again.


“Hey, Rei, again, something, weird, is coming, ah, ah, ahn, aahn, yaah…”

“Sara, it’s called as ‘coming’. Now, try and say it, I’m coming.”

“I’m, I’m coming, coming, coming, I’m coming now, aahn, no, I’m coming—”


As her body trembled, Sara came again.


(Sara…you’re like this…before my eyes…)

Reidrick’s gaze turned distant before his beloved woman who came from just one of his fingers.


“…Rei…It feels…very good…”


Although she was feeling faint, Sara still reported to Reidrick.

Her tongue peeping from her lips, her face melted in pleasure as blood rushed to her head, and her soft fair skin was dyed pink.

That figure of hers excited a man way too much, causing Reidrick’s male part to turn stiff.


(Such a charming Sara was right in front of me, and yet, I can’t put mine inside hers though I want to–! Is this some kind of a spell? Is this my divine punishment for my past misconduct? O God, I vow that I won’t seek for any other woman than Sara, so, please aah, Sara, I want, I want to put it in, I want to put it in, right away put it in, but I can’t, Saraaaa–!”


The wolf was in a serious anguish for not being able to eat the feast that was right before his very eyes.



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